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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – September 2022

6th September 2022

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy reading about all the amazing things happening around our College.

Upcoming Events


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Year 7 English 

Year 7 English has just finished their study of Things a Map Won’t Show You. The last story we studied was The year King by Michael Pryor which is a fantasy story. As a creative task Ms. Farrell’s 7E created their own fantasy characters and then brought them to life at t-roll people. 


Year 11 Literature – Exploring Gothic Literature.  

As part of students’ final assessment for this unit, they were tasked with creating a folio of creative and analytical tasks that explored the genre of Gothic Literature. Students created dating profiles of key characters, developed guides on how to be a hero and constructed rewrites of sections of the text for modern readers. Here is a selection of the excellent work our students have created. 


Dating profile of Dorian Grey – Carla Hunaidi 













Modern rewrite of Dracula – Amy Oliver 


Dr Jekyll’s hero guide – Tara Barnewall 


Dr. Jekyll’s Easy Guide on How to be a Hero 

  1. Maintain a good reputation amongst the community. Remember not to go for walks late at night, and if you do, avoid trampling young children or beating important members of society, such as M.P’s, to death.
  2. Support charities and maintain a social presence. Frequent donations and invitations to small parties of friends to dinner are encouraged. Remember that long periods of seclusion with no explanation causes great concern amongst friends and colleagues.
  3. Keep silent about issues that may damage your reputation or the reputation of your friends, colleagues, and associates, and change the subject should conversation turn to undesirable topics. If you believe you have committed an act that could tarnish the reputation of your or your friends and colleagues, and it was witnessed by others, monetary checks of great value are proficient at keeping others quiet.
  4. Do not, by any means, attempt to separate the two aspects of man. The attempts will only end in death or possibly worse.


*Note: If rule 4 is breached without causing immediate death, and the elements of man are successfully separated, allowing the unjust and primitive aspect to develop its own separate person and identity, do not repeat the experience and continue switching between the remorseful and upright identity, and the unjust and primitive identity 

**Note: If rule 4 is breached multiple times and the unjust and primitive identity surfaces more and more, make sure your affairs are in order and isolate yourself in preparation for the unjust and primitive identity to fully take over and destroy the remorseful and upright identity completely 



Book – Hamnet – A rich and exploration of William Shakespeare’s early life, the wild woman he fell in love with, and her unearthly connection to the natural world. Enchanting and life affirming, perfect for a crisp Spring read! – Ms. Farrell 


TV Show – A League of Their Own – Based on the true story (and film of the same name from 1992) about the formation of a World War II-era women’s professional baseball league. An interesting and endearing look at the race and gender divisions that existed at the time. – Mrs. Broekmann 


Amy Broekmann

English Key Learning Head


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This term our Year 7 and 8 Aspire classes headed to the Zoo for an enrichment excursion.  It was fabulous to see the students excited about an excursion and ready for a day of fun and learning with their peers. They completed the Animal Classification and Adaptations program. Here’s what Elise from 7A had to say about the day: 

“On Monday, 29th of August, the Year 7 and 8 Aspire classes had the opportunity to spend the day observing different and interesting animals at Melbourne Zoo. We got to go on different tracks with our friends, and while looking at all of the animals we wrote in a handout we received in class. This sheet was all about the adaptations different animals have and why. My highlight of the day was looking at the sea animals and taking lots of pictures with my friends- we saw seals and so many different species of fish that we got to learn about and of course observe the structural and behavioural adaptations they have. On the day we also had a special class with one of the zoo keepers, and we learnt all about lions and bears, and so many more animals, some of which I had never heard of before! Overall, I loved the experience and I can’t wait to keep researching these animals for CAT 2 in Science, which is all about the animals at the zoo, as well as the ones in my own backyard.” – Elise 7A 

A reminder that if you are joining Mooroolbark College as a Year 7 in 2023 applications are still being accepted for our Aspire Testing Day on Saturday 8th October. Details about the program, the testing day and application information can all be found on the College website or you can email any questions to  


Kara Salmon 

Aspire Coordinator and High Ability Practice Leader 


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We are STEAMing ahead at Mooroolbark College with bringing in many new STEM/STEAM initiatives for students.  

