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As staff and students return to school, I am filled with gratitude and amazement. The staff and students have worked so incredibly hard to make Remote Learning work so effectively demonstrating the College values of resilience, respect, endeavour and compassion. As a result, the transition back to traditional schooling has been smooth, the learning has continued, and we will be set for a fresh start in Term 3.

2020 Staff Professional Learning and Curriculum Day Focus
This is the third year of our four-year strategic plan. Our focus this year is to consolidate and strengthen the initiatives we have introduced in recent years. The College’s 2020 Annual Implementation Plan, has a major focus on staff professional learning to continue to build literacy skills, and our instructional model in the classroom. Supporting this work will be the continued implementation of Professional Learning Communities, together with high impact evidence-based teaching strategies and tools, that continue to feature heavily in our professional learning.

On Monday, July 13, staff will continue to work on Low Stakes Writing, the Six Traits of Writing, the implementation of the Instructional Model with particular emphasis on Engage and Action, build on our School Wide Positive Behaviour implementation and a soft launch of the 2021 STEAM launch.

The build continues …..

The Building Project at both ends of the college is progressing at a rapid pace, with several of the new areas already in use. The First Aid room is fully operational, and the new female amenities were a pleasant surprise for our returning students. The college will have a very different look and feel with the new Student Well-Hub in 2021. The proposed layout of this area has been presented to the Community Sub-Committee and in turn to the College Council. With the scheduled work continuing at a rapid pace, it is very exciting seeing our College build come to fruition.

The Term 2 Remote Learning reports will look different this year. The Department of Education and Training requirements have been modified, and the Semester 2 reports signifies the full launch of continuous reporting that was trialed in 2019. James Taylor, Learning Specialist – Data and Assessment, has outlined the changes to the reporting cycle later in the newsletter.

As this term comes to a close, and we continue to navigate our changed world, I wish everyone a restful break and I look forward to welcoming you on your return in Term 3.

Ann Stratford


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Remote Learning meant that many of us spent long hours each day staring at a computer screen. So right in the middle of it all, we devoted a whole day to self care and looking after our mental health, a day to take a breath. Straight after Homegroup on Thursday May 14th the whole Mooroolbark College community of staff and students all went their separate ways to indulge in something that improved their physical and mental well being. For some, that was a walk or exercise, an afternoon nap, whilst for others it was time on the PlayStation or doing something with family members. In the midst of the most unusual school term we have ever experienced, it was nice to take a breath.

Welcome back to our Year 7s.
It was great to welcome back our Year 7s after not seeing them for the past eleven weeks.
For them the transition back was doubly difficult, after only having attended nine weeks of school before we went into Remote Learning.
We spent the first part of the returning day helping them renew friendships, reflect on their time away, share their experience and discuss what new resilience skills they had learnt. Activities included an Isolation Bingo, developing an isolation survival kit and a scavenger hunt across the whole year level.
It was heartening to see them back and have their energy in the classroom once again.


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We are excited to announce the start of a breakfast club commencing Wednesday, June 17. Any student or staff is welcome to join us for nutritious breakfast, Weet-bix, Cheerios, toast, porridge, baked beans, tinned fruit to kick-start the day.

Where: D12
When: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 8.00am-8.30am


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Term 2 has been an experience like no other in education. I have been amazed at the way students quickly adapted to Remote Learning, and even more importantly, how they have settled back into learning on site. Students have showed our College values of Endeavour and Resilience like never before.

Whilst Remote Learning, all four houses took on a remote Homegroup challenge set each week. Green house students rose to the challenge and sent in entries each week. I really looked forward to the end of the week when I could go through the entries and had to determine the two best Green House entries to send to Mrs. Stratford, who was our “Chief Judge”. I would like to congratulate Rianne Fraser, Bailey Paget and Travis Moir who entered every single week.



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Below are some of the Green House entries.

