All students have returned to the workshops and projects are in full production mode. The Year 7’s are working on their Tangram’s and have been working so well that many are undertaking the extension task part of the project and shaping the Tangram to give it an individual look. 

The Year 9’s and 10’s have also been busy turning the ideas that they designed into reality. In storage solutions students are making their door stops and will shortly starting on their recycled timber trinket boxes. 

In Metalwork the forges have been running hot with students learning basic forging techniques to create their projects. Students are enthusiastically attempting these tasks and are keen to use their new skills on their designs. 

Congratulations to our Year 11 students for completing the year under difficult circumstances. We look forward to offering Year 12 studies in Food Technology, Product Design and Systems Engineering in 2021. 

Andrew Dingey
Head of Technology Studies