Five gruelling weeks of rehearsals finally culminated in the 55th and 56th presentation of 39 Debutantes and their partners over the weekend of August 16th and 17th 2019. Cathie’s Lane once again hosted the Mooroolbark Debutantes, their partners, family and friends, enabling the successes and achievements of everyone involved to be on display. Despite the inevitable ups and downs of rain, broken straps and blisters, everyone involved had a wonderful time and a considerable number of positive memories were created. 

The intensive dance lessons paid off with all Debutantes and their partners appearing to have mastered the steps, in particular the difficult dance that the boys undertook, resulting in a cohesive set of manoeuvres that left everyone watching pleasantly surprised. There were, of course, some concerns that the dance moves may be too much for some of our less co-ordinated participants, but after much practise and hard work, all of the steps and the routines eventually came together and appeared effortless for those gathered in the wings. 

Our special guests – Lachlan Mann and Luke McCormick – appeared spectacular in their roles and demonstrated exactly why they were the student-chosen guests of the evenings. Their unending support to our Year 11 students is commendable. 

All of our Debutantes and their partners conducted themselves with grace. Thomas Sheridan, Kaitlin Galanos, Daniel Phillips and Bianca De Martino Rosaroll represented the Debutantes with their speeches of appreciation, speaking with confidence and setting a wonderful example of the etiquette required at such an event. 

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the 2019 Debutante Ball, including the Debutantes, their partners and their families. We would particularly like to thank Ann Stratford and the Leadership Team for their support and dedication towards the running of the Debutante Ball and to all the staff who volunteered their time. 

Zac Parr, Jodi Mathieson and Prue Bon
Debutante Ball Coordinators, 2019

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