In moments of challenge, we must learn to adapt. It’s definitely a test for a library during the Remote Learning period, however, we’ve risen to the challenge which we have been presented with and have looked at new and exciting ways to engage with our community while we are mostly online.  


We have been working away at our online catalogue – securing new e-books and audiobooks for you to read. There is an awesome new collection of digital books in our wellness collection that include practical guides for wellbeing and mental health, as well as several stories that will inspire you. We particularly recommend the audiobook “Note to self: inspiring words from inspiring people” which is narrated by Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Joe Biden and others, as they give advice to their younger selves! Just remember to click on the star in the Compass menu and follow the links to Wheelers! 








Our Virtual Bookclub is up and running again this term. If you’re interested in joining the lively discussions of books we love, then please email the library for an invitation. Everyone is welcome to join us on Fridays at lunchtime and talk about everything books and reading. It’s a fairly general discussion, so you don’t need to have read anything prior to attending, and if you just want to build a book wall and show it off instead, then we’d love to see it!  

August is Family History Month, as well as hosting National Science Week, and we’ve been busy finding a selection of online resources to help support you investigate these things further! There are some excellent websites and online catalogues through Museums and Libraries all over Australia that you can visit without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!  





We’ve been pretty busy putting together our new Instagram page as well! We love to show off all the amazing things that you do, so if you follow us @mooroolbarkc_library you’ll see a range of Book Bento boxes that we’ve been busy curating, as well as some pretty incredible pieces of writing – shout out to Amy Pearce, whose poem received an Honourable Mention in the ISV/Arts Learning Festival competition and is now featured on our page! (Head to @mooroolbarkc_library on Instagram to read the rest of Amy’s incredible piece!) Keep an eye out for details about Book Week, with lots of fun activities, coming soon!  

As always, we would love to recommend something to you, so please send us an email if you have any queries! You can contact the library through 

Prue Bon, Evgenia Giles and Melanie Pauer 
Library staff