The Premiers’ Reading Challenge for 2019 is now well underway with only a month to go. All students in Years 7to10 are automatically registered.  To complete the challenge, students only need to read and register 15 books before the end of August. This year we also have a number of staff who have taken up the challenge, which was recognised by the Minster for Education. Click below to read the press release.

Students that complete the challenge will receive 30 House points and celebrate with a pizza lunch. Congratulations to the following students who have already completed the Challenge.

Gabrielle Bouwhuis  
 B.J. Tabing 
Kane Parkinson  
Carla Hunaidi  
Jacob Mcintosh  
Amy Pearce
Natalya Wheeler
Natasha Rowe
Alex Alame
Holly Waite
Abigayle Huang
Joss Draper
Kyle Roache
Tannar Riches
Zaide Hughes
Iliro Smit
Tara Barnewall
Caitlyn O’Rorke
Emma Whitford

If you require more information, please contact Mrs Mackey at the College on 97278100 or via Compass.
To register your books please visit