It’s likely that many of you haven’t had the chance to check out the Library lately, so we’ll forgive you! However, we encourage you to visit us very soon so that you can see all that we have to offer.  

We’ve still been really busy over the Remote Learning period, collecting new books for you to read, and we have a really super collection of brand new books ready for borrowing! There are lots of new release young adult titles, some fantastic picture books that have won plenty of awards, a new collection of mental health and wellbeing books and just some old favourites 

As the year heads towards exams, the Library has established the ‘mental health shelf’ – you’ll find it in the study area and it is full of books about how to manage your stress, cope with exam study and other things you might need help dealing with. We have also included some colouring pages to help you relax and there are some beautiful books to just spend time looking through.  

If you’ve still got books out on loan, that’s ok. Just bring them back and put them in the returns box in the library and then you can start borrowing some of the new ones! Reminders to return books that you’ve been so carefully looking after for us over the last few months will be going out in the next few weeks – we know it’s been hard to return them, but this is just a reminder to pack them in your schoolbag and bring them back to us!  

The Library has released the first edition of “The Manuscript” and it has some excellent book reviews in it. If you’d like to contribute a review to “The Manuscript”, we’d love to hear from you. Email your review, with the title and author of your book, to and we’ll include it in the next edition!  

The Library also has a new pet! We’re pretty excited about this little monster running around the library, although our pet does have a habit of finding somewhere warm to curl up with a good book and hide! We’d like to invite you to name our pet – details about this will 
be coming soon – keep an eye on Compass and the Library Instagram page (@mooroolbarkc_library). We’ d like to say thank you so much to Amy Davis (year 8) for the wonderful design of the library’s new pet!  

As always, if you are after a great book recommendation, a chat or some resources to help you out with your school, please come and visit us in the Library! You can also follow us on Instagram (@mooroolbarkc_library) to see which books we’re reading!  

Prue Bon, Evgenia Giles and Melanie Pauer