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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – May 2022

31st May 2022

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy the read…

Upcoming Events


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Great start to Term 2 

We are almost halfway through Term 2 and despite the publicity currently in the media about the impact of Covid on school operations, I am proud to report that Mooroolbark College has been able to continue with its program of providing students with quality educational experiences.  I would particularly like to thank the staff for their flexibility, dedication and hard work during this period. 

In the four weeks since we have returned from the Easter break, we have run a very successful Open Night.  I would like to particularly thank the 100 students who assisted on the night, sharing their Mooroolbark College experiences with future parents and students.   

Our 2021 Valedictory Dinner was also held early in the term.  This was a great opportunity to meet up with our graduates from 2021, hear about their experiences over the last few months and again wish them the very best for the future. 

Multiple sporting teams have competed both locally and regionally.  Our senior, middle and junior students have participated in football, netball, soccer as well as other sports.  I wish to congratulate the students who have represented the College so well this term. 

In addition, the College has held two successful sporting carnivals, the cross country and the athletics carnival.  It was wonderful to see so many of our students showing their house spirit during these events. 

Both Year 11 and Year 12 students have been involved in Elevate Sessions to provide support in their Senior School Certificates. 

Production rehearsals are in full swing with students and staff rehearsing weekly to ensure the 2022 “We Will Rock You” production will be one to remember. 

Our Year 10s have visited the KIOSC centre in Wantirna to complement their forensic science studies.  This was a great opportunity to apply some of their skills they have been learning in class to a real word experience. 

The remainder of Term 2 is no less busy, and I encourage students to take the opportunity to participate in the many activities still to come. 

Building Program Update 

The completion of the landscaping of the quadrangles and the development of the Student Centre is proceeding as planned.  The expect completion date for southern quadrangle is the end of May.  We are looking forward to students enjoying this space.  The work to complete the northern quadrangle will start in earnest towards the end this term. 

The Student Wellbeing Centre is due to be completed by the start of Semester 2, opening in Term 3.  The facility will initially provide a space for students to access heating facilities for food, a space for students to meet and access our House Offices and wellbeing team.  It will additionally provide a link between the library and the College’s wellbeing services. 

Examinations and final assessments 

In the last four weeks of term, students will be finalising their assessments.  The examination period for Year 10 and 11 begins on Thursday 2nd June.  At this time students will also be completing their final School Assessed Coursework and Common Assessment Tasks (CATS).  I encourage all students to reach out to their respective Houses for support during this period if they are having difficulties with the completion of work. 


Ann Stratford



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The Pathways team started the term with the Year 11 & 12 Careers Expo which was held on the 6th May.   Senior students had the opportunity to speak with a large number of Tertiary Institutions including Universities, TAFE’s and independent providers that answered questions and provided advice. 

Year 11 students have been involved in MIPs interviews and revising their Career Action Plans in preparation to course selection for 2023.   

Students in Year 9 will have their Morrisby interviews during weeks 5, 6 & 7.  Students will receive TEAMS messages in the coming weeks to outline process and times of their online interviews. 

Year 10 students will be undertaking Work Experience during the last week of term 2, 20th – 24th June. This is always a wonderful opportunity for students to get some real life experience of being in the workforce. They have been preparing for this activity in their Work Related Skills classes. 


Jenny Roache 

Pathways and VET leader 



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Elevate Education 

On Tuesday 10th May, Elevate Education ran a study skills seminar for our senior students. These sessions are designed to bring about behaviour change. The importance of a positive growth mindset, setting specific, short term goals (and celebrating the small wins!) and how to plan and implement these were included in the sessions. Each student took away a booklet that provided tips and a planner that will be very useful as they move through these final years of schooling. Their website has a huge range of additional resources as well. 


On Thursday 9th June our Year 12 students will be getting all dressed up to attend their formal. It will be held at Chateau Wyuna in Mt Evelyn from 7 – 11pm. See the Compass event for more details and to provide consent and make payment for the evening.  

Club 34 

Club 34 runs every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Senior Study Centre. These sessions provide students with the opportunity to get support from their classroom teachers, work on homework/coursework tasks and work in small study groups. Afternoon snacks are included at every session! 


Skye Jennings 

VCE Coordinator 


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The English Faculty really enjoyed the Mooroolbark College Open Night and the opportunity it provided us to showcase the excellent work our students do in English. 