Congratulations to:
Amber Lang – 3rd in the autumn challenge
Bailey Paget – 2nd in the family colour challenge
Amy Douglas – 1st in the pet challenge
Jemma Luke – 3rd in the sculpture challenge.


There were a large number of students who received many merits and values awards during semester 1. Huge congratulations go to both Reuben Johnson (year 8) and Jordan Gibb (Year 9) for earning a Principal’s Award during Term 2. This is a culmination of 16 months of displaying regularly our four values of resilience, endeavour, respect and compassion whilst at school and during Remote Learning.



I would like to thank all the parents who helped their children during remote learning. It was a learning curve for all students, and I know from speaking with many parents during this time, that the students didn’t do it alone. Whether it was helping them with their Maths, reminding them to log into an online class, or setting them up each day with a list of tasks to do, many students couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

To all Green House students – the mighty green team is back to business! I look forward to hearing about more merit winners, students competing in activities to gain house points and just generally seeing your smiling faces around the school. Enjoy your Term holidays when they arrive and come back fresh and ready to begin Semester 2.


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1. What has been the best thing about being green house leader so far?

Meg: Becoming a Green House captain this year is an opportunity I am so grateful for. Already I have had so much of fun in this role. Although I would say that so far, the best part of it has been getting to know more Green House students across all of the year levels. Particularly at swimming carnival being able to interact and join in activities with Green House students was awesome and even having a laugh with them whilst also begging them to join the relay team, was great fun.
Connor: The best part about being a leader is the greater level of interaction with the other leaders and members of my house

2. What do you think is your best Leadership quality?

Meg: I view my best leadership quality to be my positive attitude. I believe that a positive attitude is contagious, and it can lift people’s energy so that they can reach their highest potential. I always strive to be the most positive version of myself that I can be through trying to find the positives in the negative situations.
Connor: My positive outlook and kindness to others.

3. What is your goal for Green House in 2020?

Meg: The main goal for Green House this year is to create a stronger culture as well as increase inclusivity across all homegroups, which will overall help Green House to maintain that awesome environment that students want to be a part of. We aim to do this through strengthening the relationships throughout all year levels by implementing more games in Homegroups, really increasing participation and just having everyone demonstrating our school values.
Connor: To increase conversation across year levels to allow for better interactions amongst older and younger students.

4. How do you want to be remembered by other Green House students?

Meg: I would really like to be remembered by other green house students as someone that they weren’t afraid to talk to or express their ideas or concerns too, but overall just as someone they thought was positive and approachable.
Connor: As someone who always wanted to make things fun and as an enthusiastic person who always got involved.

Michelle Colette
Green House Leader


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Welcome back! We are very excited to show you the new First Aid room
A reminder, it is very important in this current climate that if you present with cold like symptoms or a temperature, that you should remain home.

A friendly reminder, if your son or daughter has a diagnosed medical condition, for example:
• Diabetes
• Asthma
• Anaphylaxis
• Allergies
• Epilepsy, or another condition

Please collect a Care Plan or ASCIA Action Plan from you GP and provide the school with a copy ASAP. If your child is required to take medication whilst at school or on camp, please call Kerrie Hague on 03 9727 8100.
If your child has any other medical health problems or mental health condition is having surgery etc, please let us know so that your child can be supported at school.
It is important that we know about your child’s health so that we can support their wellbeing which in turn supports their learning outcomes.
Confidentiality and privacy is assured.

Kerry Hague
First Aid Officer


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Student Reports Semester 1 2020
The end of semester reports looked a little different this year for two reasons. Firstly, the department guidelines for reports during Remote Learning were slightly modified, and secondly, after successfully trialling Continuous Reporting in 2019, the entire reporting process moved to this model for this latest round of reports.

Parents are reminded that they can still access their son/daughter’s Semester 1 report through Compass. Those reports became available from 4.00 pm, Thursday 25 June, 2020.

