Ann Stratford

Principal Report

This week Mooroolbark College has been celebrating Education Week with the theme of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. Education Week has provided us with an opportunity to showcase the work students are undertaking to ensure they have healthy minds and bodies.  Students and staff have been involved in many activities including relaxation sessions, a staff versus student volleyball match and posting messages on the gratitude wall.  In the library, students have been creating stars as part of the One Million Stars to End Violence Project which will be displayed as part of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.  We are creating stars in our College House colours of blue, green, red and yellow.  Go to http://www.onemillionstars.net/ to find out more.

This week has seen the launch of the College’s new website.  Our website provides another wonderful opportunity to showcase the work of our students in the College.  It is also a source of information for parents/guardians and students.  You will find College policies, an updated calendar of events, curriculum information and a list of key staff who can help you with queries or questions.  Take the opportunity to have a look at the website at https://www.mooroolbarkcollege.vic.edu.au/

Whilst it may only seem a short time ago that we began Term 2, the mid-year exams are approaching quickly, especially for our Year 10 and 11 students.  Exam timetables have been distributed along with the exam rules and expectations.  Exams at Year 10 and 11 are a significant learning experience for students.  These exams let students practise revision strategies that are helpful and to discover what works best for them.  

Some of the most useful revision strategies include:

• spacing out revision sessions (this means students have already begun studying)

• teaching the material to someone else as it forces students to think about the material

• creating summaries and developing a revision timetable to ensure students have a structured way

• switching between topics every now and then (which helps you build on previous revision sessions)

Don’t spend too much time studying one subject in one sitting, simply re-reading text and highlighting are not effective study strategies.  Year 10 and 11 exams are an effective way for students to improve their knowledge and memory and a chance to begin the process of preparing for final VCE exams. 

Exam pressure can do funny things to students for some it can lead to nerves, anxiety, frustration and sloppy mistakes, culminating in a poor performance. For others, pressure allows them to concentrate more, work harder and perform better. It takes time and practice to perform well under pressure.  The Year 10 and Year 11 exams are a great opportunity for students to figure out and practise what works best for them. Techniques to manage exam nerves could include actively slowing down, channelling any nerves into helpful behaviour or listening to some relaxing music beforehand.

There are many opportunities at Mooroolbark College for students to get advice and help with either exam revision techniques or managing exam pressure.  Speak with your classroom teacher, House Leader or Cluster Coordinator for advice.  Mr Nichol or Ms Van Der Ende can offer assistance and the Pathways Counsellors can discuss techniques to help you maximise your results.  Good luck to all students undertaking exams or tests in classes over the next few weeks.

Ann Stratford

College Captain

College Captain

Captain Profile: Caitlyn Adams (Blue House Captain)

What do you hope to achieve this year in your role?
To make as many people happy and confident as they can be before I leave.
Who is a leader that you admire and why do you admire them?
My Mum inspires me, she tries so hard to make everyone happy around her, putting others before herself. No matter what she is dealing with, creating happiness for others is her goal. I feel this is a special quality to have.

What are some of your goals for the future?
My goal is to try my hardest this year and attend university to study teaching. I want to continue to have a positive impact on others as teachers at our school have done that for me and hopefully I can follow their path.

Final comment
Do what truly makes you happy because at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Music News- May Concert

Music News- May Concert

Congratulations to all of the music students who performed at our May Concert, which was held on Thursday 18th May.

We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of inspiring performances from our very talented music students.  It is always very rewarding seeing our students performing, and especially exciting to hear our new Year 7s for the first time.  

Well done to all who performed, especially to those of you who did solos and small group items, and to the Year 7 Concert Band who only had two rehearsals together.

A very special thank you to all our Music staff for their hard work and dedication.

Lisa Gaudion      
Instrumental Music Coordinator

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Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh - Camp #1

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh - Camp #1

We were greeted with 3 days of brilliant sunshine (and 2 very cold nights / mornings…) as our whole team conquered a very difficult 14 km Cathedral Peak hike and a challenging Sugarloaf Peak Summit within the Cathedral Range State Park.  We learnt about ourselves and how to support our beautiful environment.  We grew as individuals and as a team and had heaps of fun!  Congratulations to all and a massive thank you to Mr Van Keulen and past Duke of Ed student Liv Hodgett for coming along to support us and lead the way!

