Humanities was alive with colour and activity on Open Night. A huge thanks to all staff and students who helped showcase our great activities. Our rooms were filled with great assignments completed recently by Humanities students. Hands-on activities from Be Your Own Boss, our new Year 9 subject, were a focus of the Commerce display. We also had many dazzling assignments from Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies on display.

The Geography room saw students working on a collaborative task in which they decided how to best manage a small town and nearby forest. The challenge was to develop a plan considering all stakeholders’ views – quite a challenge, given competing interests from conservationists, mountain bikers and a logging company. Students also created landform models in a pop-up sandpit. They used sand to show how contour maps are created.

Our History display included pottery artefacts from Ancient Rome (part of a Year 7 activity), a mysterious, unearthed skeleton (with a sword – who could this be), and assignments on Ancient Australia, Ancient Rome, Vikings, slavery and twentieth century history.

A special thanks to our enthusiastic student helpers on the night – Laura Harrison, Tegan McDonald and Isla Wakeham.

Chris Hanneberry
Humanities Key Learning Head