During Semester 1, Mooroolbark College transitioned to Continuous Reporting. This saw staff provide students with feedback directly on the Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) through Compass. This feedback was aimed to help students identify areas of strength, as well as areas they could improve on. These comments were visible on the Learning Task throughout the semester and they are what populated each student’s report.

Accessing your child’s report

Differences to Semester 1 Reports

Due to the extended time spent in Remote Learning last semester, certain usual aspects of your child’s report were excluded.
The aspects which did not appear last semester were:
• Work habits
• Victorian Curriculum Progression Points, including the overall summary page

These aspects will return in the Semester 2 reports.
At the end of last semester, all staff provided a comment regarding your child’s ability to adapt to the Remote Learning environment in their subject.
If you have any questions or issues accessing your child’s Semester 1 report, please contact the College.

James Taylor
Learning Specialist – Data and Assessment


At Mooroolbark College we take pride in maintaining a clear focus on the “whole” student, an approach that comes through the way we have created our excellent facilities and how our highly committed, talented and professional teachers go about their work.

At the start of 2020 we introduced our “Mooroolbark College Instructional Model”, to make sure we have a consistent and viable pedagogy, to assist with student growth regardless of the subject they are undertaking.

Throughout Semester 1, staff have been focusing on the Engage component of our instructional model which has allowed staff to think of new inventive ways to engage students when they walk into the classroom.

Some highlights of Semester 1 include:

The Technology area created a “One hit Wonder”. In this activity students walk into the classroom and collect their safety equipment and walk over to a piece of timber which has been set up. Students are required to hit the whole nail into the piece of timber cleanly and straight. If successful, their name is engraved into the One Hit Wonder wall. (Only 5 students have been successful so far in a semester).

Flip that cup.
In this activity students are required to complete different tasks, once they successfully complete a task, they flip that cup. Terms are stuck to the bottom of the cups so the students must use those terms to complete a “fill in the blanks” worksheet which is placed on a table behind them. All groups must finish and place their sheet on the table in the middle of the room.

Mix and Match:
This activity has different laminated squares with different ways you can represent a number. Students in their pairs need to connect as many complete squares as possible. Students need to demonstrate their understating of percentages, fractions, decimals and unit squares.

These activities are just some of the numerous one which have been created by staff and we applaud their effort in creating engaging activities.

Zac Parr
Specialist Teacher, Pedagogy


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Over the past few weeks, Mr Donald and Mr Mann have been conducting a number of focus groups around the Remote Learning experience. These focus groups have involved randomly selected students from Year 7 to 12 discussing their experiences in Remote Learning and what can be learned from them. The topics of engaging activities in online settings, effective collaboration strategies during Remote Learning, online communication and file sharing and general take away messages for both student and teachers have been discussed. These focus groups have been informative and helpful and both Mr Mann and Mr Donald would to thank the students who have been involved for their thoughts, reflection and honesty during these sessions. A summary of the finding will be discussed with all staff at the commencement of Term 3.

Matthew Donald and Lachlan Mann
Directors of Curriculum


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1. How many different languages are spoken by Mooroolbark College families?
2. What is the language most commonly spoken by Mooroolbark College families other than English?
3. How do you ring our school using a free interpreter?

1. 30
2. Hakha Chin
3. Ring Language Loop the Schools Interpreter Line:

• Dial 03 7005 3038
• Select the language you need following the prompts

Charlie Chaturapornkul
EAL Coordinator


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We welcomed back the VCE/VCAL students with a welcome video from staff, which was well received by the students. To our surprise the Year 12 students created a video themselves for the teachers, which was to let us how much they had missed us and valued what we do for them. All in all everyone in Senior School had smiles on their faces. Students on the whole adjusted very well getting back to face to face classes both in VCE and VCAL.

Here are some of our Year 12 students at work:


VET students were still engaging in Remote Learning in most subjects until the end of term. There were some exceptions for providers who have smaller numbers of students and were able to manage the social distancing requirements.