Mr McCormick
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

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Year 11 Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies

Year 11 Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies

The Year 11 Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies class of 20 hiked up the peak of Mt Stirling over Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th May.  Student started at Telephone Box Junction and walked up the east side of the Mountain staying at Crickets Pitch Shelter, then Bluff Spur on the second night before trekking home down the west side of the Mountain. Students had to carry their sleeping bags, cooking, food, clothing and safety equipment for the three days, which weighed in around 15-20kg per person.

Students were totally engaged in learning about the Alpine Environment first hand outside the four walls of a classroom. Not only did students engross themselves into the Taungurung Country, which was heavily used by Cattlemen in the late 1800s, they showed real teamwork and leadership to make sure everyone was safe, dry, warm and fed as temperatures dropped as low as minus 3 during the night. 

The camp fires at night with the full moon shining down and students laughing together was the highlight of each night. On the last morning, the students woke up early and faced the cold as we hiked back up to the peak under head torches to have breakfast during the sunrise.  Their hard work was rewarded as we were greeted with an amassing sunrise over the Alpine and a full moon in the background, perched above Mt Buller Town.  Epic!

I have to say I am extremely proud of the group as each and every one took pride in ‘leaving no trace’ and even cleaning up rubbish left behind by others. They are all becoming true lovers of the beautiful natural world we have.

Grant Olarenshaw
Assistant Principal

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Market Day 2017

Market Day 2017

On Tuesday 16th May, the Year 11 Business Management and VCAL students held their annual ‘Market Day’ as part of their studiesThis was a hugely successful event for all involved. The students ran their own businesses, most of which included delicious food stalls including the sale of churros, cookies, pizza, sausages, smoothies and more! All groups were able to run a successful business, with profits being well over one thousand dollars! The Business Management 1 class has chosen to donate their earnings to the Mercy Hospital, which holds one of the best neonatal wards in Victoria.  Well done to all the students for working together as a team and producing excellent results and well-run stalls.

Stephanie Bell
Red House Cluster Coordinator
English and Commerce Teacher

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Partnership with The Professionals Real Estate

Partnership with The Professionals Real Estate

Mooroolbark College has recently developed a partnership with The Professionals Real Estate – Mooroolbark through former student, Regina Atkinson.

On behalf of The Professionals Real Estate – Mooroolbark, a donation of $500 will be made to Mooroolbark College for every house sold through the Mooroolbark College community. If you are considering selling your home, Regina can be contacted on 0417 565 624 and mention that you belong to the Mooroolbark College community.

Community Circle

Community Circle

Mooroolbark College is committed to supporting our local community, below are the notices to assist in keeping up to date with:

• Entertainment Memberships

• Mooroolbark Baptist Church Soccer Club

Mooroolbark College PTCA is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

Support our fundraising by buying the NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership for your Mum, other family members, or even spoil yourself. Entertainment Memberships are filled with hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and you'll be helping our fundraising at the same time!

Buy from us NOW!

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Mooroolbark Baptist Church Soccer Club

Mooroolbark Baptist Church Soccer Club is seeking players. 

For information visit their website 


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Calendar Term Two 2017

Calendar Term Two 2017

College Office Hours


FRIDAY: 8.15AM- 3.30PM

Term Two 2017


Friday 26th May
- National Sorry Day

Tuesday 30th May
- NEVR Concert Hamer Hall 7pm

Monday 5th June
- Year 10 and Year 11 exams begin

Tuesday 6th June
- Education Meeting 6pm
- PTCA Meeting 7pm

Monday 12th June
- Queen’s Birthday Public holiday

Tuesday 13th June
- Resources Meeting 7pm

Wednesday 14th June

Thursday 15th June
- Year 12 Social

Friday 16th June
- Report writing day
- Students not required at College

Tuesday 20th June
- College Council Meeting 7pm 

Monday 26th June – Friday 30th June
- Recognition of NAIDOC Week
- Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 27th June
- Community Relations Meeting 4.30pm

Friday 30th June
- Last day Term 2 -  2.30pm finish

Monday 3rd July 
- Reports available to Parents/ Guardians 

Term Three 2017

Monday 17th July
- Term 3 begins


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