TERM 3 Friday 4th September - PTI (Parent Teacher Interviews) open on Compass 3pm Monday 7th September - MCPA meeting 7pm  Monday 14th September - PTI (Parent Teacher Interviews) close on Compass 12pm Thursday 17th September - Parent Teacher Interviews 10am to 6pm Friday 18th September - Term 3 ends.… Read More

2020 is a year like no other. The challenges of COVID-19 continue but I am confident that we have the experience, support, skills, optimism and team work to help each other get through these difficult times.  We continue to see excellence in all aspects of our College community and that is… Read More

When looking at the theme of ‘Excellence in Remote learning’, The Arts is one area that has definitely excelled. When we first started, we were all a little cautious. How would the students go without full access to the materials, to the equipment or to the technology? However, as we knew they would, the students have risen to the challenge and produced some amazing… Read More

In moments of challenge, we must learn to adapt. It’s definitely a test for a library during the Remote Learning period, however, we’ve risen to the challenge which we have been presented with and have looked at new and exciting ways to engage with our community while we are mostly… Read More

Mindfulness Matters How often do you take time out to focus on you and your well-being? Join us for a relaxed mindfulness session, every Friday, in the comfort of your own home! Email us to join! mindfulness@mooroolbarkcollege.vic.edu.au Jamila Lopez QuickSmart Literacy Instructor Jana Lant QuickSmart Literacy Coordinator Read More

Our classes have been busy with lots of great activities during remote learning.  Here are a few examples:  Year 8 History students have created some great posters to show how Vikings used resources.    Year 7 Geography classes have been busy investigating issues of water scarcity from countries including Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia and… Read More

  I We have hit Week 7 of Remote Learning and truly settled into our new normal. Students are submitting their weekly Learning Tasks and finding their own routine as they nagivate their way through measurement and geometry from home. We are seeing a more consistent approach to the weekly Learning Tasks from students, including headings,… Read More

Year 6 to 7 Transition While Year 6 students have been undertaking Remote Learning with their Primary School, here at Mooroolbark College we have been finalising our intake for Year 7, 2021. In accordance with the latest DET transition guidelines, placement offers have been forwarded to Primary Schools to advise current Year 6 students.  An information pack from… Read More

Remote Learning in Science has provided our students with the opportunity to explore their own environment at home. Not only have they visited local waterways to examine the organisms found in ecosystems, they have also looked closely within the own backyards at the species which may be found there.  Some students have been exploring their… Read More