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Mooroolbark College

Mooroolbark College Newsletter – March 2022

31st March 2022

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy the read…

Upcoming Events


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A Normal Start to 2022

The start of 2022 has been relatively normal, which has been great for both staff and students. Just about all planned activities have gone ahead in a Covid safe manner. Excursions are going out daily, inter-school sports and camps are now back and running with students experiencing the wide variety of activities which Mooroolbark College offers.

Over the next few weeks, more traditional activities will take place, including the 58th and 59th Debutante Balls.  This will allow our 2021 Year 11s to enjoy the experience which was cancelled last year. The Year 12 Outdoor and Environment Coastal Camp, Year 11 Geography field trip, Year 9 Advanced Sports Leadership rock climbing excursion and Year 7 Divisional Sport are all set to run as planned.

Breakfast club has recommenced on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in D12.  Breakfast club will be relocated to the new Student Wellbeing Centre when it’s completed in time for Semester 2.

Parent Teacher Interviews for Years 7 – 10 are scheduled for Thursday 31st March.  Years 7 – 12 students are not required to attend school on this day, but are encouraged to take part in the interviews to ensure a three way conversation exists between the teacher, parents and the students.  These interviews will be held remotely only this term.

We hope to return to our normal House homegroups over the next few weeks.

As we enter the second half of Term 1, I encourage all students to make the most of the opportunities which are provided, including joining the College Production We Will Rock You, the National Story Dance Festival for Schools – Wakakirri, STEAM excursions and the other extra curriculum activities available.

The 2021 Valedictory Dinner has been rescheduled to Thursday 28th April.  We are looking forward to hearing what our Year 12 students from 2021 have been doing over the past few months.

RA testing

Thank you to everyone who continues to test twice weekly with the RA tests, which are being provided. This provides a level of certainty for our school program – when we are able to detect Covid positive cases early. Students will be provided with RA tests to the end of Term 1 2022.

Please report both positive cases of Covid and close contact isolation to the College by ringing the College reception on 9727 8100.  Teachers are regularly placing lesson plans on Compass for students to access work if they are away due to Covid related issues. 

Communication between the College and Parents

Compass continues to be the communication method the College uses with parents and guardians.  Information for parents is uploaded daily (or as required) into this portal.  Some posts are also accompanied by an email.  I encourage parents to download the Compass app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Parents can access work submission, upcoming learning tasks and attendance data daily in real time.

The College also has a Facebook page which you can follow: Mooroolbark College Official, which provides the community with up to date information about what is happening in classes and within the community.  However, the College’s Facebook page is not monitored and therefore is not the appropriate way to ask questions or seek information.  Please ring the College on 9727 8100 and reception will connect you with the most appropriate person.

Communication between the College and Students

Whilst students will still use Compass to access learning tasks, information contained in lesson plans, the College is continuing to use the TEAMs environment for communication between class teachers and students.  In addition, students also belong to other TEAMs such as their House Team, Year Level Team and a Whole School Student Team.  Students are encouraged regularly to check what is being posted on TEAMs.


Ann Stratford



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The English department would like to extend a warm welcome to Judy Miller, Penn Valk and Paige Williams. It is lovely to have them as part of our team and they have already added so much expertise to our office and curriculum.

Our year 7 students have started the year with an orientation unit, that has culminated in the creation of Zines, and are getting started on a creative non-fiction unit that will allow them to experiment with writing autobiographies, memoirs and biographies. They have started this year with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and we are really looking forward to an exciting year. 

Year 9 students have started term 1 with a unit on persuasive travel writing and have really embraced the opportunity to learn about places they have always wanted to visit. The pandemic and lockdowns have taken a lot from our students, especially the ability to travel, so it is great to see them being able to be so passionate about the prospect of travelling in the future. In class students have been locating and identifying language and persuasive devices in a range of newspaper travel advertorials. 


Debating – We are seeking students who are interested in exploring their debating skills in 2022. This is an excellent opportunity to build on your knowledge of key issues in society, while developing your emerging debating and public speaking skills. Students who are interested should message Mrs Silver on Teams chat.

