Welcome back to school from the English KLA! Whilst it was challenging for many, including us, we wanted to acknowledge how well students did over this unprecedented time and say thank you to those at home supporting them.

Its back to business as normal with many novels and films introduced to students as they traverse the worlds they will soon need to analyse, but we thought we would mention a couple of highlights.
Our Year 12 students have settled back into on-campus learning after a period of Remote Learning. Whilst Remote Learning did present some challenges, there were also opportunities to learn and work in new ways. Our students spent most of Term 2 studying the classic film ‘Rear Window’ by Alfred Hitchcock. Below is a selection of some of the great work completed by our students.

Literature students have just finished oral presentations, where students had to interview an author Madeline St John (deceased) about her novel, ‘The Women in Black’, as expected the presentations were lively and interesting, including those which featured some pretend handcuffs and a police interview.

English recommends…

The Good Place (TV Show)
The Goonies (Film)
Artemis Fowl Series – Eion Colfer (Novel)
Literacy Report
• ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ audio/visual text is almost finished and due to be published on Clickview at the end of this week. The Year 9 teachers have already been sent the first 20 chapters and are using it in their classrooms, especially with students who are struggling to access the original text.

• QuickSmart staff will be assisting Year 7 students in their classrooms for the rest of this term. They are primarily focusing on classes with multiple QS students in them, but they are also offering assistance to all students as they transition back to face to face learning.

• The original Literacy Team is meeting this week to plan for an upcoming PD session. Our aim is to re-visit our Writing to Learn and 6+1 Traits learning from the last couple of years and inspire staff from all faculties to continue to embed these activities into their classrooms

• Independent Reading – students have still been encouraged to read and complete short literacy activities during Remote Learning. It has been great to see students choosing different ways to present their reflections, such as written paragraphs, oral recordings, and graphic organisers.