When looking at the theme of ‘Excellence in Remote learning’, The Arts is one area that has definitely excelled. When we first started, we were all a little cautious. How would the students go without full access to the materials, to the equipment or to the technology? However, as we knew they would, the students have risen to the challenge and produced some amazing works of art.  

Year 9 Art students have completed some amazing drawings inspired by Tim Burton as well as creating some fantastic PowerPoint Animations and action figure photography. Year 10 Photography students produced some wonderful ISO anthologies, while VCD students have produced some extremely high-quality drawings. In the senior school Year 11 Media students product some incredible film posters influenced by the representations of superheroes in the media while Studio Arts and Year 12 Media students have been busy working on their folios and their finished pieces.  

In the performing arts subjects of Music and Drama, students have been utilising different pieces of software and technology to still be able to practice and hone their crafts whilst at home. 

All of our students should all be very proud of what they’ve been able to create and achieve whilst learning from home. We, as their teachers, are very proud of their amazing talents and resilience shown during this time. 

            Year 10 Photography                                              Year 10 Photography                                            Year 10 Photography 

                Year 10 Photography                                           Year 11 Media                                                    Year 11 Media

                              VCD                                                                     VCD                                                              Year 9 Art                                                                                                                                                                                    

                        Year 9 Art                                                              Year 9 Art                                                              Year 9 Art                                                       

                          Year 9 Art                                                       Year 10 Art                                                     Year 10 Art

Matthew Neil-Holland 
The Arts KLA Head