Open Night was a fantastic night for the Technology KLA. The Food Technology department baked biscuits, sealing them individually in plastic bags to ensure they were COVID safe. There were over 500 biscuits baked and sampled on the night, a massive effort by all the staff. They also encouraged visitors to check out the College’s webpage to find the recipe for the biscuits so visitors could make them for themselves at home. 

Food Studies
During the last term our food studies students have been hard at work developing their skills to make a fantastic range of products.

  • Year 7 Food Studies students made scones, chicken fillet burgers and pasties.
  • Barker’s Bakery students challenged themselves making hot cross buns, biscuits box and cottage pies.
  • Year 10 Food Studies students flexed their cooking skills by making vanilla slices, meat pies and pizzas.
  • BBQ students barbequed up a storm making Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs with spiced fruit and nut pilaf, Korean BBQ beef with bulgogi and cucumber kimchi.
  • Year 9 Food Studies students developed their skills making frittatas, calzones and apple pies.
  • Special Occasion Food students worked on designing and making mud cakes and presented their work on the ‘What’s Your History’ CAT.
  • Well done to our Year 12 students for completing their first lot of outcomes. Their practical work has been fantastic including their teriyaki pork cutlets with spicy slaw, Vietnamese salad made with Unicorn Noodles and reduced sugar summer berry jam.

Product Design
Year 8 Product Design Textiles students have now finished their folios producing some fantastic results experimenting with techniques such shaving cream marbling, tie dying, bleaching, block printing and sharpie designs. They are now commencing their designs for their final products. Can’t wait to see what they will come up with. 

Our Cosplay/Fashion Design students have had a busy Term 1 visiting op shops to select items they will up-cycle into a ‘new’ product. They have investigated the importance of reusing and reducing waste in the textile industry. It will interesting to see their results in the coming weeks. 

Photos of the students’ production work can be found on the schools social media sites. We will also be add to the schools YouTube channel by making some videos, which can be found at Stay tuned. 

Hard Technology
Hard Technology had the laser cutter running overtime making ‘Mooroolbark College Rules’ as an example of what students can do with the new technologies we have at Mooroolbark College. We gave away around 150 of these 100mm rules for students to put in their pencil cases On Open Night. The 3D printers were also running non-stop while we took a quick poll on whether pineapple should be used on pizzas with the Microbits. A lot of questions were answered by our staff and visitors said that it was good that Mooroolbark College offered Technology education to students. 

Andrew Dingey
Technology Key Learning Head