A big change for the College has been in the administration of our online learning platform Education Perfect. It is no longer able to be charged through the Book List. Payment must be made directly. The charge covers all content on EP including Languages, English and Humanities. If you need help with this process, please see Mr Donald’s Compass post or speak to us directly.?


Book: All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Beautifully written and great some people who see the world a little differently. Ms Valk

Movie: Encanto– An emotional story with beautiful animation and fantastic songs. Ms Badrock

Podcast: David Tennant Does a Podcast With. Genuine interviews. Some great stories from excellent guests. Ms Valk


Amy Broekmann
English Key Learning Head



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Welcome to 2022, a year destined to be full of opportunities and exciting moments for the EAL team at Mooroolbark College.

This year we have an unprecedentedly large cohort of EAL students in Year 12, with 11 completing their VCE course and 5 in the VCAL program. They have had a solid start to the new year. With most of the restrictions gone very soon, we hope our Year 12’s can fully enjoy the rest of their time at Mooroolbark College while making the most out of their learning journey. 

EAL students proudly showing their Year 12 Jackets


We are also delighted to welcome 31 new EAL students into Year 7 and other year levels. A big change in the demographics is an increasing population of EAL students born in Australia or who came at a very young age. Many of them are incredibly confident and more than competent to engage with their school life. For others, ongoing English and literacy support, cross-discipline EAL scaffolding, as well as communication service with families are provided.


Nearly 1 in 10 students at our school are from the Chin state of Myanmar/Burma. To celebrate the Chin National Day last week, our wonderful canteen staff and support staff brought in lunch orders from the restaurant Little Burma. They also organised more than 100 individually wrapped cupcakes and lolly bags for our Chin students and others who actively participated in the Culture Quiz in their Home Groups. What a fabulous event to show that every student is genuinely welcomed and valued here.


Chin students collecting their cupcakes from the canteen


EAL Team
Yi Jiang, Alisa Hammersley, Sarah Awi



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It has been a busy start to the year for Maths!

Our Year 7 students completed PAT testing in the first two weeks of the year. This information is utilized with NAPLAN data to best provide staff with a profile of each student’s mathematical ability. This also has provided staff with a benchmark to best prepare their lessons to cater for the individual needs of all their students.

Students in Year 7 and 8 have been devising their own individual Mathematics Learning Goals and taking ownership of their own learning. Students are given time in class to progress towards their goals with a wide range of resources at their fingertips! Students have been reflecting on their progress and identifying what has worked well and what they can improve on.

NAPLAN is fast approaching in Term 2, and Years 7 and 9 will begin to look at what skills they can further develop in preparation to achieve their best on the upcoming test.

Year 7 students have been taking part in our Targeted Learning Program where they are able to assess their own ability and choose the level of difficulty that best suits them. This allows students to have a voice in their learning and choose the appropriate challenge for their ability level.

Year 8 students are beginning work on their cross curricular Fitness Investigation CAT. This CAT combines aspects from Maths, Science and PE to be applied together on the same task. Students get the opportunity to see how these disciplines connect and relate to one another and are deeply intertwined.




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Welcome to our new Year 7 Aspire class for 2022! And a big welcome back to our Year 8 and 9 Aspire students. It is looking to be an exciting year with the return of excursions and competitions, so keep your eyes peeled for more information to come (especially the Year 9 Aspire class who are heading to the city in March!) 

We have started the year with excitement and challenges in our Year 7 ASPIRE class. As well as getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the school, the class have been busy completing lots of work! They have done open-ended Numeracy tasks and started their first CAT with Mrs Salmon in Maths, they have embraced independent reading and familiarised themselves with the library (some are borrowing 3 to 4 books a week!) with Mrs Broekmann, enjoyed PE with Ms Rosendale and started learning about the Science laboratory with Mr Dunkley. 



Victorian High Ability Program Term 1 2022 

This term we have three Year 8 students participating in the Victorian High Ability Program, delivered online by Virtual Schools Victoria. These students were selected based on their previous NAPLAN results and attend weekly lessons with high ability students from other schools. This program is offered each term for both English and Maths for students working approximately 12 months or more ahead of standard in the Victorian Curriculum. If you or your child would like more information about the program, or would like to be considered for a position based on your last report or teacher recommendation, please contact Mrs Kara Salmon at 


Kara Salmon
Aspire Coordinator






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It has been pleasing to see the senior school students settling into the new school year. Both VCE and VCAL students have started strongly and there is a positive vibe in the senior study centre. 

