The Red House spirit has continued strong this year. We have had some outstanding achievements. Firstly, we are currently leading the tally board for the house with the most merits received. Congratulations to all students who have received merits and let’s keep them coming! Remember you get merits by displaying our school values. This could be picking up someone’s books they dropped (Compassion), picking up rubbish in the yard (Respect), doing the high beam in PE after being too nervous to give it ago (Resilience) and having all your equipment for class (Endeavour).  

These merits all go towards receiving a values award. The following students have received a values award in Semester 1: 


  • Hayley Lamb 
  • Jess Voigt 
  • Justin Villacis 
  • Saraya Landy 


  • Mikaya Mcinnes


  • Aisake Haukinima 
  • Chelsea Kaniewski 
  • Jake Kinman 
  • Lilli Smirnow 
  • Chin Chin Aithang 
  • Ace Brincat 
  • Saraya Landy 
  • Tayla Parsons 
  • Riley Ker 
  • Rory Simmons 
  • Amos Rum Khar 


  • David Mcdowell 
  • Alice Chen 
  • Tyler Howie-Boucher 
  • Yasmin Landy 
  • Natasha Rowe 
  • Chin Chin Aithang 
  • Saraya Landy 
  • Tayla Parsons 
  • Charlie Sacco 
  • Annabelle Blunt  

During Semester 1, the Inaugural House Downball tournament was run. The tournament saw house teams take on each other in a knockout tournament into finals. Red House dominated with 3 out of 4 teams into the finals. We saw Damon Kaniewski and Kai Weston from year 10 take home the trophy. Congratulations to all teams that participate and got red house some house points along the way!

Red House displayed their team spirit at the Swimming and Athletics Carnival, it was great to see students dressing in red and participating in events! Students were quick to learn a new chant for 2021 and shouted it loud and proud at both carnivals.  



Allie Grey-Smith
Red House Leader