We have hit Week 7 of Remote Learning and truly settled into our new normal. Students are submitting their weekly Learning Tasks and finding their own routine as they nagivate their way through measurement and geometry from home. We are seeing a more consistent approach to the weekly Learning Tasks from students, including headings, examples and neatly set out work books. It has been great to see our students develop as increasingly independent learners. (Image 1). 

As we approach Week 7 of Term 3 most students have begun to focus on their assessment tasks in a variety of approaches and it has been fantastic to see students get creative with what they have around the house.

We have gained a lot of momentum in the Mathematics Club ¾, which now runs on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm. This has been especially helpful to students who need extra support to complete assignments and preparation for upcoming tests. If you would like to join us to get some extra Mathematics support, simply ask your, or any, Maths teacher and they will add you to the Thursday Microsoft Teams meetings. (Image 3 above) 

We have also continued to present students with the opportunity to develop their numeracy skills within the fortnightly Numeracy Task posted as an optional activity on Compass. It has been great to see our students taking the time to actively engage in these activities and the responses have been very entertaining. Students have really demonstrated their creativity and understanding in their responses to these tasks. (Image 4, 5 & 6) 

Keep up the fantastic work, students of Mooroolbark College! You truly have shown how excellent you all are! 

Jade Hubben
Mathematics KLA Head