Our classes have been busy with lots of great activities during remote learning.  Here are a few examples: 

  • Year 8 History students have created some great posters to show how Vikings used resources.   
  • Year 7 Geography classes have been busy investigating issues of water scarcity from countries including Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia and India. 
  • Year 8 Geography students have researched rainforests from around the world and will present their findings in PowerPoint. 
  • Year 11 History students have studied the Cuban Missile Crisis and will soon complete structured questions, held under test conditions. 
  • Year 11 Legal Studies students completed a Kahoot based on a Sentencing Advisory Council Quiz.  This was followed by a presentation called You Be the Judge Students examined a murder case and then had to determine the sanction they would apply.  It made for a very enjoyable and thought-provoking lesson.  

Remote Learning in Humanities has seen lots of collaboration, discussion, fun activities and a focus on individual Learning Tasks. 


Chris Hanneberry 
Humanities KLA Leader