Pathways Advisors have begun the Career Action Plan interviews with the Year 10 students. An Insight questionnaire was posted on compass and this forms the basis for future group interviews which have been held via TEAMs (online). The Pathways team is currently revising our planned Year 10 Pathways day. We hope we will be able to interest the students with a range of presenters from various institutions via online in their Work Related Skills classes. A presentation by Jenny Roache on the VCE/VCAL & VET options available in 2021 was given to the students.

Planning is also underway for the Year 9 Pathways Day next term, the method of delivery still to be confirmed.

Follow up interviews are being held with Year 11 students who are reviewing possible changes to their subjects mid-year, as well as those who have applied to move from VCE to VCAL.

Jenny Roache
Senior School & Pathways Leader


Mooroolbark students are fortunate to have two senior pathways to select from, VCAL and VCE. VCAL offers a marvellous opportunity to integrate workplace learning with a formal VCAA Senior School Certificate, along with a VET Certificate being recognised Australia wide.

Mooroolbark offers three VCAL levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior; and each student participates in the following strands:
1. Literacy and Numeracy Skills
2. Industry Specific Skills
3. Work Related Skills
4. Personal Development Skills.

During this term Year 11 and 12 VCAL students have been working on creating one-minute videos on social issues that they care about such as bullying, racism and mental health. These videos aim to empower and amplify youth voice in an inspiring and engaging way. Students will be sharing these videos next term within the school community, and then entering them into the global competition – Videos for Change. If you would like to know about this exciting project, refer to:

Whilst remote learning, Miss Burrows Work Related Skills class created a very clever and collaborative video that featured on the Mooroolbark College Official Facebook page.

Abbie Hansen
VCAL Coordinator


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The Peer Support program has kicked off again after our remote learning experience. It was great to see the Year 10 leaders slip back into their role as leaders and run lessons with the Year 7 Health classes. It was exciting to see the student’s relationships build back quickly to what they were in Term 1. The classes had a combination of discussion, games and meditation and all students left with a smile on their face.

Michelle Collette
Peer Support


As the sun came out on the returning week, so did the volleyball stars of Mooroolbark College. Staff and students packed the North Quad to showcase their skills in a ‘winner takes all’ high stakes series of games. For the winner… bragging rights and puffed out chests. For the (non winner)…walking away with heads low.

Two courts were set up, and both staff and students were free to join in the friendly competition. If the skills were as high as the trash talking, we were in for a treat. There were great plays from both staff and students, and many more laughs. Results took a back seat to the enjoyment and community feel within the school, but the results were split between students and staff over the two courts.

The students were keen to have another go at taking down the staff on the Friday, and an all female and all male court was established. Both sides of the girls courts were eager to keep it friendly, however this could not be said on the boys court, with Mr Donald and Mr Parr taking aim with powerful serves. Mr Mann was the pillar in the middle, smashing spikes down the middle of the court and Mr Dunkley getting many fingertips to balls coming over the net from the students. Mr Taylor showed just how controlling he is by whipping out the whistle and umpiring the girls game. He did a great job, however had to issue several red cards for inappropriate play on both sides of the net which were quickly dismissed by the players! Seems power goes straight to his head, and whistle!

A great few days of community bonding and it was wonderful to see the stresses of remote learning, even for an hour, be relieved with laughter, activity and sunshine.

Aaron Halstead
Learning Specialist – Student Agency, Student Leadership and Community Engagement


After coming back from remote learning, the SRC and Leaders Team have combined their communicative powers to create a Free dress day on Tuesday the 16th of June. The theme was House colours, to support the cross country which was held on the same day. All money raised goes to our sister school in Cambodia, to support them after COVID-19 has taken the income that tourism would normally provide.

Mia Sund
SRC Coordinator


At the time of writing it’s been four weeks since remote learning has finished and only 2 weeks since all year levels have returned which, for us, truly marked the end of remote learning. We both cannot describe how greatit is that Mooroolbark College is back to running how we remember, albeit with its socially conscious changes.

