With so many of our subjects being semester-based, recent weeks have seen classes consolidate students’ understanding of what they’ve learned over the semester.  Students have completed their final CAT assignments, while loose ends on earlier tasks have been resolved. 

Year 7 Geography Suburb Design, Year 8 Geography Megacity Report, Year 9 World of Work Cultural Diversity and Year 9 Trade and Conquer were a few of these assignments.   

Year 9 “Trade and Conquer” from Be Your Own Boss involved students selling their products at lunchtime in the Northern Quadrangle.  What a popular celebration it was!  Spider drinks, quartz crystals and candles were among the popular items on sale in the last days prior the move to remote classes.   

VCE classes began new units, with the Year 11 History class examining the links between their work in Unit 1 on Nazi Germany and the focus in Unit 2, the Cold War.  It was amazing how many direct links students had to times past when we played “1930s-40s History Bingo”. 

Working remotely, our classes saw students complete SAC and CAT assessments, demonstrate their understanding of coursework and participate in many engaging activities.  These included quizzes, Kahoots, photo challenges, sketches, constructing quick diagrams, tours of faraway places using Google Earth and Streetview, and observations of the local area. 

Well done to all Humanities students and staff on a great first semester.  We wish everyone a relaxing and fulfilling term break and look forward to more exciting things in Commerce, History and Geography in term three. 


Chris Hanneberry
Humanities KLA