This week, we recognised the academic performances of some of the students who completed an accelerated subject in 2021 in a Year 12 assembly. There were some fantastic results and we congratulate all students who successfully completed a Year 12 subject in 2021. 


There has been a few changes in our day-to-day procedures in 2022. Students who miss due dates with coursework, or fall below in attendance will be required to attend Club 3/4 on Tuesday and Thursday. Their classroom teacher will inform them if they need to attend. A reminder that Club 3/4 is a fantastic resource for all students to be able to do group work, or get help from their teachers. As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to contact their subject teacher, House office or Senior School office. 


Thank you to all the families who turned up to our inaugural Senior School Parent Teacher Night last week. It was well attended and staff relished the opportunity to provide feedback early in the year to the students and their families. We hope that the students take on the feedback they received and strengthen their work ethics and understanding of their subjects. 

Year 12 students have their first dress up day on Tuesday 22nd March – “what they want to be when they are older” and we are encouraging staff to also get involved. Another highlight for the Year 11 and 12 students is their Debutante Balls coming up soon. We wish them a fantastic night. 


Michelle Colette
Senior School Leader



VCAL News 

VCAL students have had a great beginning to the year setting high standards across all year levels and subjects. 


Work Related Skills 

Year 11 and 12 WRS has focussed on OH&S in the workplace readying students for their Structured Workplace Learning in the community. Year 12 VCAL students completed their OHS Walk down to Mooroolbark Shops investigating Occupational Health and Safety in our local area. They will produce presentations to communicate their findings in the coming weeks.  



In Literacy classes Year 12 VCAL students have been focussed on ‘reading and writing for self-expression’ outcomes by researching their family history and traditions, creating family trees, interviewing family members and documenting family recipes. They will share these findings with their peers through filming a cooking show and creating presentations. Year 11 students have begun the year by completing ‘writing for practical purposes’ outcomes by creating flyers for their future businesses, they have been researching successful flyers, identifying key ideas for success, and incorporating these ideas in their own creations.  



Year 11 Numeracy students have been honing their number skills, processes and financial literacy through their party planning project alongside creating a measuring presentation. 


Personal Development Skills 

Year 11 students have begun working on their autonomous projects through exploring their ‘Soundtrack to my Life’ and planning and organising their thoughts and ideas which will lead to them demonstrating their self-management skills in the coming weeks. Year 12 students have been learning about the environmental, cultural, and social effects of poor planning in a project and how these can be avoided in their own complex self-directed projects later in the year. 


Foundation House UCan2 Project 

Mooroolbark College VCAL students have partnered with Foundation House this semester to complete the UCan2 project. This project aims to support English as an Additional Language students and students of a refugee background complete outcomes in literacy, PDS and WRS through workshops, incursions, excursions and ongoing support from support workers and volunteer community members. Students have begun their journey through this project, and it will continue for 16 weeks. More updates to come.   


Club ¾ 

Students are encouraged to join their teachers at club ¾ on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm – 4pm to receive help and support from their VCAL teachers.  


VCAL Students have shown their commitment to this program through their positive attitudes and willingness to try new things. Well done VCALers, your teachers are so proud of you! 


Natalie Bisi
VCAL Coordinator




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A huge welcome to all of our students as we begin another exciting year at Mooroolbark College. We look forward to spending many lessons together with our students exploring and experimenting to find out how the universe works. We would also like to welcome Darren Jackson, Christie Godby and Tooba Awais on board this year; we are all excited to be working with you.  

Our Year 7 students have begun the year by transforming into detectives as they investigate the importance of safety in our Science labs and identifying hazards in CSI style crime scenes. Soon they will be demonstrating how they can safely operate a Bunsen burner and will receive their own licence to operate the equipment. 

Our Year 8 students are exploring how the how human body works, more specifically how blood flows through it and its importance in the survival of organisms. This will lead students into performing their own dissection of a sheep’s heart, investigating the blood pathways. 

