Ann Stratford

This week we have sadly said goodbye to Mr Jeff Loh. Jeff has been a valued teacher at Mooroolbark College teaching Mandarin for the past 3 years.  Jeff started the program with three Year 7 classes and it has grown in 2017 to being a popular subject at Years 7, 8 and 9.  Jeff’s enthusiasm and dry wit will be missed by staff and students alike.  We wish him all the best.

On Monday 14th August, I was fortunate to attend the annual Winter Music Concert.  It was a wonderful night with performances from all music styles and our performers came from all year levels.   Particular thanks goes to the P.T.C.A. who provided refreshments for students, parents and friends.  I wish to recognise the work of Lisa Gaudion who working with Jordan Van Keulen and the instrumental teachers ensured our students had an outstanding experience. 

Students would have noticed that the ‘old’ Common Room has been boarded up since the start of Term 3.  Work has started on the conversation to change the space into a multi purpose room.  When it is opened it will be a venue that will cater for assemblies, meetings, drama productions and musical performances.  It is definitely a space with many opportunities for our students. The multi purpose room will seat 100 in tiered seating and another 200 seated on level area.  Next will come the plastering of the walls and the installation of the chairs.  We are currently finalising the multimedia requirements for the area.  The plan is to have it up and running early in Term 4.

At the College Council meeting on Tuesday night, the decision was made to change the footwear uniform requirements for 2018.  The only approved footwear will be a polishable school shoe.  This means that any form of runner or sports shoe will no long be acceptable.  This is to ensure a consistent and equitable approach for all students. 

I would also like to remind students from Year 7 – 9 in 2017 the College school bag is the only approved bag.  It is wonderful to see so many students with the school bag.  The school bag was introduced for occupational health and safety reasons.  It is important that Mooroolbark College students are recognisable and use a bag that is ergonomically appropriate for students.  It worries me when I see students caring bags which could injure their bodies.

Earlier this year a change was made to allow Year 11 and 12 students to wear a white shirt and the school tie (in place of the school polo).  However, when students make the choice to wear the shirt and tie, students must ensure that they are wearing a school approved uniform shirt (not a casual white shirt), that it remains neatly tucked in and the tie is worn appropriately.

July and August are the months dedicated to Information Nights and Course Counselling.  Over the last few weeks, we have held the Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Information Nights.  The number of parents and guardians in attendance demonstrates the interest and commitment there is to supporting the individual learning journeys of students at Mooroolbark College.  We have also begun course counselling, this is a time when the Houses and the Pathways Teams spend a considerable amount of time working with their students to ensure successful future pathways.