A nice change is the new breakfast club held Wednesday to Friday on College grounds where you can catch both of us on Thursdays, this is a great way for students meet and greet with teachers and peers from other year levels before the daily grind of the college begins.

However, it seems everyone is most excited about the upcoming holiday break. A perfect opportunity to recharge batteries, especially after the final push of these two weeks. It is also the perfect time to begin preparations. The Exam timetables have been released for us year 12s, term three is generally considered to be the “heaviest” of the terms. We Encourage all students to not only relax during these holidays, but prepare and begin getting ready for any upcoming CATS, SACS and etc as it’s a great opportunity to gain a head start.

We both welcome everyone back with open arms.

Matthew Bethell and Shae Libbis
Mooroolbark College Captains



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Due to COVID-19 restrictions on excursions, the annual cross-country carnival was held at school rather than the Lilydale Lake. This created the opportunity to run things a little differently and there was significant excitement surrounding the opportunity to complete a cross-country circuit at the College.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 competed to the best of their ability during a scheduled P.E classes. Year 10, 11 and 12 students were given the opportunity during lunchtime on Tuesday. It was fantastic to see the senior students competing while dressed up in their House colours, with the Junior School cheering them on! House points were awarded to the top students in each year level, as well as for any student who participated to the best of their ability.

The final standings were incredibly close.
Congratulations to Yellow House on another cross-country carnival win!
1st Place: Yellow House – 440 Points
2nd Place: Red House – 433 Points
3rd Place: Blue House – 430 Points
4th Place: Green House – 359 Points

Ryan Exon
Inter School Sports Coordinator


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We re-engaged our students back into Science through practical activities with an inquiry and investigation focus.

Our Year 7s have been busy exploring iron content in cereals using magnetic separation techniques. This allowed them to finish off the unit they had been exploring through remote learning. During our last 2 weeks of term they have been collaboratively creating cardboard arcade games. This project acts as an introduction into the ‘Forces’ unit they will be continuing in Term 3. Students have been provided with recycled cardboard and materials and will be considering the forces acting on their creations as they are built.

Year 8 students have been using our new microscopes to explore the microscopic structures that make up organisms, cells! They have been developing their skills in using a microscope and preparing cells to be viewed under it..

Year 9 students have been experimenting with chemical reactions, as well as testing the pH of common household substances. This has provided them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts taught during Remote Learning.

Year 10 and our VCE students have also been busy in the classroom. They too have performed experiments, group work, demonstrated understanding through activities and tests as well as preparing themselves for their SACs.

Our resident turtles were also excited to be reunited recently. Franklin and Sheldon have both done a lot of growing over the last few months, maybe it was the extra prawns? They have been with us now for over 2 years and it’s amazing to see how much they have both changed both in size and personality.

During Term 3 National Science Week (15-23 August) takes place and the theme this year is, Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans. It will also feature the establishment of the Blue Economy CRC. The theme embraces the innovative technologies, capabilities and skills needed to achieve economic, environmental and social sustainability of our oceans. It features insights and explores workable solutions that generate healthy oceans, healthy economies and healthy communities. Science staff will be running activities for students during lunchtimes as well as in class in Science week so make sure to check Compass closer to the date for details!

Skye Jennings
Science KLA Leader


Students and staff alike are glad to be back at school in D-block with access to all of our wonderful materials. It’s good to be using clay, painting on canvases, using the dark room in Photography and using the Mac labs in Media and VCD.
Looking back at Remote Learning, it was fantastic to see how well our students were able to adapt and still be creative. During that time, they created some wonderful pieces of art, as showcased on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. They should be proud of how they’ve risen to the challenge of Remote Learning.


A reminder to all students that Mooroolbark College is on Instagram with posts focusing on student work created in any of The Arts or Technology subject. If you would like to submit something you have completed and possibly have it posted on the account, please email a clear photo of the work or the original digital file along with your name and the subject it was created in to
To follow and see what’s already on the account, go to

Students at work:

Matt Neil-Holland
Arts KLA Leader


We welcome Tyrone Ingham and Sarah Garnaut as English KLA Heads for the remainder of the year.