A huge thanks goes out to our student helpers on the night Beth Seymour, Chloe Jasper, Elise Van Praag and Giselle Leonard from year 7 and Emily Reid from year 12. 


Year 7 students are undertaking a persuasive writing unit currently which is focused on the issue of Sustainability. After discussing the importance of sustainability in today’s modern world and undertaking many tasks surround persuasive language and research skills, students are now able to select their own sustainability issue to research and prepare a persuasive letter to the Premier of Victoria or the Prime Minister of Australia, in an attempt to convince them to take action on their chosen issue. 


Year 10 and 11 students are drawing close to the end of their first semester units and are currently completing their final CATs and SACs before they begin exam revision and head into there exam weeks on the 2nd of June. We wish them all the best with this first exam period of 2022 and know that the hard work they have put in throughout the semester will see them succeed. 




Movie: Spencer – Kristen Stewart is so moody and perfectly embodies Diana, it is worth watching just for her performance! – Mrs Broekmann 


Book: The Turning by Tim Winton – While I am not usually a Tim Winton fan, this book will have you laughing and crying at different moments as you experience the ups and downs of the characters lives and slowly piece together the connections between each of the short stories. It is a roller-coaster for your emotions and well worth a read. – Mrs Broekmann 


 Amy Broekmann

English Key Learning Head


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Rolling Hills Primary Partnership 

Term 2 will see most of our students exploring Algebra within a Mathematics and Numeracy Setting.  

Continuing from last term, we have developed an exciting partnership with Rolling Hills Primary School sharing and advancing our Numeracy Programs. We have partnered with Rolling Hills as both schools are on similar journeys with their Numeracy growth and innovative programs.  

The partnership sees staff from their school visit us and in turn we will be visiting Rolling Hills. This experience will allow us to ensure the Numeracy programs implemented at Mooroolbark College continue to scaffold students from Primary to Grade 6 and further develop their proficiency in Numeracy. 



Year 10 and 11 Semester 1 Exams are fast approaching. These will begin 2nd June, finishing on Friday 10th June. And, to prepare our junior students for these, Year 7, 8 and 9 Exams will be scheduled to begin Tuesday 14th June. These will be occurring during scheduled class time.  


Jade Hubben

Mathematics Key Learning Head


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Term 2 has been a very busy place in Science, with classes settling in and completing a range of hands on experiments all themed around Chemistry. Our year 7 students have been learning all about mixtures and completing an array of experiments exploring separation techniques. This has led them to completing their Green Gunge CAT where they designed from start to end their own experiment to separate a mystery mixture based on its properties. 

Our year 8 students have been busy exploring states of matter, looking at atomic structure, state changes and chemical reactions. They have even been looking at obscurities to general rules such as ooblek which can behave as a liquid and solid. Here our Year 8 students are in the process of learning about the groupings within the periodic table. These students are exploring the characteristics of various Metals, Non-metals and Metalloids.’ 

Our year 9 students have been learning about matter, looking specifically at atoms and isotopes and how they interact. They have deeply explored different chemical reactions such as acid-base, exothermic, endothermic and radioactive decay. 


















We had some fantastic displays at Open Night with two classrooms full of student work and interactive demonstrations such as a dry ice display, rat dissection, digital microscopes and fluffy slime. All who came through were eager to start studying science. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed their work and helped out on the night! 


Turtle Club is running each Wednesday during lunch, we have had a fantastic turn out so far. If you would like to attend, please message Mr Dunkley on Teams. 


Tristan Dunkley

Science KLA 




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The current Year 7 and 9 students have spent the last two weeks completing their NAPLAN assessments. For the first time at the college, this has been completed online. As teachers, we have been extremely impressed with the focus, confidence and positive attitude our students have displayed across this assessment period. We are confident the results of these assessments will help inform teaching practice at the college, so we can support our students better in the next steps in their educational journey. 



Year 10 and 11 students have been using classes preparing for their upcoming end of semester exams which are being held in Week 7. These assessments offer students a vital opportunity to develop important study and revision techniques, refine their time management strategies and to apply the knowledge they have developed across the semester. We wish all the Year 10 and 11 students good luck with their semester exams and trust that they will find them a valuable learning experience. 


