Student Reports Semester 1 2020
The end of semester reports looked a little different this year for two reasons. Firstly, the department guidelines for reports during Remote Learning were slightly modified, and secondly, after successfully trialling Continuous Reporting in 2019, the entire reporting process moved to this model for this latest round of reports.

Parents are reminded that they can still access their son/daughter’s Semester 1 report through Compass. Those reports became available from 4.00 pm, Thursday 25 June, 2020.

During Semester 1, Mooroolbark College transitioned to Continuous Reporting. This saw staff provide students with feedback directly on the Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) through Compass. This feedback was aimed to help students identify areas of strength, as well as areas they could improve on. These comments were visible on the Learning Task throughout the semester and they are what populated each student’s report.

Accessing your child’s report

Differences to Semester 1 Reports

Due to the extended time spent in Remote Learning last semester, certain usual aspects of your child’s report were excluded.
The aspects which did not appear last semester were:
• Work habits
• Victorian Curriculum Progression Points, including the overall summary page

These aspects will return in the Semester 2 reports.
At the end of last semester, all staff provided a comment regarding your child’s ability to adapt to the Remote Learning environment in their subject.
If you have any questions or issues accessing your child’s Semester 1 report, please contact the College.

James Taylor
Learning Specialist – Data and Assessment


At Mooroolbark College we take pride in maintaining a clear focus on the “whole” student, an approach that comes through the way we have created our excellent facilities and how our highly committed, talented and professional teachers go about their work.

At the start of 2020 we introduced our “Mooroolbark College Instructional Model”, to make sure we have a consistent and viable pedagogy, to assist with student growth regardless of the subject they are undertaking.

Throughout Semester 1, staff have been focusing on the Engage component of our instructional model which has allowed staff to think of new inventive ways to engage students when they walk into the classroom.

Some highlights of Semester 1 include:

The Technology area created a “One hit Wonder”. In this activity students walk into the classroom and collect their safety equipment and walk over to a piece of timber which has been set up. Students are required to hit the whole nail into the piece of timber cleanly and straight. If successful, their name is engraved into the One Hit Wonder wall. (Only 5 students have been successful so far in a semester).

Flip that cup.
In this activity students are required to complete different tasks, once they successfully complete a task, they flip that cup. Terms are stuck to the bottom of the cups so the students must use those terms to complete a “fill in the blanks” worksheet which is placed on a table behind them. All groups must finish and place their sheet on the table in the middle of the room.

Mix and Match:
This activity has different laminated squares with different ways you can represent a number. Students in their pairs need to connect as many complete squares as possible. Students need to demonstrate their understating of percentages, fractions, decimals and unit squares.

These activities are just some of the numerous one which have been created by staff and we applaud their effort in creating engaging activities.

Zac Parr
Specialist Teacher, Pedagogy