Students particularly in junior levels have been given great opportunity over the Remote Learning period, with a new and sustained approach to drafting; focusing on their creative writing pieces through powerful and direct guided lessons aiming to improve writing over time. This has resulted in some amazing creative pieces.

There are several faculty-based goals that have been introduced and discussed that provide scope and consistency for us as a team, both for our curriculum and collaborative practices that shall be developed over Semester 2.
PD for English educators surrounding a major outcome (Text Response) will be attended digitally, shaping how this outcome will be taught in future.
Teachers have shown great resilience and support of one another throughout the Remote Teaching period and there is a greater sense of trust and camaraderie within the faculty as a result.

Tyrone Ingham
English KLA Leader

Our E-block rooms are currently being decorated with samples of student work from earlier in the year. Climate change assignments, geographic concept posters, twentieth century timelines and abolitionist posters are among the displays already on view.

Senior classes have been busy and filled with keen students since the resumption of classes at school. Among topics and activities (both remotely and at school) occurring this week:

· Year 7 History students solved “pwuzzles” (word puzzles) on Ancient Rome.
· Year 8 Geography students have completed reports on a chosen megacity.
· Year 9 Making the Modern World students learnt about Federation.
· Year 10 People and the Planet students have examined the most important indicators of global well-being.
  Year 11 History students are learning about the Holocaust and will take part in a virtual visit to the Jewish Holocaust Museum.
· Year 11 Legal Studies students are examining negligence and defamation.

Chris Hanneberry
Humanities KLA Leader


Developing new and creative ways to engage students has been extremely challenging and rewarding for both staff and students during remote learning. Everyone both staff, students and the wider community have all done an amazing job in supporting one another during this difficult time which has allowed for students to remain on top of their learning and well-being.

Year 7 PE
Students presented their Skills Analysis CAT via video including self-assessing their own abilities and providing key coaching points that a beginner could use to learn a new skill.

They begun a Netball unit, learning the basics of catching and passing. Some students went above and beyond by filming their skills and self-assessing.

Year 8 PE
In Health, students finalised their work on risk taking behaviours and continued with Respectful Relationships work in the final weeks.
Students finalised their ‘Skills CAT’ which saw them video and self-assess 2 skills of their choosing and provided coaching points that would aid a beginner to learn that skill.

In Physical Education students began a new unit on Volleyball once they returned to school as their soccer unit comes to a close (please refer to the social media page for fantastic evidence).

Year 9 PE
Students completed weekly recreational fitness sessions (Tabata, Yoga, HIIT and Pilates) and reflected on their experience.
Students also completed ‘Skills CAT’, choosing 3 skills they would like to perform and deliver coaching points for.

Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies

The positive response from the use of Microsoft Teams has been massive including personal messages and feedback of revision and SACs was all delivered through TEAMs.
Students worked through booklets sent digitally and then reflecting on tasks including scavenger hunts to get them out into the local community.

Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Ed completed their Know, Love and EAT the world CAT, where they look at contemporary issues within society and consider how they can help to tackle these issues.
They are given an endless amount of money and need to come up with a number of ways in which they can help resolve the root cause of these issues.
They need to consider what they could do as a current Year 9 Duke of Ed student to help.
Whilst completing this, students looked into meal preparation and food storage whilst hiking and completing gratitude journals.

Sports Leadership

Students also have been working on completing online First Aid question plus the test paper they would normally do.
They have also been in teams planning and writing up their lesson plans. Exactly what they would have done in class except I created chat rooms to talk and plan in instead.