Directors of Curriculum, 

Lachlan Mann & Matthew Donald 



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Late in Term 1 our Year 9 Aspire class took part in a City Experience Excursion, designed to immerse them in some of the many activities Melbourne has to offer, as well as provide an opportunity for students to reconnect and collaborate after an interrupted two years of schooling. This excursion proved popular and will hopefully become a yearly activity that our Year 9 class participates in. 

The Aspire Excursion – City Experience. 
Well, there’s nothing bad, so let’s get straight to the good stuff! 
The Aspire Excursion consisted of the entire Year 9 Aspire class going to the city for a super fun adventure style amazing race! 
After taking a train to the city, we took a tram and walked to a VR place- yes, it was amazing – 
and played a whole heap of games. These included walking off of a plank 200 feet in the air (which was a good level of terrifying), driving in car races and fighting each other in battle games. 
After that great experience, we headed down to an art centre (called ARTVO) where you could literally interact with the paintings and take photos with them! I think my favourite personally was the Marvel Iron Man suits. There were so many though, and everyone took so many pictures! 
Once everyone had finished taking pics, we got some lunch! Some went KFC, some went Subway… but all that matters is that I stole my friend’s food, and it was delicious. Seriously. It was good. 
At the end of the excursion, we headed back to the train station, and by the time the day was done, we had super fun pics under our belts, and the great memories with friends. 

Laura Harrison 9A 

Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP) 

At the end of Term 1 our VHAP students participated in a Masterclass at Yarra Ranges Tech School. This Masterclass involves students from local schools participating and collaborating together to investigate a chosen problem. We had 4 students complete the Maths Program which was built around coding, angles and puzzle solving. It was a hands-on program where students got to use and program their own robot to do a variety of tasks 

The Masterclass excursion to the Yarra Ranges Tech School was fun because we got to do coding with robots. We could control their movements, change their lights colours and make them make noises, and we had a race through a maze at the end to see who’s robot was the fastest. 

Scarlett Carpenter 8A 

In Term 2 we have 16 Year 7 students participating in the Maths and English programs. If you have any questions about the High Ability Program, or the Aspire program, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 


Kara Salmon 

Aspire Program Coordinator and High Ability Practice Leader 


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The Premier’s Reading Challenge has proven to be a very popular competition over the last few days with a massive 574 students registering to compete and 205 books already finished at the close of April. Notable mentions to Georgie Collyer, Hayden Dempster, Summer Tuppenney and Giselle Leonard who have read between them a total of 64 books (and counting) What an achievement! 

All competitors, please continue to push those personal goals and read, read, READ! 


Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2020 schools badge


The plans in introducing to our Independent Reading sessions – the group orientated reading program known as ‘Literature Circles’ has been postponed for the time being. This is for reasons out of our control, but teachers have been very diligent to jump on the front foot and prepare Year 7s for the program to run as soon as it can. This is likely to begin next term.  
In the meantime, students have created their own reading goals and have set themselves a challenge to either read more, consider a wider scope for their choices, or invest time in reading something outside of their comfort zone in IR classes this term. 
We want to celebrate this effort to achieve and hope it yields some great results.  
Below you can see a few novels selected for the Literature Circles program.  



Furthermore, Independent Reading will engage in some targeted ‘Digital Literacy’ Lessons over the next month to help prepare students for the online/social network world they are living in each and every minute of their lives. Source checking, digital footprints and research skills are just a few things students will learn about and gain greater awareness of.  


The QuickSmart (QS) team have been working with some 7s and 8s in very dynamic ways, where students are benefitting from the content and guidance to prepare them for reading, writing, and listening comprehension skills. The QS support have included a number of interactive additions to enhance the students’ experiences in the one or smaller group sessions. The image depicts a typical QS session with QS Coordinator Mrs Lopez. 
We also would like to thank those who have intentions to attend the Parent Info Night for students in the program.  



The annual Open Night was a huge success and many future students, and their parents attended to see what was on offer. Below are a number of stalls dedicated to the ‘Literacy’ and ‘Literacy Support’ area on the night.  


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Term 2 has been a busy and productive time in The Arts. Recently the College held its very successful Open Night.