The Year 9 students now know that neurons carry messages around the human body at approximately 430 kph. They are learning about the structure and function of the brain and eye, and will soon be completing dissections of a sheep’s heart and bulls eye. 

Our Year 10 Chemistry students have been learning about the periodic table and the structure of atoms, completing a flame test to observe the emission spectra of different elements. 


Our Year 12 Biology students have been learning about protein formation through transcription and translation, completing hands on activities demonstrating this process. 


Looking forward to another fantastic year! 


Tristan Dunkley
Science Key Learning Head


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It has been a fantastic start to the year for The Arts. Our students and staff are well rested after the break and can’t wait to create some amazing artworks and performances this year. 


We would love to extend a massive congratulations to Shayla Kimpton and Jemma Luke for having their work selected to feature in the Creative Showcase exhibition currently on at the Memo Gallery, Healesville.  



We also have a number of students that are continuing their passion for The Arts in further study. A number of Media students are completing a Bachelor of Screen and Media at Collarts while we also have an amazing Studio Arts student, Jemma Findlay, that has just been accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT. We are so proud of all these students and can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future. 


Our Year 10 Media students began the semester by completing their first film-making challenge: The Timetable. Students were tasked with planning, filming and editing together a short sequence all in under one hour. They all did such a fantastic job. We can’t wait to see what else they create this semester. 




This year we welcome a number of new staff members in The Arts. We have Penn Valk (Drama), Taylah Mackie (Art) joining us in the classroom as well as Clare Assetta, Vivienne Doolan and Clint Eldridge joining us in Instrumental Music.  


This month’s Instagram Collage showcases the amazing work produced by our students late last year. Well done, everyone. You can check out more of our students amazing work at


We are excited to announce the plans are underway for our 2022 College Production. It’s all very hush hush for now. Rest assured that cogs are turning, wheels are spinning, and we hope to be able to announce our chosen show very soon. Keep an eye out for clues on the College Facebook page. 


Matthew Neil-Holland
The Arts Key Learning Head


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It’s been great seeing our classes engaged in so many collaborative activities in the early weeks of Term 1. 

Students have completed many engaging and action-oriented activities.  Highlights so far include: 

  • Year 7 History students demonstrated their understanding of chronologies and timelines in the northern quadrangle. 
  • Year 7 Geography students have completed drawing and mapping tasks, using the college grounds 
  • Many Humanities classes have explored details of ongoing events in Ukraine, from a Humanities perspective. 
  • History and Geography classes have made excellent use of Education Perfect exercises  
  • Year 7 History students have investigated land management by Ancient Australians.  This has included fire management, whaling, cool versus hot fire methods and the trading of grain. 
  • Year 11 Geography students have examined the nature of natural disasters and those which have occurred recently throughout the world. 


Chris Hanneberry
Humanities Key Learning Head


Image details: 

 Year 7A Geography students completing line drawings and observations 


Year 7H students demonstrating the chronologies outside the Discovery Centre 


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2022 has started with students back in the workshop and getting busy. Students have looked at workshop safety and are starting to design their projects as well as learning the skills required to successfully execute their designs. 

Upgrades to the workshops are being planned and students will notice some of the changes already made to the metalwork room. These upgrades will enable changes to the curriculum and more room to safely move around the workshop. 

Looking forward to seeing students progress during the semester. 


Andrew Dingey

Key Learning Area Head


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It has been a great start to Term 1 in Health and Physical Education, with some House and Inter-School Sports kicking off a busy end to summer. 

House Swimming Sports was a fantastic day, with students coming together to support their newly renamed houses; Baan House (Blue House), Darrang (Green House), Biik House (Red House), Ngawan (Yellow House). The venue was flooded in a sea of blue, green, red and yellow, with each house heavily represented in the events throughout the day. It was especially encouraging to see the incredible number of students in the walking lane, water polo and dance contests.  

Well done to all swimmers who participated and were awarded vital points for their house. We witnessed outstanding results with plenty of students taking away multiple 1st place ribbons and booking their spot in the 2022 Mooroolbark College swimming team. Congratulations to Baan House for winning the swimming carnival for the second year running! 

