Year 8 Textiles/Year 9 Food for Life Year /10 Barkers Bakery/Year 10 Food Studies

I would like to thank all the families for their support over the last month. It has been great to see the Year 8 Textiles students coming up with creative ways to design fabric. They have tie dyed with food colour, turmeric, beetroot, berries and coffee, block painted with potatoes, created designs with sharpies, shaving cream, rust and bleach. Their results have been fantastic and the skills they have developed will be used next term to design and create their own bags. 

The Foods students have also put in a great effort this term working hard on their CATS. The Year 10 Food Studies and Barkers Bakery and Year 9 FFL students have been given the additional challenge to create and produce their own food products using available resources. It is great to see students accept the challenge and produce and evaluate their own products. 


They have also worked on producing their own food packaging designs, conducting food comparisons, writing profiles on Australian pastry chefs, reviewing Meal Kit Companies and analysing articles. Barkers Bakery students also had fun working in small groups on Teams to design their own desserts. 


All of the work they are involved in currently will help them next term when they will be designing their own Noodle Box recipe, including the packaging, (Year 9 Food for Life), creating their own show stopping Dessert (Barkers Bakery) and designing their own tasty and healthy Meal Kit (Year 10 Foods). 

Once again a big thank you to all our families for supporting their students and also to our KLA staff in achieving the wonderful results we are seeing. 

Betty Metaxas
Food Technology Teacher