Year 8 students have recently finished a Micro-fiction unit which has resulted in many excellent examples of writing in this form. Here are a few stand outs: 


Blood red and faint fiery sky. Sunset clouds passing over sleeping trees. The waters reflection of the distant but bright sun.

(Lilli Smirnow, R4) 



A picture of the road, on the way to Toolangi. A kid setting up his swag with his mates. A bunch of kids sitting and relaxing in a river. Cars driving up steep and tough mud and hills. A picture of them gathered around a fire eating dinner and chatting. They get in their swags and have a good night sleep. The next morning they wake each other up and have breakfast. They head out to the trail after breakfast and went four-wheel driving. One of the boys got stuck in the mud. So the other boys helped him with their winches.? After that they headed back home with some good memories.

(David McDowell, R1) 



“My life flashed before my eyes”. A vague phrase used to describe a feeling of terror when a person is in strife or breathing their last breaths. Though what does it truly mean?? 
It is often precepted as memories of your third birthday and your grandmother’s funeral whizzing behind your eyes on a roll of film, your first kiss and your first breakup. ? 
Or perhaps it’s a vision of after. After your life is done. The light flickering in your mind before the darkness comes. Though no one really knows what happens when the light goes out.

(Abbey Heemskerk, R9) 


Hand of Ice 

Cosy warm, in my blanket of velvet blue. Unaware of the silent figure that crept into my room. Dreaming of?puppies, dreaming of chocolate, a happy smile across my face. The figure creeping closer still. Eyes closed,?blind, drifting off to the sandman’s home. The figure stretches a hand over me, fingers like claws. An icy?dagger grants me forever sleep.? 

(Connor Kreemers, B6) 



Movie: Don’t Look Up – A comedic and sobering take on current society’s idiocy around doomsday events and maintaining ‘calm’. Two scientists discover there is an unidentified comet hurtling toward Earth but nobody takes them seriously when they tell the world. Starring Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. – Mr Ingham  


Book: After Story by Larissa Behrendt – An indigenous lawyer takes her Mother to England where they go on a literary tour visiting sites related to Virginia Wolf, the Bronte’s, Shakespeare etc. Through the exposure to the various sites, the past trauma of their own daughter/sisters abduction and murder is explored along with the stolen generation, racism and culture. – Ms Roberts 


Podcast: She’s on the Money – A “financial podcast for Millennials”. – Ms Farrell