Students have been working hard in Technology to master the skills they have been learning and to finish the products they have been tasked with.  

The Year 11 Systems Engineering class have had their drag races run and won with the fastest vehicle belonging to Lachlan Sturrock. There were a number of notable mentions, Illiro Smit, Joshua Edwards and Darcy Draper arranging catering for the event. Mr Unland, who recently took over the teaching of this class, was not able to match the speed of the students. He is tipped to do better in the return event where students get to modify their designs to make them go faster. 

In our Foods area our Year 7 & 9 students bounced back well after lockdown, making the most of the lunchtime classes and as a result have produced amazing results. Our Year 7 students finally managed to make their own muffins they had been researching and planning this term. The Year 9 Food Studies students completed their Burger Design task making some tasty burgers and the Special Occasion Foods classes worked hard to design and make their own birthday themed cakes, achieving amazing results. Luckily, our Year 10 students had already completed the course work prior to lockdown. The Barkers Bakery students competed well for the most creative, well designed and produced dessert. Year 10 students planned, prepared and produced healthy meal kits. The presentation of their products were very professional. Barkers BBQ have had a great time designing and producing their own BBQ meal and got to sample a brisket which was slow-cooked in a smoker for 14 hours, thanks to Mr Dingey. Overall, despite the challenges we should all be proud of our students’ work ethic and results. 

In the Textile Design area, our students have once again demonstrated their commitment to learning by coming in at lunchtime to catch up on time they missed in the practical rooms during remote learning. They have drawn on the knowledge and range of technical design skills they developed when working on their folio and have applied this knowledge and skill to their products. They utilised sharpie design, shaving cream marbling, tie-dying , block painting, painting, string pull and liquitex to create their designs. The quality of the bags, cushions, soft toys, heat packs, indoor footies etc were mind-blowing. They certainly worked hard to complete their products to an excellent standard.  


Andrew Dingey
KLA Leader Technology