In a most recent STEM experience students from Year 9 Innovate Science took part in a STEM challenge where they designed a Shake table and Tower to test the integrity of the structure. Students tested the strength by using a Seismometer app that monitored the intensity of the shaking. Some of the excellent submissions are showcased below. 




We also ran a half day VR Interactive Experience on 12th September where students undertook a First Aid course in VR. 


Tooba Awais 

STEAM Leader


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Term 3 has been a very busy in Science with National Science Week taking place 13th-21st of August. We had a week full of lunchtime activities all around the theme of glass! Students had the opportunity to create sun catchers, kaleidoscopes and complete a range of experiments looking at the properties of glass.  

In Science classes our Year 7’s have been exploring classification, looking at how different organisms interact and the key features that we use to distinguish them from each other. They have looked at both behavioural and structural adaptations, and even spending time making observations outside looking at the behaviour of different animals. 


Our Year 8 students have been exploring energy and how it can be transferred from one system to another. Here our Year 8’s are using analogies for conduction, convection and radiation. 

Our Year 9 students finished learning all about electricity this term and have begun looking at ecosystems. They are completing a range of experiments including investigating what effects seed growth. 


Tristan Dunkley 

Science Key Learning Head


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As we approach the end of Term 3 – already! Goodness, how the year has raced ahead! It has been a pleasure to see our language learners make such progress this year, which students notice themselves. Nowhere is this more obvious than with our Oral assessments, when students realise they can maintain an exchange wholly in a foreign language for 1-2 minutes in Year 7 and 2-3 minutes in Year 8. These aren’t memorised scripts, but dynamic, interactive exchanges where the student has to react and respond to a variety of questions on the topics of Pets (Year 7) and School (Year 8). Congratulations indeed! 

Excursion Report 2022: 

On the 19th of July we finally ran our long postponed Cultural Excursion: The last one was back in 2019 and so this was the College’s biggest school excursion for three years! After much planning and replanning, and despite a cold morning with the promise of rain, some 150 members of the College, consisting mostly of our Year 8 German & Chinese students headed off to Mooroolbark Train station for their trip to the city. 

It was quite an adventure travelling together, looking smart in full uniform, being with friends and excited about experiencing the city with not just its sights and sounds, but also foreign tastes and experiences. The two language groups separated at Flinders Street with the German students visiting the Immigration Museum for the first time ever, in order to explore Australia’s rich history on display there. The museum explains how this country has been shaped by the many and varied waves of immigrants that these shores have welcomed. Most students were able to find something they could relate to, based on their own family histories, which is, after all, the whole idea of the exhibit. It was fun, if a bit rushed, but students were getting hungry! 

At the Hofbräuhaus, the well-known German Restaurant (even if it is located in China Town!), students were treated to Apfelschorle (Sparkling apple drink), Brezel mit Butter, Schnitzel mit Soße, Sauerkraut und Pommes Frites. Dessert was a big slab of Zimt-Apfelstrudel mit Eis und Pflaumenkompott. It was delicious! 

Our Chinese students spent an hour visiting Chinese museum and explored the history of Chinese settlement during the Gold Rush. We experienced the sensation of a simulated swaying 1850s ship. Our students were fascinated to learn about the world’s biggest Chinese dragon and they even got to see Chinese textiles, costumes, furniture and a life-size Terracotta warrior. We also learnt about the history of Qin and Han Dynasties, viewing a range of artefacts including a Jade Burial Suit and an ancient seismograph which was invented by Chinese scientist Zhang Heng in the Eastern Han period 132 AD. Then we visited the very popular Chinese restaurant called ‘Shanghai Village’ for lunch. Whilst there, we tasted dumplings, fried rice, steam pork buns and a lot more. It was a really exciting and informative day for our Year 8 students. 


The faculty extends its thanks to the staff who assisted on the day: Mr Lorkin, Mr Parr, Ms Awi, Ms Swain and Ms Bailey (who jumped in last minute to replace Hr van Keulen), as well as our accompanying pre-service teachers Ms Al Raeesi. and Ms Sargent  Finally, we must also thank the office staff who helped organise the event.  

