It’s Term 2 and we’re back at school eager to teach and learn! 

Before we highlight the hugely successful Open Night held on the 22nd April, a few words on our achievements in The Education Perfect World Championships in which we competed against 1,894 schools. It is worth mentioning we came 18th out of 308 Victorian Schools and, even more impressively, 13th out of 1082 in German, putting us into the top 2% globally! 

Education Perfect Championships – The award winners are…  

Ash  Missen  Emerald  5000 Points
Bailey  Paget  Gold  3000 Points 
Elijah  Coles  Gold   
Aliyah  Orwin  Gold   
Dylan  Kass  Gold   
Kiele  Donald  Silver  2000 Points 
Joshua  Nubley  Silver   
Tiana  De Vincentis  Silver   
Sian  Groves  Bronze  1000 Points 
Sienna  Harper  Bronze   
Dylan  Pickett  Bronze   
Summer  Tuppenney  Bronze   
Jed  Birkner  Bronze   
Mason  Williamson  Bronze   
Leah  Smith  Bronze   
Olivia  Cahoon  Bronze   
Henry  Pearce  Bronze   
Lal  Chhuani  Bronze   
Ashlee  Jordan  Bronze   
Noah  McConville  Bronze   
Matilda  Sleeman  Bronze   
Chloe  Haley  Credit  500 Points 
Teresa  Hramkam  Credit   
Mikaylah  Sleeman  Credit   
Thomas  Brincat  Credit   
Lyzia  Fancun  Credit   
Justin  Villacis  Credit   
Tiarna  Gerrey  Credit   
Bawi  Mang Bawi Zi  Credit   
Taylen  Walker  Credit   
Lilli  Smirnow  Credit   
Austin  Leonard  Credit   
Breanna  Wickham  Credit   
Riley  Saultry  Credit   
Laura  Harrison  Credit   
Solomon  Hlawn Ceu  Credit   
Tegan  McDonald  Credit   
Riley  Ker  Credit   
Bianca  Lagwa  Credit   
Kirsten  Wheeler  Credit   
Alex  Paget  Credit   
Nathan  Hand  Credit   
Hansom  Gideon  Credit   
Jacob  King  Credit   
Jarrod  Peake  Credit   
Connor  Kreemers  Credit   
Robbie  Petrie  Credit   
Lexie  Bak  Credit   

All of these students will receive a special certificate to be awarded in at a future school assembly. These results show how engaged our learners are, how much fun it can be to learn for pleasure and how vibrant our languages are at Mooroolbark College. 

Open Night
Recently, Mooroolbark College held its Open Night. Due to COVID restrictions we could not do our usual waffle and stir-fry extravaganza. Instead, we were very grateful to our student volunteers (in German: Nikkisha Dempster (Year 7) and Alexis Haslett (Year 8) and in Chinese: Keiffer Just, Keira Leonard, Niamh Delaney, Tegan McDonald) who assisted us the whole evening in running our activities. Visitors received their passport stamps but were also encouraged to participate in one of our activities, including matching up words and interactive word searches. These were hugely popular, to the point that parents and staff from other faculties tried their luck and were greatly surprised with their level of ability.

We are looking forward to the rest of the term and ready to assist all our learners as they progress towards completing their Semester One assessments. 

Jonas Bahlo
Languages Key Learning Head