Term 2 has started very well, and we are so pleased to see so many students wearing correct uniforms, attending Home Group and having locks on their lockers. As we move into the colder months, it is important that students remember to wear the correct school uniform and to keep warm wearing their school jacket. All of these aspects are in line with the school values and it is so pleasing to see so many students demonstrating the school values, and then in turn receiving Merit certificates. Once students receive a Merit for each value, they receive a Values Award.  


Cross Country 

Our students enjoyed participating in the Cross Country on Monday 8th May, at Lilydale Lake. The Year 7s and 8s all participated and students in the other year levels had the opportunity to join in, if they chose to. We were pleased to see so many students taking part, despite the unpleasant weather. Students earned points for their House, as well as enjoyed some down time afterwards playing on the play equipment. It was a fun afternoon all round! We look forward to seeing all the students participating in the Athletics Carnival coming up soon. 



It has been great to see so many students attending Homegroup, as well as keeping up attendance for each of their classes. Homegroup is an important time to spend with each other and get involved in activities that promote community and connectedness. Homegroups have had a variety of competitions and activities including Capture the Flag, which was run by Biik House in Term 1. Other activities have included spelling competitions and Footy Tipping. Students who have had outstanding attendance have received a certificate and $5 Canteen Voucher. Congratulations to those students who received this prize. 


Year 9 Activities 

Recently, the Year 9 students divided into House Groups, and the girls participated in Flourish Girl and the boys participated in Man Cave. Flourish Girl worked with students to empower them to improve their emotional intelligence and create a safe space where students could open up about their concerns and difficulties that they experience as young people. Man Cave worked with male students to explore the idea of gender stereotypes and how they impact attitudes and behaviour of young people. The students found it a very interesting and inciteful program. 


David Quinn (Baan), Tracey Leicester (Biik), Sarah Garnaut (Darrang), and Matthew Bell (Ngawan)