Assessment, Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews: 

Staff are currently writing Interim Reports. These will be available to parents prior to Parent Teacher Interviews held later this Term. Please continue to monitor your CAT status and feel free to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns. 


Jiaqi Tan, Yi Jiang, Jordan van Keulen & Jonas Bahlo

Your Languages Faculty


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We are coming up to the final weeks of senior school classes, especially with the Year 12 students. Preparations for the Year 12 celebrations are underway, as well as planning for the Class of 2023. 

Elevate Education session 

Elevate Education came for their final session “Ace you exams” on Tuesday 6th September. This was held for all Year 12 students, as well as our students in year 11 doing an accelerated subject. We hope the students found the session helpful and came away with some exam tips. 


The GAT was held on Wednesday 7th September by all students sitting a Year 12 subject, or scored VET. We were fortunate to have the well-being team put on a BBQ lunch in between the two sessions. Another item ticked off the Year 12 count down list! 

VTAC applications 

VTAC applications close the 29th September. The Pathways Advisors have been busy meeting with their Year 12 students in preparation for each student’s pathway from secondary schooling into further study or full time work. A number of drop-in sessions have been held with Mrs. Jenny Roache and Mrs. Dannielle Keogh to help the students through this process. 

End of year examination details 

End of year exam timetables were handed out to all students along with information about the GAT. This timetable is an important document that should be kept in a safe place leading up to their final exams as it has start and finish times, as well as specific dates they need to be at school. 


The Year 11 VCAL classes have been busy looking at the community and homelessness and have put together a number of projects that will help the disadvantaged, working together with Uniting. We look forward to seeing the end products. 


Jennifer Roache

Pathway Leader and VET


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Student Wellbeing and Learning Centre 

Darrang and Baan Houses have moved into the new Student Wellbeing and Learning Centre – the new ‘heart of the school’. It has been exciting to see students using the space as a social area at lunchtimes and for quiet study with tutors during classes. It is also the new home of our Breakfast Club, which runs from Wednesday-Friday mornings at 8am. 

House Captains’ Message – Kindness  

The Darrang Senior Captains spoke at our recent General Assembly about the importance of being kind to one another. They shared memories of times when people had shown them kindness and compassion during their time at Mooroolbark College – for Steph, it was a new friend including her on the first day of Year 7, and TC shared a memory from a school excursion in Year 8. It was amazing to hear that these, seemingly small, acts of kindness had such a big impact on our school leaders after so many years. Their challenge to all members of our school community is to show kindness to others on a daily basis. 

Uniform Reminders 

As we approach the school holidays, this is a good opportunity to check that your child has the uniform items that they need for the remainder of the year, including black, polishable school shoes and plain white socks. If a situation arises where your child will be out of uniform, it is important that they bring a note from a parent/guardian to their Home Group Teacher or Cluster Co-ordinator to receive a uniform pass. More detailed information about uniform items can be found on the College website. Please contact your child’s Cluster Co-ordinator if there is a difficulty in obtaining uniform items – we are happy to help.  

On behalf of all four Houses, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday break. We are looking forward to an exciting Term 4. 


Sarah Garnaut 
Darrang House Leader 


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Our classes have been busy with lots of great activities over recent weeks.  Here are a few examples: 

  • Year 8 History students created marvellous posters explaining how Vikings used resources.   
  • Year 7 Geography classes completed map and line drawings and are now investigating issues of water scarcity from countries such as Chad, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Mexico. 
  • Year 8 Geography students are researching rainforests from around the world and will present their findings in PowerPoint. 
  • Year 9 Sustainable World students completed impressive assignments on a chosen biome.  This was in addition to analysis and photo annotations relating to chosen local areas of remnant bushland.
  • Year 11 Geography students completed research on a local tourism attraction.  The class is currently studying tourism in Italy. 

We have seen a huge amount of collaboration, discussion, fun activities and individual learning tasks. 


