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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – April 2023

4th April 2023

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy reading about all the amazing things happening around our College.

Upcoming Events


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Mooroolbark College is a vibrant and dynamic community which never ceases to amaze me, constantly demonstrating our college values of compassion, endeavour, respect, and resilience within their daily lives and this term is no surprise. As the term comes to an end it is time to reflect on how incredibly busy and satisfying term has been, full of engaging learning experiences, along with many special events.

It was great to see so many students and their families attend our annual Year 7 Transition BBQ, getting to know Ms Abbie Hansen and the team of ‘Ready to Learn Mentors’, along with the House Leaders, Student Representative Council Leaders and investigating the lunchtime Clubs that are available. I would like to also thank the Mooroolbark College Parents Association for their support with the catering, making the evening a huge success.

It was warming to see such enthusiasm from our Class of 2022 who returned for a reunion afternoon tea, catching up with staff and students, sharing their journeys so far and reminiscing on their time at the College. I would like to thank Mrs Michelle Colette and her team for putting on this event and we wish the Class of 2022 all the best in their future endeavours,

The Swimming Carnival was again another fantastic event, thanks for Ryan Exon and his team, giving our students the opportunity to come together in their Houses – Baan, Darrang, Biik and Ngawan, competing for valuable house points and further building connections to the students within their house. A fabulous effort to Ngawan House who came out on top as the overall winner. Congratulations Ngawan! I look forward to seeing the Houses come together again in their house colours for the Cross Country on Monday 8th May and the Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 24th May.

Again, it is fantastic to see Year 9 Artech students visit the Yarra Ranges Tech School to participate in the ‘tech taster’ sessions. During these sessions students experimented with different materials and processes to build and heat a small house. We are privileged to be involved with Yarra Ranges Tech School where our students work together with industry, community and tertiary sector to design and develop innovative solutions to further enhance their learning experiences.

It was lovely to hear all the stories from our Year 7 students back from Forest Edge CYC. It was a wonderful 3 days for students to form relationships and connections with their teachers and peers whilst also focusing on our College values and Year 7 theme of ‘Resilience.’ Our Year 7’s were definitely challenged, developing their creative and critical thinking skills, allowing for opportunities to collaborate and develop teamwork within their peer groups. This would not be possible without the commitment and time given by of Ms Abbie Hansen and her team.

Term 1 has seen student progress reports published to students and parents/carers to assist in a clear understanding of student progress in relation to their learning as well as areas for improvement. This enables students and parents/carers to identify progress in relation to both individual subjects as well as learning behaviours. These reports coincide with parent teacher conferences which were again another positive learning interaction, providing another excellent opportunity for parents/careers and students detailed feedback in relation to their progress and further strategies for improvement in their academic journey.

Time to celebrate, Mooroolbark College was invited to showcase to the Outer East Principals Network and North Eastern Victoria Region Leaders our work within the Numeracy area of the curriculum. For the last 12 months we have been working with Rolling Hills Primary School in area of action research in Numeracy, focussing on Foundation to Year 12, reflecting on school achievement data and best practice to streamline our students’ learning outcomes as they make their transition through school. We received fantastic feedback and have been asked if we could share our findings in the future. I would again like to congratulate the Numeracy Implementation Team.

Proudly we have been working with Deakin University and hosting pre-service teachers for many years, with Health and PE pre-service teachers are here this term. We recently hosted Deakin University Mentor workshop with our mentor staff and the Deakin team. The focus of this session was to continue to reflect and enhance the program for both mentors and mentees and their professional growth. This was a very powerful session and I would like to thank the Mooroolbark Staff who attended this representing us and gaining fabulous feedback from Deakin University.

I would like to thank Mr Matthew Coghlan and his team for coordinating the 2023 NAPLAN testing in Literacy and Numeracy and congratulate students from Years 7 and 9 for exhibiting the College value of Endeavour in successfully completing NAPLAN testing so early in the academic year. While students and families won’t receive the results from this National Test until late July, the College utilises previous NAPLAN data to reflect and make teaching and learning decisions on how best target the learning needs of our students in years 7 to 10. Various ways we reflect on NAPLAN data to further improve our teaching and learning programs are to;
      – look at learning growth from grade 5 to year 9 and review strategies in place to increase student learning.
      – compare our student data against students across the state and country.
      – ensure our guaranteed and viable curriculum reflects the needs of our students.
      – target individual students who require learning extension and support

We look forward to receiving this year’s results to further review and reflect on how our students have grown in their learning journey and plan for their future learning.

Over the term Ms Abbie Hansen has given Year 6 students from Bimbadeen Heights Primary School, Ruskin Park Primary School, and Manchester Primary School a snapshot of life at Mooroolbark College. Student have taken part in several transition activities ranging from art lessons to science inquiry tasks. In their Art lesson students created some fantastic watercolour cat artworks. We can’t wait to see these students continue their artistic endeavours at the College in the years to come.

