It is much pride that I announce the Student Leaders for 2018.  There are categories of student leadership within the College:  College Captains, House Captains (Senior and Middle), Arts Captains and the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The Arts Captain applications close for 2018 Year 10 students on Friday 8th December and I encourage students currently in Year 9 who have a passion for the arts, be it music, drama or the creative arts to apply.

Congratulations goes to the following student leaders who have been appointed:

College Captains:

Tiani Welch-Philips & Angus Fern

Blue House Captains:

Senior – Nicola Johnson-Clarke & Georgia Boundy

Middle – Emily Farkashazy & Caitlyn O’Rorke

Green House Captains:

Senior – Jana McConnell & Brad Menheere

Middle –Caitlyn Kavanagh & Jonty Just

Red House Captains

Senior – Hayden Watkins & Stephanie De Vincentis

Middle –Lily Philpott & Caitlin Wylie

Yellow House Captains

Senior – Keeley Hocking & Alannah Fischer

Middle –Sarah Reuter & Brooke Bellinger

The Student Representative Council represents the student body at Mooroolbark College.  Successful applicants are nominated by students and are then elected by their peers through the whole school election process. .

Congratulations to the following students from Years 8 to 12 who are representing the student body in 2018.

Year 8

Jay Stephens (Blue) Stephanie Troian (Green) Josh Kuszlaba (Red) Tanayah Godley (Yellow)

Year 9

Riley Price (Blue) Shayla Kimpton (Green) Cara Schofield (Red) Bec Doolan (Yellow)

Year 10

Dylan Knapp (Blue) Charli Fuerst (Green) Tianya Oliver-Peel (Red) Jason Kennedy (Yellow)

Year 11

Jordan Daniels & Jaida Elliott (Blue) India Davies &Kieron Holdsworth (Green) Bethany Shegog (Red) Nathan Schwab (Yellow)

Year 12

Alex Burke (Blue) Lily Kingbaul (Green) Karl Voigt (Red) Sharnhi Webb (Yellow)


Early in 2018 Year 7 students will have the opportunity to nominate for Year 7 SRC position

I would also like to recognise our outgoing student leaders who have contributed in such a significant way to the College throughout 2017.

On Thursday 23rd November, we farewelled our Year 12 students at the Valedictory Dinner.  This is a special night, because at Mooroolbark College we celebrate the achievement of every child.  Each student has travelled a remarkable and unique journey to complete Year 12 successfully.  Thank you to all the family, friends and staff who celebrated this special journey with the graduating students of 2017.

With a little over 3 weeks to go there is still much happening at Mooroolbark College.  The end of year program is a great opportunity for students to connect with different year levels.  This reinforces the relations that are built in the vertical home and provides connection with teachers outside the classroom.  There is a variety of activities available and I encourage students to attend.

In addition, we have three camps in operation.  The Year 12 Cambodia tour, the Year 11 East Coast tour and the Year 8 South Australia German tour.  I wish all students and staff the best.

This year’s Awards Night will be held on Tuesday 19th December at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Kalinda Road, Ringwood.    This is an important night in our school calendar where we celebrate success across all aspects of College life.  It is an opportunity to celebrate exceptional academic, sporting, art, diligence and hard work.  Invitations will be sent to recipients on Thursday 7th December both by mail and through Compass emails.  I am looking forward to this celebration of excellence at Mooroolbark College.

In 2018 our House Teams will be expanded to include the College’s Pathways Counsellors in each of the House offices.  This will provide an opportunity for students to link with their Pathways Counsellor on a more regular basis.

Blue House

House Leader – Mr Andrew U’ren

Cluster Coordinators – Ms Robyn Cooper and Mr Chris Stephen

Pathways Counsellor – Mrs Maria Pisano

Green House

House Leader – Ms Claire Jones

Cluster Coordinators – Mr Andrew Dingey and Mrs Jenny Roberts

Pathways Counsellor – Mr Luke Mccormick

Red House

House Leader – Mrs Laura Bevan

Cluster Coordinators – Ms Stephanie Bell and Ms Sarah Rosendale

Pathways Counsellor – Mrs Dannielle Keogh

Yellow House

House Leader – Mr Matthew Bell

Cluster Coordinators – Ms Belinda Cannington and Ms Ronda Harker

Pathways Counsellor – Mrs Eva Woodward

Ann Stratford