Chris Hanneberry 

Humanities KLA Leader 


Local Biome – Annotated Photo, Year 9 Sustainable World: Siana Faber-Holland, Finn, Thomson-Lock 


Local Biome – Annotated Photo, Year 9 Sustainable World: Matthew Nimbs 


Map task, Year 7 Geography: Joseph Thawng Ceu Hmung, Ram Lian (Lucky) Thang, Joel Khil Teng, Messi Lal Ram Lian 


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What a jam-packed Term 3 it has been. With 2 weeks to go it is a timely reminder to sit back and reflect on all the wonderful achievements and adventures our students have been completing in Health and Physical Education. I am so proud of all our students who have been involved in Athletics, Interschool Sports, Lunch Time Activities, Excursions, Incursions and so much more! Check out below some of the incredible ventures our students have been on over the last few weeks. 


Year 7 Netball STATE FINAL 

Mooroolbark College is so proud of our Year 7 Girls Netball team who today competed in the School Sport Victoria State Finals. The girls played with passion, good sportsmanship and teamwork all day, winning 2 of their 3 Pool rounds. They progressed to the Semi Finals stage – placing them in the top four teams in the State! Well done girls and thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came along to support today. 


Division Athletics 

A great day out at Division Athletics. Congratulations to all students who made it through to the 2nd round of school Athletics. A special mention to Heath Johanson for winning his age group championship. Some great efforts all around and excellent sportsmanship! It was a great day had by all. 


Year 9 Gymnastics

Year 9 Physical Education – Move over SEPEP Handball…. Hello Gymnastics! 

Our Year 9 students have just commenced their Gymnastics unit in PE. Check out these awesome group balances students were able to put together. Team work…communication, and a little bit of balance goes a long way. 


Year 9 Advance Duke of Edinburgh 

The Advance Duke of Edinburgh class completed Ninja warrior training at the Ninja Parc putting their physical capabilities to the test and breaking through their comfort zones as they faced a series of obstacles, thanks for having us Ninja Park Bayswater.  


Year 10 Talented Sports  

The Talented Sport Program visited the Victorian Institute of Sport and learned about nutrition at an elite performance level. Students got an insight towards the benefits of fueling before, during and after competition. Students will take this knowledge away and apply it to their own sporting endeavours.  


Year 12 VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies 

Year 12 OES sustainable living camp at Falls Creek/Bogong Outdoor Ed School, saw our kids learn how to cross country and downhill ski, whilst learning how to live sustainably. A big thankyou to Biik House and Ngawan House leaders Allie-Grey Smith and Matthew Bell for running an incredible camp and taking students on an experience they won’t forget.   


Year 12 VCE Physical Education  

 On the 10th and 11th of August Year 12 Physical Education completed their Training Camp. This camp allowed the students to experience a Flexibility, Fartlek, Resistance, and Intermediate Interval training session over the two days and reflect on how intensity, work and rest periods and muscle contraction/movements are manipulated to target various Fitness Components. In addition, a select few students had the opportunity to experience some elite laboratory testing including a VO2max test and blood lactate analysis. The students and staff had a great time and showcased the college value of resilience by pushing through each of the challenging sessions.  


Stephanie Todd

Health & Physical Education Key Learning Head


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The SRC has had a busy term preparing for Body Kindness Month.  We have been working closely with students Belle Gavin, Natasha Rowe and Zoe Jackson, preparing for Mullets for Mental Health all year, and the big month has finally arrived.  Students have been busy interviewing staff and students, preparing videos and posters and raising awareness for this important cause, as well as locking in the reluctant, but ever positive Tyrone Ingham to take the big chop for the cause.  Students and staff alike are looking forward to their Assembly on Thursday the 8th, and the big Mullet cut in the new Southern Quad at lunch.  Please dig deep and donate to this worthy cause and show your support for Mooroolbark’s community. 

The SRC has also run a very successful Celebration Stall last Friday, further raising money to support men’s mental health.  Just in time for Father’s Day, students were encouraged to decorate a mug and fill it with goodies, to give to a special friend, brother, Dad, Grandpa, cousin or uncle.  As part of Body Kindness month, Mooroolbark is dedicated to showing gratitude to those we love and appreciate.  The stall was a great success and sold out very quickly.  We look forward to further initiatives next year (and buying more supplies!) 