Stephanie Todd
Health/Physical Education KLA Leader

In Digital and Systems Technology, we have welcomed new computers to the Labs in C4, A7 and T8. In Year 8 we have finished up exploring programming with Microbits and have moved onto to programming in Minecraft Education to finish off the semester. In Year 9 we our finishing construction on the Stomper Robots in Robotics and finalising our Games in Game Design. In Year 10 we have programmed a variety of applications in JavaScript in Software Development and finishing up building out amplifiers in Systems Engineering. In Year 11 Systems Engineering Unit 1, the great dragster build-off is in its final stages, with the open design round about to commence.

In other news we have officially announced the launch of the schools Minecraft Club, with the servers going online shortly.

Since the return to normal schooling, the workshops have been very busy with students aiming to finish practical work before the Semester ends. The workshops have been open at lunchtimes and students have been able to use the extra time to finish projects. The Year 11 students in particular have made use of the extra time available.

Andrew Dingey
Technology KLA Leader


As the end of this extraordinary term rolls around, there is much ado in our Language department: We have farewelled, if temporarily, Mrs Jiaqi Tan who has left us to go on maternity leave. By now she has become a proud mother and we wish her and her family well. This has meant a new addition to our staff, and so we welcome Ms Yi Jiang to the position of Mandarin Teacher. She will be taking over all of Mrs Tan’s duties and she is looking forward to meeting the Mooroolbark School Community. In our German classes we are finishing the term with units of work that combine culture, history, geography, even politics, with language by investigating an ‘Inspector Rex’ episode in Year 7, the movie ‘The Book Thief’ after a book by the Australian author Markus Zusak in Year 8 and ‘Treffpunkt Berlin’ in Year 9. Students are collecting stamps for excellent work and participation for small prizes and Resilience Merits at the end of the term. What better place to be at the end of the term than in a Mooroolbark College Language class!?

Jonas Bahlo
Language KLA Leader


Like all corners of Mooroolbark College at the moment, Mathematics would like to welcome back all of our students!
Whilst we have seen great resilience, creativity and independence in learning from our students during Remote Learning, we are all excited to be back in the classroom. This is where we can compete in fun, hands-on activities, discuss our thoughts and share our questions and ideas. Something we missed during our time at home.
As we welcome the year 7’s (again) just like we did at the beginning of Term 1, we can reflect on all the exciting things that do really happen in Maths.
The opportunities are endless;


Our Numeracy classes provide students with the opportunity to practice their problem solving skills with open ended tasks and their ability to work collaboratively and share ideas. Year 7 and 8 students complete their Numeracy Lessons during Period 1A or 1B on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. These periods are vital for the development of critical and creative thinking as well as resilience and creativity in Maths. Students are provided with a variety of problems and scenarios in these classes, of which they need to find appropriate solutions.

Targeted Learning Program
Additionally, for our Year 7s, every fortnight we combine a number of Year 7 classes and divide them into sub groups where they will work on different problems that are relevant each student’s level of understanding.

Assistance, Extension and Club ¾

We offer so many things in Mathematics, this includes Assistance and Extension Programs for Year 7-9 students that run on Tuesdays 3-4pm, which will resume next term, as well as Club ¾ every Tuesday and Thursday also.
Please speak to your Maths teacher if you are interested or would like any more information.
What a great return to the College all students in Mathematics have had and we look forward to what next term brings.

Jade Hubben
Mathematics KLA Leader



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On behalf of the Performing Arts area, I would like to extend a big welcome back to all!

Whilst we have been away, the College’s building program has gone on undeterred, and as a part of that, our Facilities Manager, Matt Wildner has done a great job in transforming X-10 into a terrific new Drama/Dance space.

We are looking forward to getting rehearsals and production duties for the College Production- ‘The Addams Family’ re-started after our enforced ‘dramatic pause’. Rehearsals should be back into full swing at the beginning of next term for the 2021 performance. In the meantime, cast are still getting the opportunity to receive individual singing training in the last weeks of this term.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the Performance Arts staff and students, for the terrific effort and the really high quality of work produced during this unusual period of Remote Learning.