Open Night was a huge success for the department, as curious parents explored the possibilities we offer potential students in the future and enjoyed participating in musical performances, ceramics, photography, painting and drawing. The Arts’ rooms looked fantastic! Our music department was also full of energy on the night with our talented Instrumental Music students showcasing their talents. The energy and colour were wonderful and we are very grateful for the contribution from all of our staff.  

In the classroom, students in visual arts subjects such as art ceramics, media, photography and VCD, are busy finishing off their final art pieces for the semester while students in our performing arts subjects, drama, music and dance are perfecting their end of semester performances.

We can’t wait to see how all of their work turns out.


The Arts Instagram page 
Our College Instagram page has recently been showing the amazing work our Year 11 Media students have completed. They were tasked with creating a series of film posters to represent an idea. The posters had to work as a standalone poster or as a trio. 

You can check out more of our students amazing work at 



Matthew Neil-Holland 

The Arts Key Learning Area Leader 


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As we move into term 2, there are already some amazing things to celebrate in Instrumental Music and the Performing Arts.  


We were very privileged to have a performance of the song ‘I Was Only 19’ at the Anzac day assembly, performed by the year 7 Choir students. It was very fitting for the message of the day and students saw a different side of the ANZAC message through the song. 

Instrumental Music 

Term 2 brings the biggest day of the instrumental calendar, the Winter Concert, which showcases the talent of the program to parents and friends of the program.  

This year we will be performing the concert live and on site for the first time since 2019, which is very exciting. There will be performances from all ensembles (percussion, guitar, keyboard, choir, woodwind and brass) as well as some solo performances from selected students.  

2022 College Production – We Will Rock You 

Production rehearsals have continued afterschool on Tuesday and Thursdays, with scenes and songs starting to take shape. Seeing junior students step up to lead roles is exciting and inspiring. 

Students are also looking forward to the inaugural production camp coming in July, where they will have the chance to workshop performance skills and build team relationship outside of school. 

Open Night 

Our performing arts students were happy to entertain the visitors on Open Night, with a selection of bands, vocalists and pianists volunteering their time to show the amazing work taking place at Mooroolbark College.  


Performing Arts Camp 

A reminder that all performing arts students are invited to the inaugural Performing Arts camp for 2022 – Wakakirri cast, We Will Rock You cast and all Instrumental students. The camp is based at YMCA in Mt Evelyn and will consist of team building and fun activities, as well as a dedicated, distraction free environment to rehearse, workshop skills and perform.  

Date: 18-20th June, 2022 

Location: Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp 

Cost: Approximately $300 


Jordan van Keulen 

Instrumental Music Coordinator  



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Welcome back to Languages in Term 2. If you are in Year 8 you can look forward to investigating topics such Food and School and celebrating your studies with an excursion to the city at the end of the term. We will be visiting one of our capital’s museums before attending a lunch at a German or Chinese Restaurant. If you are in Year 7 you can look forward to developing a deeper understanding of your chosen language and the excursion in Year 8! The Year 8 excursions are a reward for two years of Language study at Mooroolbark and a sample of what studies in Year 9 will be like if you choose to take German or Chinese as an elective. Of course, our Year 9 students are invited to come along to the excursions as well. 

Open Night: 

Open Night was held on the 2nd of May. Languages had a colourful display of student sample CATs, interactive activities for prospective students to test their skills with words and chopsticks. It was a great success and the evening went off without a hitch.  


We are indebted to four student helpers who volunteered their whole evening to be welcoming to students and parents; introducing them to the teachers and handing out the mandatory buttery waffles. The waffles are always a big hit not only on the night (covered as they are with a thick layer of faux-snow … okay, so it’s just icing sugar…), but also for the rest of the week, as it takes that long for that happy smell to dissipate from J-Block 

Assessment, Reporting & Awards: 

Reports are creeping closer. Please keep an eye on your CAT statuses. Please follow instructions in order to maximize your marks. If you have concerns, please contact your teacher in good time. We are happy to help where there is a need. 

The Education Perfect Certificates will also be presented at assemblies this term. Congratulations once again to our 41 winners. 


Languages Faculty 

Jiaqi Tan, Yi Jiang, Jordan van Keulen & Jonas Bahlo 



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Hello friends, 

We regularly tell our Mooroolbark College students that we care about them. Despite the importance of doing their best with school work, their overall wellbeing is of much more importance to us. We have had recent events within the College to emphasise this. 