It is great to see another year of the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge getting underway with ‘Wild about reading’ as the theme for this year. I look forward to seeing as many Year 7 – 10 student reading 15 books or more of the challenge. There are many prizes up for grabs, along with a hot chip lunch in the library for all of those who met this challenge! If you missed registering, please see Mr Tyrone Ingham or any of the Literacy LORE team. The challenge runs from the 1st of March to the 8th of September giving students 173 days to read, read, read!

Friday the 24th of March saw Year 11 students participate in Mooroolbark College’s 60th Debutante Ball. I would like to congratulate the Debutantes and their partners for continuing to live the College values, successfully reaching this special moment, navigating dance rehearsal, fittings, organising family and friends to celebrate this evening with them and furthermore forging new friendships. It was fabulous to see the Debutantes present their newly acquired dance skills to our special guests for the evening, Ms Jade Hubben and Mr Andrew Nyhuis. I would like to acknowledge and thank the College’s Debutante Ball coordinators Ms Jodi Mathieson and Mr James Taylor. Both Jodi and James have worked tirelessly to make this evening special for every student here. They have shown patience, understanding and commitment. The hours of work these staff members have put into the organisation of the Debutante Ball program is exceptional. I would like to recognise the contribution to the event during the day by Di Bouwhuis from the Mooroolbark College Parent Association who was working behind the scenes sewing up dresses, settling nerves and just being a calming influence, thank you again to Di. Last but by no means least I would like to thank Mrs Julie Medlin, our College Council President for representing the College Council and Parent Community again attending the evening further showing her support for our students.

It was fantastic to see our Harmony Day assembly with so many presenters and performers taking part in celebrating Australia’s multiculturalism and the successful integration as a community. It created an opportunity for our college community to think about inclusiveness, respect and belonging regardless of belief, cultural or linguistic background. Students were encouraged to keep working hard and continuing to aim for excellence as Baan house showed by leading the House Cup. It is a privilege to be part of Mooroolbark College and should be celebrated.

We welcome Mrs Ann Stratford College Principal back from long service leave and thank the College community for their ongoing support during this time, we look forward to hearing some amazing stories from her journey afar.

I would also like to wish our students and their families a restful and fun filled Easter holiday break and hope our college staff have some lovely time with their families too.


Rachael Williams



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Year 8 

Year 8 English students have just completed a unit on Microfiction where they experimented with telling stories in as few words as possible. The students found that punctuation becomes incredibly important when trying to create a big impact with only a few words and that every word must be chosen carefully. 

Here are some examples of the great work that was submitted: 

Goodbye by Tahlia Brown 

He grabbed his army hat. She wailed watching him leave. 

Half Full, Half Empty by Bethany Seymour 

I stare at the glass. Half full. Half empty. It’s funny, isn’t it? How it can be both. How just like this glass, life can be both. A happy moment of laughter and smiles, a safe space for your head. Or a grey day, where nothing’s going right, and every bad thought drags you down. The middle of the glass, where the water stops, where the balance is met. Where the empty meets the full. Where the good greets the bad. A perfect line where they shake hands. A still sliver that separates them. This clear liquid. A feeling. A thought. A glass of water. It catches the light like a joyful smile and casts a shadow like a lingering bad memory. 

Oh, how funny it is that the water’s so clear and life is far from it. How it’s so much more colourful. How it’s packed full of emotion and experience. How it’s tears falling down, and laughs being shared. Life is confusing. Water is simple. But water reflects. Maybe that’s why it’s related to life so much. The water’s clear but it echoes back a much blurrier picture. Maybe even a scarier thing. But life isn’t clear. Sad. Happy. Half empty. Half full. 

Missing by Giselle Leonard 

The night was cloudy. Mist hung low over the landscape. The trees creaked and groaned, an eerie song. The window was open, and the bed was empty. 


Year 10 English 

Our Year 10 English students have just completed their first unit which was a film study of Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross. Within this unit students have learnt to analyse the characters, themes and views and values of the director together with the carious film techniques and elements of symbolism present within the film. In preparation for their CAT which was an analytical text response essay, students undertook some timed writing activities, they engaged in an essay structure organising challenge and they practiced brainstorming different essay prompts. Well done to all of our Year 10s! 

Year 10 Literature 

In Year 10 Literature, students have begun work on the classic play ‘Antigone’ by Sophocles. As an introduction to the text, students examined the ‘crime scene’ and made inferences and deductions about the plot, characters and themes. The lesson was a huge hit and, as expected, students left with more questions than answers … a great way to begin a unit. 


Amy Broekmann



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It has been a busy term in Maths! Our Year 7 and 8 classes have completed their On-Demand Mid Tests on Number and Algebra, allowing students to see the growth they have made in their knowledge this term. Our Year 7 and 8 students have also been diligently completing their weekly homework, setting up productive work habits for the future. 

Year 9 classes have been busy working on their Index Laws and further developing their Algebra skills – simplifying, expanding and factorising expressions. Our Year 10 students have completed their first CAT, a test on Algebra and Linear Graphs. 

