Congratulations to Blue House, Mooroolbark College House Cup winners for 2020!  1st Blue House - 9035 points  2nd Yellow House - 8563 points  3rd Red House - 8384 points  4th Green House - 8146 points  A special mention to the following Houses for achieving success in the following areas:  Yellow… Read More

With the college full of students again, it is nice we are at last back to our busy, noisy normal self. We are hearing stories from students about struggle and survival and resilience and almost universally students are saying “I am so glad to be back”. Our goal for the… Read More

During this month Year 9, 10 and 11 students have received their subject selection packages for 2021 during an assembly. Most of the students have made informed subject choices. Some students have the taken up the opportunity to review their subjects with their respective Pathways Advisor and then book in an appointment to… Read More

With the end of the year in sight our students are busy finalising their assessment tasks. These have predominantly had a focus on data collection and analysis and it has been fantastic seeing the breadth of ideas and submissions from our students;  from the most popular streaming services to the… Read More

Congratulations to the year 12 students who have completed their English exams. It is an incredible achievement and all English teachers who have been involved in your year 7-12 journey are very proud of you!  Looking at what is happening in our classrooms, Year 10 students will experience the wonderful event of a 2-hour exam and we wish them the very best. At… Read More

All students have returned to the workshops and projects are in full production mode. The Year 7’s are working on their Tangram’s and have been working so well that many are undertaking the extension task part of the project and shaping the Tangram to give it an individual look.  The Year 9’s… Read More

Will the heavier skydiver land faster than the lighter one? Will a larger parachute reduce the speed at which a skydiver falls? Our Year 7’s have been investigating these questions this term. Working in small teams, students’ skydivers took many jumps from great heights and their times were recorded. Students wrote a scientific report on their findings and linked… Read More

Huge congratulations are in order for our VCAL students for successfully submitting their work to complete their 2020 certificates. This year has brought many challenges and our applied learners have worked very hard to overcome them, we are very proud of them.    Looking forward, we are excited to start our 2021 programme… Read More