Our Harmony Day school assembly had a strong focus on Mooroolbark College needing to be a caring community, especially for those of us who perhaps find life hard at times. This includes our indigenous, refugee background and LGBQIT+ students, but we need to remember that every single student who walks through our front gate could be fighting internal battles that we know nothing about. As Robin Willams said so clearly, “Be Kind Always”.  I would love that to be our college mantra that every student repeated silently as they walked through the school gate…. “Today I will be kind always”. 


In the last fortnight of Term1, every Year 7 student also participated in a wellbeing session with the other students from their house cluster (around 15 -20 students each time) to talk about how they have settled into school and then the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. It was emphasised to them the important role they each play in preventing bullying and ensuring all students feel safe at school. At our college we take a strong stand on bullying and in particular racist and homophobic language and put downs. We know that pain that those sort of comments cause and there is absolutely no place for them at our college. 


As I said at the start, we do care about every one of our students and their wellbeing. Your child’s mental health and wellbeing is our priority and we want to continue to provide quality welfare support to our students. If you have any concerns at all about your child then please contact your child’s coordinator or one of the wellbeing team below. We are available to parents via phone or text. Your child can also contact us directly by knocking on the door of our office. We are here to support you. 


John Nichol  

Well-Being Leader



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The main focus since our the last newsletter was open night and I want to thank all of the Technology staff for the outstanding effort that was made on the night. 

Food technology cooked biscuits and the laser cutter made ‘Mooroolbark College Rules’ all of which were given away to keen visitors. Many questions were answered about the range of subjects offered. Many wonderful comments were received with many surprised that Technology subjects were still being taught at school. 

This month also sees us farewell David Grey-Noble who has been a Technology teacher at Mooroolbark for 6 years. I would like to publicly thank David for his service to the College and wish him well in his new endeavours. 

Junior students are well into their 2nd production in hard technology, the first time in a few years due to COVID and the students are eagerly undertaking the task. Senior students are completing their designs in preparation for production activities later this term. Exciting times. 


Andrew Dingey

KLA Leader Technology




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Our first weeks of Term 3 have been busy with assignments and learning.  Year 10 and 11 Geography students completed preparatory work ahead of field trips to the Mornington Peninsula and Kinglake respectively. 

On Open Night, our E-block rooms were filled with displays of active learning.  Thanks to all staff and students who helped showcase our great activities. 

In E3, we had a colourful mix of commerce and history displays and assignments.  On display in E5 were assignments on Ancient Australia, Ancient Rome and Vikings.  

Also in E5, Year 7 students introduced visitors to an archaeology-themed activity.  Students presented a series of boxes containing artefacts from Ancient China.  The object was to use brushes and spatulas to carefully unearth the objects and then create a precise record of each discovery on quadrants.  Students and visitors then analysed what was discovered and made conclusions about the most likely time period and dynasty for each box of artefacts. 

In E6, Year 7 Geography students created Lego representations of the water cycle.  Displays included volcanoes, line drawings, maps, spatial analysis posters and the work of David Attenborough. 


Thanks to our enthusiastic Humanities staff and our student volunteers: Cassie Howland, Hayden Dempster, Hollie McInnes, Chloe Delacoe, Tegan Barber, Charlie Miller, Maddy Bond and Lily Russell. 


Chris Hanneberry 

Humanities Key Learning Head







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It has been a busy start to the year with sport, and health is our top priority as we head into the winter months.  

Athletics Carnival 

Nothing beats a chilly winters day and an Athletics Carnival to get hearts racing. From novelty events like ‘who can kick the longest’? to the standard track and field events – shot put, high jump, 100m sprints and relays. The question is, who will come out on top? Can Baan House do it again just like in 2021. Or will they be overtaken by Ngawan or Biik House. I guess we will have to wait and see!  

Again, It was a fantastic day full of house spirit and colour throughout and I would like to congratulate all students who participated in the athletic events or just came along for the day to support their friends.  

Year 7 Health  

Peer support continues this semester with our wonderful Year 10 Leaders assisting with transitioning the Year 7’s into a routine. Students have worked through lessons on making friends, bullying, where to seek help and how to assist a friend in need. Vital skills to learn once again after being remote for so long. Later this term students will begin to explore the difference between good versus poor health, a beginner’s guide to nutrition and body image.  

