Our ASPIRE students have so many wonderful things to celebrate throughout Semester 1.

Congratulations to the Year 7 class on their transition to secondary school. Students have worked hard to complete their required assessments, worked cooperatively with their peers and sought help from their teachers when necessary. Keep working hard and striving to achieve your personal next next semester!

Our Year 9 class had a fantastic end to Term 1, completing a cross-curricular Amazing Race event. Students worked in teams to complete a variety of challenges, developing their problem solving and collaboration skills. Well done to Ms Cannington and Mr Ingham for organising such a fun event for our Year 9 class! The Year 9 class are now in the process of planning an Amazing Race for the Year 7 class, to be held in Term 4.

“During the final weeks of Term One, the Year 9 ASPIRE class was separated into small teams to undertake an Amazing Race type game throughout English and Maths classes. The unit started with teams making names, slogans and logos – some of these were more serious, while most of them were good jokes! The first activity was a scavenger hunt around the school to test how well we could memorise limericks and get our new teams working well together. Another one of our challenges was a physical challenge where we tried to hold up heavy weights. This was what I considered the hardest challenge as it tested our resilience, as well as our ability to cooperate with others. In the last challenge we had to use our creative skills to make baskets out of hula hoops, string and tape so that they would be able to support 10 beanbags. Using these baskets we needed to run up and down the basketball court transferring water from a bin into a bucket to earn points.” – Belle Gavin

A reminder to prospective students that our ASPIRE testing day will be held on 11th September 2021. Please register your interest using the following link – https://www.trybooking.com/BQHHO

During Term 3, I will be running the one-on-one reviews with the Year 7 and 8 students and we will get to run an excursion or two! I hope all of the ASPIRE students and teachers take some time to rest and recharge over the holidays and come back to school ready for an exciting term.


Kara Salmon
ASPIRE Coordinator and High Ability Practice Leader