Well done to the students who have been working very hard over the last month to complete coursework and exams. We wish you good luck for the final part of the year! 

In past years, Mooroolbark College has hosted ‘Talk’s In’ sessions with the support of Foundation House. This program seeks to engage families of refugee background students in dialogue about education in Australia, and specifically, Mooroolbark College. We have previously covered topics such as: 

  • What does school look like in Australia?  
  • Accessing Compass  
  • School Teachers and Leaders  
  • Assessment and Reporting  
  • Transition and Pathways  

This year, we have been unable to continue with this program with parents on site. Looking forward to 2021, the EAL Team is keen to engage with families in person when possible. If you have any questions or suggestions for the EAL Team with regard to participating in the life of the college, please ring the Schools Interpreter Line: 

Dial 03 7005 3038 
Select the language you need following the prompts 
Ask to speak to Sarah Awi (on Monday and Tuesday), Charlie Chaturapornkul or Alisa Hammersley on 9727 8100.
Charlie Chaturapornkul 
EAL Coordinator