The action isn’t over for the term yet, with Footy Colours day fast approaching.  Students and Staff alike are gearing up for a competitive day of ‘team sledging’, as the first Footy themed Free Dress Day in years approaches!  The SRC will also be running a Sausage Sizzle at lunch to embrace the spirit, celebrate the end of term, and raise further funds for the Black Dog Institute. 
All these fun activities and opportunities to celebrate school spirit wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the many SRC members.  As we look to next year, and building our new executive panel, we encourage interested students to attend our weekly Tuesday Meetings, and message President Emily Reid, or Liason Rachel Farrell for more information. 
Lets’ finish this term strong! 


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The second half of Term 3 has been such an amazing time in The Arts. Our Year 12 students are very close to completing their final artworks in Art and Studio Arts, our Media students have just completed their final productions consisting of short films, magazines, photography and a graphic novel, whilst our Year 12 Music students are busy preparing for their performance SAC and exam, which are fast approaching. We can’t wait for the Mooroolbark College Film Festival and ‘Rise’: the Arts showcase, both coming up in Term 4 to show-off this amazing work. 


We Will Rock You 

This year’s College production of ‘We Will Rock You’ was a huge success! It was such an amazing experience and a fantastic musical on stage. The performances were amazing. All of the students and staff involved should be very proud of their work.  




We are super excited to announce that our 2022 Wakakirri Dance Squad have been selected to perform at The Wakakirri Awards night next Wednesday. This national event is such a fantastic achievement for such an amazingly talented, hardworking and driven group of students. The squad also received 2 National Festival Award nominations (National Festival Story Award and National Excellence in Performing Arts Award). 

For their performance first performance, the squad received the following awards: 

Performance and Production awards:  

– Excellent ensemble 

– Excellent polished performance 

– Excellent group dance 

– Amazing visual effects 

– Excellent soundtrack mix 

Off Stage awards:  

– Best Public Speaking 

– Best Teamwork Award 

– Spirit of Wakakirri award 


The Arts Instagram Work 

This month’s Instagram Collage showcases the amazing work produced by our students in Visual Arts. Well done everyone. You can check out more of our students amazing work at? 


We would also like to welcome Christopher Schurmann to the College as an Instrumental Music guitar teacher. We can’t wait to see the amazing work you do with our enthusiastic guitar students. 


Matthew Neil-Holland 

The Arts KLA Leader


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Recently the College celebrated Wear it Purple Day. The day is all about celebrating LGBTIQ+ youth being who they are whilst celebrating diversity and inclusion as a community. As a College, we celebrated the day with a Rainbow Picnic, flag raising ceremony at Yarra Ranges Council offices, purple canteen goodies, flag signing and a reading of My Shadow is Purple by Scott Stuart.

 Matthew Neil-Holland and Dannielle Keogh 

Respectful Relationships – Rainbow Club Coordinators 


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As you know, one of our four core values is COMPASSION and we want all our students to develop into caring and compassionate people who seek to look after others. Over the course of last week we had presentations in homegroup around RUOK day that were designed to upskill and encourage students to be better listeners and supports to their friends. We also emphasized the importance of kindness towards all. It is important to us that all of our students feel cared for and valued by our college. And of course everyday should be RUOK Day…. And we reminded students of that too.  


And as always, we want to remind you, that your child’s mental health is our priority and we want to continue to provide quality welfare support to our students, even during remote learning. If you have any concerns at all about your child then please contact your child’s coordinator or myself so we can discuss appropriate wellbeing support. We are available to parents via phone or text. Your child can also contact us directly by knocking on the door of our office. We are here to support you.