Year 8  

In Physical Education students have been exploring new and exciting games from around the globe and participating in sports that recognise those who live with a disability. Our Cultural and Disability unit enables students to immerse themselves into working with either a physical or psychological impairment, not only to develop empathy and understanding, but to further enhance their fine motor skills and use of their 5 senses. Below are some students from 8I who had their final lesson in their unit where they explored games such as Kubb (a Viking game), Finska and Quoits. Students had to set up their activity, read the instructions and begin playing with little help from the teacher. Well done Year 8’s! 

Year 10 and 11 Exams 

Beginning in Week 6 on Thursday 2nd June, are the Year 10 and 11 Exams for Unit 1 subjects and elective subjects. I would like to wish all students the best of luck in their studies. It is a valuable time to revise your work and seek extra assistance on revision and assessment questions, in the lead up to exams. If you need your teacher, please remember to reach out on Microsoft Teams or Email.  

Year 10 Health and Human Development  

Students have been exploring pre-requisites of health. Last week students looked at the importance of Peace and how it can impact on a country’s health and wellbeing, and on an individual level. Students were set a challenge to draw the Internal Day of Peace symbol by watching a YouTube tutorial video. I am in awe of their beautiful drawings! Well done Year 10 students, you showed great resilience, even those of you who weren’t confident drawers.  


Stephanie Todd 

Health & PE Key Learning Head


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Mooroolbark College is participating in the MOBILEMUSTER Schools Challenge. We are asking for you to recycle your old unwanted mobile phones and their accessories. We want to support the challenge because; 

By taking part in this challenge, we are 

  • Helping raise funds to protect critically endangered primates 
  • Win prizes for our school
  • Help the environment by avoiding future greenhouse gases, saving energy and conserving and reusing natural resources. 

Each of the participating zoos have generously donated a range of fantastic prizes including family passes, special animal encounters and online classes and experiences. 

That is not all the top three collecting schools in each state and territory will have a chance to win tech gift vouchers. 

Gold: $1000 gift voucher 

Silver: $750 gift voucher 

Bronze: $500 gift voucher 

Help us by finding the old and unused mobile phones and accessories in your home and drop them in our MOBILEMUSTER Collection Box located at Administration Block. 



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Cross country: 

On Tuesday 10th May, we held our annual cross country carnival at Lillydale Lake. It was fantastic to see everyone out there trying their best and finishing the 3km or 5km course in great times. Congratulations to the students who placed in the top 10 for their age group and will progress to division cross country on the 31st May. 


We held our annual house athletics carnival on the 17th May at Knox athletics track. The weather was amazing and participation in events was at an all time high. Well done to Yellow House for winning their 7th carnival in a row! The students who qualified will compete at division athletics during term 3, we wish them all the best. 


Ryan Exon

Interschool Sport Coordinator




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It has been a busy month for Darrang, with both the Cross Country and Athletics carnivals being held.  

Cross Country 

Cross Country was a very successful day for Darrang. The sun was shining, so it was a perfect day for a run around Lilydale Lake. And… I am proud to announce that we were the overall winners of the Cross Country carnival! Our Darrang students put in a stellar effort to score the most points in the following categories: Under 13 Girls & Boys, and Under 15 Girls & Boys. A big thank you goes to all of our students who attended, especially those from Years 9-12 who voluntarily signed up. It was also fantastic to see students cheering each other on at the finish line as well as encouraging each other around the track.  

Athletics Day 

Athletics was another great day for Green House. We had over 50 students participate in the relay events for double house points, as well as several students who competed in every running event. It was particularly impressive to see our Year 7 students getting involved in many of the field events and showing their enthusiasm by wearing green. A special mention also goes to our Year 12s who were very creative in their dress-ups. 

Semester 1 Due Dates 

As we approach the end of Semester 1, it is important that students are keeping up with due dates and assessments. If your child needs extra help or is struggling to meet their deadlines, please encourage them to talk to their Cluster Co-ordinator. The Green House team is pictured below. 


