May 2020


During the first 3 weeks of Term 2, Mooroolbark College has progressively rolled out its online learning and pastoral care arrangements in 3 stages.

This document summarises the 3 stages and provides the most up to date information for parents/carers and students.

During Remote Learning at Mooroolbark College, learning will continue through the provision of classes through the Microsoft TEAMs platform, provision of weekly Learning Tasks (Compass) and weekly teacher feedback (Compass).


All students will be required to join their Home Group in Microsoft Teams at our usual time of 8.45am each day. Following this, Home Group teachers will proceed to mark the Compass roll and undertake a range of House based engagement activities.
Home Group provides a great platform to engage students with some of our `usual’ home group activities whilst also hearing how their peers are managing their remote learning experiences and managing a lack of social interaction with their peers.


1. Students need to have their resources and textbooks with them at home.

2. Years 7 to 10 Students

Teachers will set an equivalent of one week’s worth of class work for each subject each week. This work will be distributed as a Learning Task on Compass, made available at 9.00 am at the start of each week.

The work contained in the Learning Task is due 7 days later at 9.00 am. Staff will provide feedback within a week via the Conversation function in Compass Learning Tasks.

Students in Years 7 to 10 are encouraged to use the College email/TEAMs chat to contact their classroom teachers for assistance.

All students should check Compass at 9.00 am each Monday morning (or the first day of scheduled classes) each week to receive their new Compass Learning Tasks.

Each Year 7 to 10 class will have the first lesson of each week scheduled as a TEAMs class. The actual starting time (within the period), will be communicated by the teacher.

3. Arrangements for VCE and VCAL Students

In addition to the above, VCE and VCAL Teachers will add individual lesson plans to the weekly checklist via Compass and will be on line via TEAMs, the Compass Learning Task conversation feature, OneNote Classroom or be available via email for the each scheduled period.

Individual teachers will communicate with students which method of communication they will be using during class time.

All VCE and VCAL students must make contact during each lesson with their classroom teacher and if the teacher is using TEAMs to deliver an interactive classroom, students must logged on prior to the scheduled start time.

4. Students will need to attach and submit the work via Learning Tasks on Compass.

5. Learning Tasks may take many forms, for example:

  • Activities associated with a specified textbook.
  • Oxford online tasks.
  • Research/Assignments/Investigations.
  • Clickview Videos and Associated Resources
  • Education Perfect – Drill and Practise (eg: English/Maths/Technology Digital-Design/Heath-PE/ /Geography/History) 
  • Audio and Video Podcasts
  • Reading(s)
  • Pre-recorded lessons delivered by College staff.
  • Skills Practice with recordable evidence (i.e. Physical Education and Performing Arts).
  • Specified Edrolo Modules & Quiz Activities (Year 11 & 12)
  • Online lessons on Microsoft Teams. All students using Microsoft TEAMS must abide by the Protocols for Students Using Teams contained at the end of this document.

6. Parents can monitor their student’s progress by checking the completion of Learning Tasks on Compass.

7. VCE and VCAL classes may still require students to sit SACs, SATs or undertake Units of Competency.

Students can communicate with the college and their teachers via:
• College Email
Open compass email, and use eg:
• Microsoft TEAMS
• Compass – Learning Task conversation feature.

It is very important that students regularly check the College Email and respond to any Teacher requests in a timely manner.

For our community’s protection and safety, social media such as Facetime, Skype, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram etc, will not be used for communication between teachers and students.

Remember that we are here and available to help!
If you are unsure about anything relating to your child working at home or requiring wellbeing support, don’t hesitate to contact any of the following people through compass or their college email.

Class Teachers
Wellbeing Leader: John Nichol (0435 463 968)
Chaplain: Gill Van Der Ende (0400 631 552) Tues/Wed

Pathways: Maria Pisano (Blue House)
Eva Woodward (Yellow House)
Abbie Hansen (Red House)
Janet Whitby (Green House)

 House/Cluster Leaders:

Yellow House Blue House
1,2,3 Jordan Van Keulen 1,2,3 Allie Grey-Smith
4,5,6 Rhonda Harker 4,5,6 Christopher Stephen
7,8,9 Matthew Bell (House Leader) 7,8,9 Andy U’Ren (House Leader)
Red House Green House
1,2,3 Sarah Rosendale (House Leader) 1,2,3 Michelle Collette (House Leader)
4,5,6 Belinda Cannington 4,5,6 Jenny Roberts
7,8,9 Lucas Unland 7,8,9 Alex Scott

The College reception is operating remotely and the standard College number of 9727 8100 is still in operation.
We are all learning about remote learning together. During the term, adjustments may be required to this structure as we learn more about the strategies that best fit the needs of our students and staff.

Ann Stratford