During Term 3 Remote Learning, the Year 7 ASPIRE class participated in a Yarra Ranges Tech School (YRTS) program called “Bees with Backpacks”. This program was conducted online and allowed students to work through modules and discover information at their own pace, with help from the YRTS staff and their… Read More

A special treat and rare insight from one of our most beloved and experienced teachers in the business.  Monday, the 12th October. The first-time we teachers would be actually operating in a classroom since Term 2. Twelve weeks of zero face to face interaction with our students. Teaching online had become… Read More

Year 7 teachers have reengaged students with a Mini Science Expo. Students have been working through a series of work stations investigating the forces around them. The forces include gravity, magnetism, friction, buoyancy, surface tension and air resistance. This hands-on exploration prepares the students for their final Science CAT for the year, ‘The landing time of a… Read More

This week, Year 11 VCAL students have been getting ready for and completing their mock interviews to achieve competency in their Intermediate Work-Related Skills Outcomes. These interviews have been conducted remotely with our partners at the Outer Eastern Local Learning Employment Network (OELLEN). The feedback from students and interviewers has… Read More

What a difference it has been with our Year 7, 11 and 12 students returning to school this term!  We have been able to complete a wider range of activities and students have built on what they learned during Remote Learning.  Highlights have included:  Year 7 Geography students were involved in interactive mapping… Read More

Technology Studies  In Technology, we have been back into the workshop as students have started returning to school in Term 4. The Year 7s have been very keen to start a project after learning from home during Term 3. They have jumped straight into learning to use the tools and equipment… Read More

The first week of Term 4 saw us manage the GAT for 200 students from Years 11 & 12.  Due to Covid safe regulations, 13 rooms were required to manage the event safely. A big thank you must go to the students, external supervisors and college staff who made the day run so smoothly.  We had the pleasure to… Read More

A big warm welcome back to our Year 7 and Senior School students.  It has been fantastic to see so many smiling faces in and out of the classroom and we cannot wait for a full return of our 8-10 students on Monday 26th October.  The PE department has faced many challenges this year, however we are extremely pleased to be running our full… Read More

Our Year 7s have made an excellent start to Independent Reading in Term 4. It has been great to see the range of texts that students have chosen to read – from a Fornite How-To Guide to my personal favourite, the Harry Potter series. This program provides our students with the opportunity to foster a love of reading, whilst also developing… Read More

The Maths KLA, as I’m sure in every other corner of Mooroolbark College, has been extremely excited to welcome back our Year 7s and VCE students. The joys of seeing real faces and expressions is unexplainable. Our VCE students are valuing their final weeks with their teachers and are grateful for direct feedback… Read More