On Monday 30th October, our 2017 Duke of Ed team set off for Wilsons Prom for our Adventurous Journey (Major qualifying camp).  This included 2 nights in tents, sleeping on roll mats, taking and cooking all our own food. The first night was at Tidal River camping ground and then carrying our 15kg (approx.) packs hiking to three different camping grounds on second day / night. Our Refuge Cove group (lead by the all-conquering Mr VK!) achieved a record first 24kms in one day when they decided to continue from Refuge Cove and head to Waterloo Bay for the night, to avoid crossing Sealers Cove River at high tide the next morning.  A massive effort!  We saw wombats, snakes, possums, wallabies and hundreds of birds.  Congratulations to the 2017 Duke team – an amazing effort and experience.

The whole group showed excellent leadership and resilience.  Massive thanks to Sarah Rosendale, Jordan Van Keulen,  ex Duke  of Ed student superstars Jade and Paula Hubben, Jack Van Horn and student teacher Sarah Battersby for coming along to help.  They were sensational!  For anyone who has not had a “Prom experience”, it is a must!

Luke McCormick 
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

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