It has been a busy month for Darrang, with both the Cross Country and Athletics carnivals being held.  

Cross Country 

Cross Country was a very successful day for Darrang. The sun was shining, so it was a perfect day for a run around Lilydale Lake. And… I am proud to announce that we were the overall winners of the Cross Country carnival! Our Darrang students put in a stellar effort to score the most points in the following categories: Under 13 Girls & Boys, and Under 15 Girls & Boys. A big thank you goes to all of our students who attended, especially those from Years 9-12 who voluntarily signed up. It was also fantastic to see students cheering each other on at the finish line as well as encouraging each other around the track.  

Athletics Day 

Athletics was another great day for Green House. We had over 50 students participate in the relay events for double house points, as well as several students who competed in every running event. It was particularly impressive to see our Year 7 students getting involved in many of the field events and showing their enthusiasm by wearing green. A special mention also goes to our Year 12s who were very creative in their dress-ups. 

Semester 1 Due Dates 

As we approach the end of Semester 1, it is important that students are keeping up with due dates and assessments. If your child needs extra help or is struggling to meet their deadlines, please encourage them to talk to their Cluster Co-ordinator. The Green House team is pictured below. 


Sarah Garnaut 
Darrang House Leader