John Nichol

Well-Being Leader




24 Hour Emergency 
Police/Fire/Ambulance    24 hours/7 days  000 
Kids Helpline  Counselling service for people aged between 5 and 25  24 hours/7 days  1800 551 800 

(email, web chat) 

Lifeline  Crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services  24 hours/7 days  13 11 14 
Beyond Blue  Information and support for all ages to promote optimal mental health.  24 hours/7 days  1300 224 636 

(Chat online or email) 

1800 RESPECT  24 hour counselling line for anyone who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  24 hours/7 days  1800 737 732 


E headspace  Provide mental health support for young people aged 12–25  Phone:  

10pm – 1am  

Online counselling: 1pm – 1am 

1800 650 890 



Inspiro  Free youth, teen, young adult and family     counselling 9738 8801

or visit   
for more information 

Parent line Support for Parents and carers with children from birth to 18 years 8am–midnight/7 days 13 22 89
EDVOS  Family violence service in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

Sat 9am-5pm (phone or email)

03 9259 4200





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The benefits of reading have always been positive, and are well documented. In addition to increasing your vocabulary and developing your literacy, there are also many health benefits, including developing empathy and understanding.  

In the period after World War I, nurses and doctors started to appreciate the calming and restorative powers of reading for soldiers that were suffering from the trauma of the battlefields, and the first Biblio-therapists were created.  

Mental health and well-being is important to us here at Mooroolbark College, and while the school community celebrates body kindness month, we’d like to invite you to drop into the Library to see what resources we have available for you. Our “Wellbeing Wall” is available for perusal all year round, and includes many fiction and non-fiction texts that provide information about meditation, mental health, managing stress and anxiety and study tips.  

We’ve put some more texts on body positivity, consent and kindness on display this month – you’ll see them as soon as you walk into the Library, as they’re at the front door. There is also some details about help-lines that you can utilise if you need to speak to someone, including cards with these numbers that you can take home.  

August was a pretty busy month in the library as well, with ‘Wear it Purple Day’, and Book Week. We have many of the titles that won awards in the CBCA Book Week Awards, and we’d highly recommend the winning novel for the Young Adult Reader award – “Tiger Daughter”, by Rebecca Lim. This book was so great that we read it in one evening! It’s the story of a young girl who is dealing with the pressures of her family, trying to help support her best friend who is struggling after the death of his mum, and trying to get a scholarship to a new school.  

‘Wear it Purple Day’ also saw some new texts on display, as well as some novels that have been on the shelves for a while. All the books that we had on display are considered #ownvoices texts – this means that the authors have personal experience of what they are writing about, and this is especially important for our LGBTQ+ community of readers. We also have a number of other #ownvoices novels on the shelf – and you know how much we love to give recommendations!  

New to the Library this month is “Heartstopper” – a graphic novel about two young boys navigating the world and friendships. You may be familiar with the Netflix version of this story, but you’ll have to be quick as this book is so popular, it’s barely had time to get used to it’s space in the library! Luckily, we also have a new display with other titles that you might be interested in reading while you wait for “Heartstopper”! 



Prue Bon 

Library Coordinator 




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Term 3 has continued to be a very productive one for the canteen as we continue to see improvement in our facilities with our new oven being delivered and installed. This allows us to do more cooking onsite and contribute to many of our clubs that are run throughout the school. We are excited to be able to become even more involved in school community activities. We are also getting the finishing touches on our coffee/lunch order window and hope to see this operational very soon. 

The canteen recently celebrated “Wear it Purple Day” on Friday, 26 August. This is a day where we celebrate the spirit of our LGBTQIA+ youth and send a message of support to our rainbow school community. We had balloons and purple cupcakes, jelly, donuts and other goodies available at the canteen. It was an amazing day and the reactions of all students who entered the canteen was one of excitement and we are proud of our school community for embracing such an important day with both respect and compassion – key elements of our school’s values! 

We now have three additional students helping in the canteen, Jack, Leonardo and Campbell. Jack and Leonardo (both Year 11) are helping with busy lunchtime service and Campbell (Year 9) is helping with the morning coffee rush and training to be a barista! We are thrilled to be able to offer our students hospitality experience in a busy and thriving school canteen and are also extremely thankful of the extra help to ensure a shorter wait time at the canteen. 

We thank our school community for their understanding and patience when we needed to alter our canteen menu and restrict lunch orders due to resource shortages.  

Mooroolbark College Newsletter – September 2022