On Thursday 28 March, our Intermediate Girls Volleyball team travelled to the State Volleyball Centre to compete in the region finals. The girls played very well on the day showing fantastic teamwork, spirit and determination.  We improved with every game and the opponents got harder with each game.  We won our first game against Koonung SC and narrowly went down (57-52) in three sets in the second game against Brentwood SC. We then faced Kew HS in the third game.  Kew HS has a very strong formal Volleyball program within the school and our girls scored 10 and 11 points against them in the 2 sets we played.  We hadn’t seen another school get more than 5 against them.  A great job from our girls.  Congratulations to Olivia Szalay, Tayla Glynn, Caitlyn Kavanagh, Caitlyn O’Rourke, Li len Par Hlawn Ceu, and Sui Tha Din.  The College is very proud of you all!

Luke McCormick
VCE Coordinator
Physical Education and Health
Duke of Edinburgh

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