On 17th of February, our senior students went out on the Maroondah division interschool sport days. All teams were incredibly competitive and our senior boys’ volleyball and senior girls’ tennis teams were successful in progressing to the EMR championships. Well done to those students!  

Our Year 7-10 students will also be going out on interschool sports soon. Chat to Mr. Exon or fill in the Microsoft Form on Compass if you are interested in getting involved. 

In Term 2 we will have our house athletics and cross-country carnivals which are sure to provide even more opportunities for all the houses as they try and claim victory over Baan House. 

The Year 7 students have been busy adjusting to their new routine… getting changed into PE gear at school can be confusing. A reminder to always bring your PE gear labelled in a bag so that it can be organised and kept from getting mixed with other students’ clothes. 

The Year 8-10 students have been working hard on demonstrating their teamwork, participation and communication skills during our Minor Games and Fitness unit which is about to wrap up before each year level begins a new sport for the remainder of the term.  

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more photos and action shots of Athletics and Interschool Sports such as Tennis and Volleyball. 


Stephanie Todd (Health & PE Key Learning Head) and Ryan Exon (Interschool Sport Coordinator). 






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Library Report – February 2022 


The dust quite literally settled on the shelves over the Christmas break in our Library, as construction work began on the new wellbeing centre.  

If you’ve been into the Library lately, you’ll notice that there have been a few changes! But, a change is often as good as a holiday, and we’re taking things in our stride and being flexible because we know that once the build is completed, the new Library will be amazing!  

It’s also wonderful to recognise that even though we can hear some banging and crashing on the other side of the wall, the Library is still open for borrowing at lunchtimes and after school for study, so please drop in and visit us during the school day.  

There are lots of new books on the shelves, including some great non-fiction and wellbeing based texts. The wellbeing wall has moved but with the addition of some living plants, courtesy of our Library Captains, it is now a pretty special area and worth a good browse.  

Wheelers ebooks are always available for borrowing – if you’re not sure how to access the ebook catalogue, please speak to one of the Library staff and we can help you out.  

If you’re after a particular recommendation, our Library staff and our Library Captains are always on hand to find that perfect read for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask!  

We’re looking forward to all the exciting things coming up for the Library – stay tuned for more information!  


Prue Bon
Library Coordinator






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Hello and welcome to Mooroolbark College if you are in Year 7, and welcome back to Languages if you were here last year! 

2022 looks like its becoming a fantastic year for improving those Chinese and German skills! While we might have lost the expertise of 45 years of teaching with the retirement of Mrs Henderson, we are very proud to have Herr van Keulen rejoin us. He is looking after two Year 8 classes, while I have the remaining German classes. Mrs Jiang and Mrs Tan are sharing the Chinese classes and we are all looking forward to getting to know our new students over the coming weeks. 

A big change for the College has been in the administration of our online learning platform, Education Perfect. It is no longer able to be charged through the book list and payment must be made directly. The charge covers all content on EP including Languages, English and Humanities. If you need help with this process, please see Mr Donald’s Compass post or speak to us directly. 

Chinese News: 

Xin Nian Hao! February 1 marks the beginning of the new Lunar Year of the Tiger. Students in our Chinese classes learnt about Chinese New Year celebrations with a range of in-class activities during the first two weeks, 1st Feb – 15th Feb. In class we learnt about many of the interesting traditional Chinese stories and customs. This included Stories of Monster Nian, the Zodiacs Race, Art and Crafts, students trying to make the traditional Red Packet, and decorating a book cover with self-designed Tigers. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to get to know about Chinese culture.

Figure 1 – Luke Fancun’s book cover of tiger


Figure 2 – Book covers by Year 7’s.


Figure 3 – Robert Doensen and Bawi Cung with their red packets


German News: 

Our students have been actively engaged in using some practical sentences, which they get to show off on their Title pages – feel free to look over the attached samples! Students get feedback on their organisation and presentation and Merits for outstanding organisation as well as attention to detail. This work prepares students for their first CAT, the Oral task. And remember, all CATs can be found outlined on Compass 🙂 

We hope that 2022 will allow us in Languages to provide a fun learning environment and all the benefits that come from that. We look forward to seeing you either in the next class or at Parent Teacher Interviews. 


