Year 7 science classes are finishing up the topic of Earth, Sun and Moon including the Kulin Calendar and how these seasons relate to the Earth’s orbit. They will be moving into separation techniques and applying them as they complete their Green Gunge CAT. 

The Year 8 classes have been learning about chemical reactions and have completed their Rusting Investigations. They are now learning about microscopes as they start the new topic of cells. 

Year 9 Core have also been learning about chemical reactions, with a specific focus on endothermic and exothermic reactions and pH. They will be moving on to the topic of Electricity next. 

Year 9 Forensics classes have been making impressions and fingerprinting, and learning about how this physical evidence can be used in forensic investigations. 

Innovate Science have been learning about nanotechnology, including making Carbon tube and Buckyball (carbon balls) models. The students are currently using their knowledge of nanotechnology to design a superhero suit featuring embedded specialised properties. 


Senior Science classes are busy with experiments, investigations and heading into exam preparation.   


Melinda Lori Pui