Term 2 has been a busy and productive time in The Arts. Recently the College held its very successful Open Night.

Open Night was a huge success for the department, as curious parents explored the possibilities we offer potential students in the future and enjoyed participating in musical performances, ceramics, photography, painting and drawing. The Arts’ rooms looked fantastic! Our music department was also full of energy on the night with our talented Instrumental Music students showcasing their talents. The energy and colour were wonderful and we are very grateful for the contribution from all of our staff.  

In the classroom, students in visual arts subjects such as art ceramics, media, photography and VCD, are busy finishing off their final art pieces for the semester while students in our performing arts subjects, drama, music and dance are perfecting their end of semester performances.

We can’t wait to see how all of their work turns out.


The Arts Instagram page 
Our College Instagram page has recently been showing the amazing work our Year 11 Media students have completed. They were tasked with creating a series of film posters to represent an idea. The posters had to work as a standalone poster or as a trio. 

You can check out more of our students amazing work at  https://www.instagram.com/mooroolbarkcollegeofficial/. 



Matthew Neil-Holland 

The Arts Key Learning Area Leader