Volcanoes, satellite imagery, exciting career options, incredible archaeological discoveries, managing the effects of climate change at key iconic sites.  All these have been explored in Humanities classes recently, plus much more. 

Humanities students have shown great resilience and endeavour while learning from home.  There have been many outstanding assignments and class efforts over the last few weeks. 

Highlights have included: 

  • Great efforts to complete geographic line drawings, based on photos of the College and local area. 
  • Year 7 students have completed detailed maps, using satellite imagery, online tools and aerial photos.  A focus has been to demonstrate how a map can efficiently communicate spatial information in a different way to photos and drawings. 
  • Amazing Australian places were the focus on a CAT assignment for Year 8 students.  Two places were investigated and then analysed in terms of their key spatial features. 
  • Year 8 Geography classes also worked in teams to identify and communicate advice for people living near mountain hazards, such as Mount Vesuvius. 
  • Terrific Year 7 History Ancient Australia assignments, in which students studied iconic archaeological sites such as Lake Mungo, Gabarnmung Rock Shelter and the Burrup Peninsula rock art. 
  • Year 10 People and the Planet students examined how climate change has affected places as diverse as the Macquarie Marshes, Joshua Tree National Park, Fox Glacier, Lord Howe Island and the Brahmaputra River.
  • Year 8 History students explored battle, armour, knights and medieval life. 
  • Very well researched Careers assignments from World of Work students.  Police officers, real estate agents, registered nurses, finance managers and paramedics were some of the topics undertaken. 
  • Legal studies students have completed criminal law case studies. 
  • Year 12 Business Management students examined Covid-19 and Qantas case studies. 
  • Year 7 Geography students studied environmental resources and are now beginning research on water scarcity. 
  • Improving bibliographies with Harvard citations has been a focus across subjects. 

On behalf of the Humanities team, thank you for all your work during an often-challenging term.  Please have a well-deserved break and we look forward to seeing you in Term 4! 


Chris Hanneberry
Humanities Key Learning Head