Sarah Garnaut 
Darrang House Leader 



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The first few weeks in Term 2 have been busy and eventful for the EAL team. On May 5th, Adam Lorkin, John Nichol, Yi Jiang and Alisa Hammersley joined Foundation House and Centre for Multicultural Youth in the Hope Centre at Heathmont College to celebrate the conclusion of the Refugee Education Support Program along with 6 other schools. We have been involved in this program since 2020 and have engaged in multiple sessions of professional learning and networking during the last two very challenging years. The celebration offered us an excellent opportunity to look back on things we have proudly achieved, as well as important lessons we have learned from this journey. Sharing stories with other primary and secondary schools in the area has also given us an insight into what our future cohort will look like and what the team should focus on to accommodate the quickly changing needs of our EAL and refugee students.  

The following week, we welcomed a group of Chin Church leaders to visit Mooroolbark College. These representatives were from Victoria Chin Baptist Church and Melbourne Immanuel Baptist Church, and came and shared great stories of working with Chin young people. Our previous and current Chin students also talked openly about their journey settling in a new country. 

EAL Homework Club has fantastic attendance, especially from our Senior students, and its great to see them modelling a good work ethic to their younger peers. Our EAL students are showing not only a great attendance at Homework Club but also beautiful participation on the Athletics Day. Many of them dressed up for the day, did multiple events, helped around, and worked incredibly hard to earn points for their Houses. 

Bawi Dong, Peter, and Esther from year 12 


B Chin Chin in Year 8, supporting Durang House.


Great to see Mary, Jade and Bella participating in athletics.


Yi Jiang

EAL Coordinator


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The SRC had yet another successful start to term 2, with several new faces joining the team! 
We started strong, making over $100 in profit from our Women’s Day stall where we sold bath bombs, shower steamers, and dried flowers provided by Yarra Valley Bath & Body, and cards made by our own SRC members!! 


Most recently we were able to run a stall at athletics day, selling an assortment of snacks and refreshments, including soft drink, chips, lollies and cookies and making $401.15 in sales! 

As for the rest of the term, we’re looking forward to choosing a cause that the students at Mooroolbark College are passionate about to support with our profits from the semester with a school-wide poll, as well as a lunchtime festival at the end of June. 
Emily Reid  

SRC President 


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Whispers around the library are that the new building is nearing completion, and hopefully by the time we get to write again for the next newsletter, we will have lots of news to share with you, as well as a brand new space to read in! But for now, the library is still open and welcoming to all staff and students – please come and see us and borrow something exciting to read.  

Don’t forget about the Premier’s Reading Challenge – if you complete the challenge, you will be able to earn house points. And, we do have a lot of great recommendations for you that can be included in your PRC tally.  

Recommendations for this month include:  

  • Young Dark Emu, by Bruce Pascoe 
  • Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories 
  • Tell me Why, by Archie Roach) 

If you have any overdue library books, please return them as soon as possible. You are able to renew your books if you want to keep reading them!  


Prue Bon 

Library Coordinator 




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The Mooroolbark College Parent’s Association (MCPA) will be cooking up a storm at Bunnings Croydon (268-288 Maroondah Hwy, Chirnside Park) on Saturday 4th June.  We would love some helpers on the day, even for just an hour or two, so please contact Sally Jackson at the College on 9727 8100 if you are able to help out.

Be sure to come on down and show your support by buying a snag or two!

All proceeds raised will be going towards upgrading our College facilities and in particular, our new Student Wellbeing Centre, due for completion in July.


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Term two has continued to be a very busy and productive one in the canteen. We have introduced our Winter Menu for Term 2 and 3 and you can have a look at it below. 


During the school holidays we had our new fryer installed and it is fantastic. It is so much more efficient and allows us to prepare our lunch orders quicker. In addition to Jaxon Andres completing work experience in the canteen, we have now been joined by Mitchell Steele and Jackson Alexander, both Year 12 students, who are helping with recess and lunchtime service on a Tuesday and Thursday. These students have helped us enormously as we get through the queues quickly and efficiently and are gaining valuable work experience in a busy and thriving school canteen.  

We also had new doors and windows installed over the school holiday period and our new coffee/service window should be completed shortly which will enable us to have an extra service area. We are continually looking at more efficient ways that we can offer service at the canteen. 

Thank you to the wonderful school community here at Mooroolbark College for your continued support of the canteen! 

The Canteen Team – Donna, Lynette and Mel 





Mooroolbark College Newsletter – May 2022