Remote Learning in Science has provided our students with the opportunity to explore their own environment at home. Not only have they visited local waterways to examine the organisms found in ecosystems, they have also looked closely within the own backyards at the species which may be found there. 

Some students have been exploring their creative sides. In Psychology, after being asked to write a short story, poem or song about one of the famous social psychology experiments they came up with this: 

Lara Cato and Molly Gerson (Song)               Caitlyn O’Rorke, Isaac Rousseaux and Jack Hill 

                                                                                                 (Diary Entry) 

Year 10 Biology students have been studying the cell and the organelles found within. As part of their assessment for the unit they were asked to create a cell. They could draw a diagram or create a model using household items or craft supplies. 

   Emilee Mitchell (Drawing)                                       Scott Cavanagh (Cell Model)  

As Year 11 Physics makes its way through Unit 2, they have been discovering the universe and space, what stars are and how they functionThey have investigated how to tell the temperature of and distances to stars and galaxies, and how theories about the universe have been challenged over time. Most recently, they have been able to see what the night sky would look like without any light pollution. 

Year 12 Physics students are well into Unit 4 and are currently studying the wave-like nature of light. Term 3 Remote Learning and the adjustments to the 2020 Study Design have allowed us to spend more time exploring concepts and complete the practical components through online simulations, such as using PhET and Desmos. They even recreated a 3rd Harmonic standing wave during one of their online lessons.  

Skye Jennings
Science KLA Leader