Our first weeks of Term 3 have been busy with assignments and learning.  Year 10 and 11 Geography students completed preparatory work ahead of field trips to the Mornington Peninsula and Kinglake respectively. 

On Open Night, our E-block rooms were filled with displays of active learning.  Thanks to all staff and students who helped showcase our great activities. 

In E3, we had a colourful mix of commerce and history displays and assignments.  On display in E5 were assignments on Ancient Australia, Ancient Rome and Vikings.  

Also in E5, Year 7 students introduced visitors to an archaeology-themed activity.  Students presented a series of boxes containing artefacts from Ancient China.  The object was to use brushes and spatulas to carefully unearth the objects and then create a precise record of each discovery on quadrants.  Students and visitors then analysed what was discovered and made conclusions about the most likely time period and dynasty for each box of artefacts. 

In E6, Year 7 Geography students created Lego representations of the water cycle.  Displays included volcanoes, line drawings, maps, spatial analysis posters and the work of David Attenborough. 


Thanks to our enthusiastic Humanities staff and our student volunteers: Cassie Howland, Hayden Dempster, Hollie McInnes, Chloe Delacoe, Tegan Barber, Charlie Miller, Maddy Bond and Lily Russell. 


Chris Hanneberry 

Humanities Key Learning Head