Jonas Bahlo
Languages Key Learning Head.



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This year has started with energy and enthusiasm in the Music department, as our program grows.

We would like to warmly welcome our new instrumental staff, Clinton Eldridge (Guitar), Vivienne Doolan (Percussion) and Clare Assetta (Voice). There have been some exciting developments, with the 2022 Production We Will Rock You about to kick off, our first Wakakirri – a dance and drama performance entry in the works, Undercover Voices – an open choir – launching and ensembles relaunching after restrictions being lifted. 

Students will also be performing in the Celebrate Mooroolbark Festival, on the 19th of March, with solo artists and ensembles gaining vital performance experience and entertaining the community.

Plans for this years’ Winter Concert are also underway, with a hope to entertain a live audience.

Jordan van Keulen
Instrumental Music Coordinator  


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Welcome back to a new school year! 
We have exciting news in Student Wellbeing as we welcome a new counsellor, Rebecca Herrick, to our team. This is in addition to the two new mental health workers we added in 2021, Siobhan O’Halloran and Amy Donaldson, and our chaplain Gillian Van Der Ende. This ensures there is plenty of wellbeing support for students at the college. So if you think your child would benefit from some counselling or extra wellbeing support then please don’t hesitate to make contact so we can put something in place. 



And finally, we want to remind you that your child’s mental health and successful transition back into “normal” schooling is our priority and we want to continue to provide quality welfare support to our students. If you have any concerns at all about your child then please contact your child’s coordinator or one of our team. We are available to parents via phone or text. Your child can also contact us directly by knocking on the door of our office. We are here to support you.


John Nichol
Student Wellbeing Leader




24 Hour Emergency 
Police/Fire/Ambulance    24 hours/7 days  000 
Kids Helpline  Counselling service for people aged between 5 and 25  24 hours/7 days   

1800 551 800 

(email, web chat) 



Crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services  24 hours/7 days  13 11 14 

Beyond Blue 


Information and support for all ages to promote optimal mental health. 


24 hours/7 days 


1300 224 636 

(Chat online or email) 




24 hour counselling line for anyone who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault. 


24 hours/7 days 


1800 737 732 


E headspace  Provide mental health support for young people aged 12–25  Phone:  

10pm – 1am  

Online counselling:

1pm – 1am 


1800 650 890 



Inspiro  Free youth, teen, young adult and family     counselling 9738 8801

or visit   
for more information 


Parent line


Support for Parents and carers with children from birth to 18 years


8am–midnight/7 days


13 22 89

EDVOS Family violence service in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region  

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

Sat 9am-5pm (phone or email)


03 9259 4200 






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Term One has been a busy one in the canteen so far. We celebrated Chin National Day with cupcakes for our Burmese students and ordered in Burmese food from our local restaurant “Little Burma.” Our whole school community enjoyed the chance to taste a different cuisine. 

Last Friday, we welcomed our first work placement student, Jaxon Andres, into the canteen. Jaxon was a significant help and is already learning so much. We also have other students that will be working with us in the canteen during recess and lunchtime to reduce the wait time and increase the efficiency of our service.  

We are looking forward to receiving our brand-new Hot Display Cabinet in the coming weeks which will then enable us to have our Year 12 line in the canteen and our regular lines moving with much more efficiently . Thank you for your patience during this time. 

Last Sunday was Clean Up Australia Day and as a school community we acknowledged this day on Friday, 4 March with activities throughout the day. At Mooroolbark College we are conscious of our carbon footprint and expect our grounds to be free of rubbish, showing respect for our environment and pride in our school. All rubbish should be placed in the bins provided and your area left clean. 

We have two new products in the canteen; Chill Iced Tea in Peach, Mango/Green and Raspberry selling for $3.50 and Nippy’s Juices in Pineapple Crush, Apple & Blackcurrant, Apple and Orange & Passionfruit selling for $3.50. Come in and have a try, they are delicious and a low sugar option. 


Mooroolbark College Newsletter – March 2022