Ann Stratford, Principal

Term 3 is always a busy term and this year is no different.  The first four weeks of the term has provided new opportunities for all students at Mooroolbark College.

New beginnings, course counselling and 2019 Subject Selections

I hope the Year 7 and 8 students have enjoyed their new round of elective Art and Technology subjects. Year 7 and 8 rotations provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the range of curriculum offerings before they begin choosing electives in Year 9. Year 8 students have also just completed their counselling and elective selections for Year 9 2019. Sometimes the hardest part of this process is limiting selections to the required number with so many options available.

Year 9 and 10 students have also swapped electives at the beginning of this term and begun the course counselling process. I hope our current Year 9 students have considered the option of accelerating in Year 10 by applying for a VCE subject.  Our Year 10 students have a very important choice in the next week to make; VCE or VCAL. Both are great pathways. Please ensure you make the most of the counselling time provided to you.

Year 11 students are choosing their final year subjects. This is often a difficult decision. It is essential that all students check prerequisite for possible University courses for 2019. 

I would like to thank the House and Pathways staff who have worked with our students to make sure they are making informed decisions.

Happy Days

There has been a hive of activity around the College, particularly with our school production of Happy Days. The preparation and dedication the students put into the production was exceptional and the performances were wonderful.  However, it was the smiles from all performers, band members and back stage crew that made my day. We had well over 100 students involved this year.  I would also like to thank the staff who dedicated their time to ensure the students had this wonderful opportunity. Peter Marz as usual did an amazing job as Director and Naomi Van Brenan an exceptional Producer. Jordan Van Keulan and Janet Whitby had the band performing at the highest level. Congratulations to Sarah Rosendale who choreographed the production and my gratitude to the many staff who sold tickets, prepared costumes and sets, applied make up and so much more. Again, it is pleasing to see so many of our past students return and provide assistance as well, making it a community effort.

Debutante Balls

Many Year 11 students are spending their Tuesday afternoons practicing for the 2019 Debutante Ball. If you would like to sneak a preview, go to the Mooroolbark College Official Facebook page where you can view a video of the students practicing their dance moves. They are definitely well on their way to perfecting their dances ready for the Ball on Saturday 18th August. 

Wujiang Senior Middle School Visit

It has been wonderful to have our visitors from Wujiang Senior Middle School join us this week.  When they arrived on Saturday afternoon, there were many nervous Chinese students however they soon settled in to the Australian Culture.  Thank you to the families that the students have had a positive impression of Australia and Australians and have certainly supported the two schools in further enhancing the developing relationship between our schools.  


We look forward to more exciting activities and events throughout Term 3.

Ann Stratford