While Term 3 has been turbulent at times, I have been in awe witnessing the resilience and utter grit and determination of our whole college community. Term 3 has been bustling with challenges, new sport units and sunnier weather, which have helped to lift the moods of students and staff alike.  

The Year 7 students have been completing their Gymnastics unit in the latter half of the term and should be so proud of their efforts. It all started with learning the basics, understanding what a static shape is, what a locomotion is and how to begin to piece these things together. If you’re reading this feeling confused and wondering what I am talking about then let the images do the talking… 

Next came the partner balances, tricky if you don’t have a sibling, right? Never fear! We made use with walls and door frames. They’re ever so supportive.  

Now, coming to the end of the unit students are going to be working in groups, combining all their knowledge and skills to create a routine together. Students have the option to add music, 3-5 static balances and a group shape. The HPE team are excited to see what the students can come up with. 













The Year 8 students have also been busy. On September 1st we celebrated National Health and Physical Activity Day with a Step Challenge for all staff and students. I’d like to congratulate all the staff and students who participated and got active on the day. It was incredible to see everyone’s competitive natures come out… I think the weather may have also been the icing on the cake to get outside. 























Our top 5 student winners who have each received merits and house points for participating were: 

  1. Austin Lenoard Y1 with 20,087 steps.  
  1. Emily Davison G2 with 15,802 steps.  
  1. Brooke Petrie Y8 with 12,585 steps.  
  1. Eloise Howland R2 with 8,521 steps.  
  1. Abby Heemskerk B9 with 5,960 steps. 

And how could we forget the staff… The top 5 staff with the most steps who participated were: 

  1. Ms. Mattingley with 20,143 steps.  
  1. Ms. Evans with 18,038 steps.  
  1. Mrs Llewellyn with 17, 948 steps.  
  1. Mr. Nichol with 12,659 steps. 
  1. Ms. Hansen with 12,593 steps. 


Here are a few examples of some activities you can try when working from home or even during remote learning. I challenge you and your family to use it as a bingo board and tick one or two off each day. Send in your photos to Miss Todd via Teams message for some extra merits!  



Excellence in Remote Learning 

At Mooroolbark College, we believe in highlighting the efforts of all students throughout remote learning. It has been so important to showcase just some of the incredible work that our students have been producing. We hope in Term 4 we can showcase this work at our Night of Excellence. It is a credit to the work our school community is putting in to ensure our students stay connected and engaged online. Until then, please enjoy some work samples below from students in Year 7 through to Year 12. 

Mikaylah Sleeman G9 for her CAT 1 – National Physical Activity Guidelines Poster 


Riley Ahern B2 for his timelapse of a PE boxing work out. 


Fynn Koblar B7 for his anti-smoking advertisement campaign created using Canva. 


The Year 12 Health students have also been busy linking their knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals with household items. 

I’d like to wish all the senior students the best for the end of Term 3 and into their final weeks of school in Term 4.  


Stephanie Todd
Health and Physical Education Key Learning Head