Peter Marz
Production Director


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It has been a strange term for instrumental music. Our Instrumental Music teachers have been busy teaching students remotely, learning how to teach in this environment has been both rewarding and challenging. The greatest benefit for our Performing Arts students has been the opportunity for students to take a break from their screens during online learning and enjoy the well-known benefits of learning and playing music.

You will notice a new member of the team this term, Mr Van Keulen, has been assisting the team teaching drums and he has been welcomed by both the students and the team.

The show must go on! Jessy Turner is continuing to support the production team and is running singing lessons for key members of the cast on Thursday afternoons.

Stay tuned for information on our end-of-year concerts. Currently we are looking at virtual concerts and will keep you up to date with our developments as the year progresses.

You will see, by the photos below, that classes are well underway and we are so glad to welcome everyone back onsite.

If you are interested in joining the Performing Arts, please contact Ms Gaudion either by email, or, come down to the music rooms, if you have any Instrumental Music enquiries.

We look forward to seeing our wonderful students back at school in the coming weeks.

Lisa Gaudion
Instrumental Music Coordinator


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Welcome back to school from the English KLA! Whilst it was challenging for many, including us, we wanted to acknowledge how well students did over this unprecedented time and say thank you to those at home supporting them.

Its back to business as normal with many novels and films introduced to students as they traverse the worlds they will soon need to analyse, but we thought we would mention a couple of highlights.
Our Year 12 students have settled back into on-campus learning after a period of Remote Learning. Whilst Remote Learning did present some challenges, there were also opportunities to learn and work in new ways. Our students spent most of Term 2 studying the classic film ‘Rear Window’ by Alfred Hitchcock. Below is a selection of some of the great work completed by our students.

Literature students have just finished oral presentations, where students had to interview an author Madeline St John (deceased) about her novel, ‘The Women in Black’, as expected the presentations were lively and interesting, including those which featured some pretend handcuffs and a police interview.

English recommends…

The Good Place (TV Show)
The Goonies (Film)
Artemis Fowl Series – Eion Colfer (Novel)
Literacy Report
• ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ audio/visual text is almost finished and due to be published on Clickview at the end of this week. The Year 9 teachers have already been sent the first 20 chapters and are using it in their classrooms, especially with students who are struggling to access the original text.

• QuickSmart staff will be assisting Year 7 students in their classrooms for the rest of this term. They are primarily focusing on classes with multiple QS students in them, but they are also offering assistance to all students as they transition back to face to face learning.

• The original Literacy Team is meeting this week to plan for an upcoming PD session. Our aim is to re-visit our Writing to Learn and 6+1 Traits learning from the last couple of years and inspire staff from all faculties to continue to embed these activities into their classrooms

• Independent Reading – students have still been encouraged to read and complete short literacy activities during Remote Learning. It has been great to see students choosing different ways to present their reflections, such as written paragraphs, oral recordings, and graphic organisers.


Read Time: ( words)

As the weather cools, the library is the best place to visit during term time! There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, and we’ve got some great new reads in the library to help you while away the hours wrapped up in an amazing book.

We encourage all students to return any overdue books and to take the time to visit the library to pick up something new to enjoy over the term break. Your friendly librarians are on hand to help you with a recommendation, but we have also been busy putting together some new displays that show off our own recommendations.

We’d like to welcome our newest member of the team, Evgenia Giles, who has worked with Mel Pauer to use their incredible imagination and craft skills to help us to produce some of these amazing displays.

Remember that reading is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and every book that you open can transport you to another place. Please feel free to drop in to the library and have a chat with us about a new read for you!

Prue Bon, Evgenia Giles, Mel Pauer
Library Team


Since beginning on Teams, Book Club has since moved to our library. Meetings run every Friday at lunchtime and are open to all readers, writers and artists.

Please note that Book Club meetings will be rescheduled next term Keep an eye on Compass for more information. If you know any students or teachers who would be interested, let them know to watch out for the sign or ask our friendly librarians

Mooroolbark College Newsletter – June 2020