A reminder that there is help available at Club 3/4 for students that would benefit from extra assistance. Senior (Year 11 – 12) Club 34 runs in the Study Centre on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, with Year 7-10 students attending in the Wellbeing Centre. 

Spotlight on Year 8 Maths 

This term our Year 8 students have been busy developing their number skills. They have worked on using positive and negative numbers, percentages and their use in financial calculations and more recently ratios and rates. 

During their recent lesson on rates, students were tasked with the challenge of recording how many basketball shots they could make per minute and calculating the rolling speed of an item from their pencil case. Students showed excellent resilience and teamwork whilst working together to collect data and solve problems. 

Let’s hear from our Year 8 students! 

 What has been one of your favourite activities in Maths this term? 

“I enjoyed the group basketball game where it was sort of like a trivia and each person could shoot for points.” – Syeda 

When we bought things and then sold them for a profit to our class.” – Hollie 

“When we had to answer questions to put a domino up and it was really funny because the dominos kept falling down.” – Kiara 

I have enjoyed working in groups, when doing work.” – Jordyn 


What topics have you felt most confident with this term? 

What is your goal for the remainder of the semester? 

“To try and practice the working out for all the topics we’ve learnt so that I don’t forget how to do them.” – Milly 

“To work on finding the percentage of a number.” – Thomas 

“To remember how to convert percentages, decimals and fractions.” – Syeda 

To ask for help when I need it and improve with working with people for tasks and games.” – Pimnara 


Kara Salmon 




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As we progress towards the end of term, ASPIRE students have engaged in a variety of activities across the curriculum. Our Year 7 class is advancing towards final drafts for their autobiographies, biographies or memoirs – with some of our students investigating historical figures such as Nikola Tesla, or William Hartnell! In other areas of the curriculum, students are also focusing in on mapping out our local area in Geography, undertaking safe experimentation procedures in Science. Students also attended an excursion at Yarra Ranges Tech School, experimenting with drones – navigating between coordinates and even flipping upside down! 

Year 8 ASPIRE students have engaged in crafting a microfiction folio, developing a variety of super-short stories in a variety of genres. Students have also researched major Australian landmarks and landforms in Geography, and explored the variety of states of matter in Science.  

The ASPIRE testing date for prospective 2024 students has been locked in – October 7th, 2023. If you or your child are interested in attending, please book ahead here:   

Please contact Mr Andrew Nyhuis with any questions at 


Victorian High Ability Program Term 1 2023 

Our six Year 8 students participating in the Victorian High Ability Program have almost reached the conclusion of Term 1’s program. In support of this conclusion, students attended a Masterclass in either English or Maths at Yarra Ranges Tech School. Our English students worked on storyboarding a dystopian fiction narrative, while our Maths students coded a racing robot (coming first in the race against students from other schools!). 

This program is offered each term for both English and Maths for students working approximately 12 months or more ahead of standard in the Victorian Curriculum. If you or your child would like more information about the program, or would like to be considered for a position based on your last report or teacher recommendation, please contact Mr Andrew Nyhuis at 


Andrew Nyhuis 



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Our Year 12 students have, or will very soon, have an individual interview with their Pathways Advisor. In this meeting they will create a Career Action Plan where they will envisage their ideal future and plan steps to attain their goals. We encourage our senior students to continue thinking forward and investigating their post school options. Please speak to your Pathways Advisor if you have any questions.  

Our Year 10 cohort are busy planning for work experience, which will take place at the end of next term. We encourage the cohort to dream big and make the most of the opportunity presented to them. There are many interesting ideas being discussed – from shadowing a Melbourne University Professor of Marine Biology to working in an air conditioning distribution centre. We hope all of our students find exciting places to develop their employability skills. 

The Year 9 cohort have completed Morrisby Testing – this is a test that tests student’s skills and attributes then provides career recommendations. It is a valuable tool when starting the process of career exploration. The students will have interviews with a Morrisby consultant early Term 2.  

We encourage all parents and students to investigate career tools; this is accessible through compass (click the star, then career tools). Here you will find an onslaught of career information – everything from tax file numbers to SBATs to university open days – there is something for everyone. Jump on compass to check it out. 


Sarah Coghlan



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On Tuesday the Duke of Ed class completed a 40km ride to Warburton. The conditions were in our favour with a cool but sunny day. We completed the ride earlier than expected with everyone making it the entire way. It was great to see students outside of the classroom, communicating in different ways and having fun in the sun. 

Here are some Quotes from students on the day: 

“It was very fun and enjoyable, although it was challenging at times it was fun in the end” – Ash Jordan 

“it was good to be outside and spending more time without classmates” – Sienna Haywod 

“I loved the experience even when it got challenging” – Hailey Pennicott 


Preparing for Camp  

In the second week of term 2 students will be completing their practice Journey at Cathedral Ranges as part of their preparation for their Qualifying Journey at the end of the year.  

The rain held off as we spent time setting up tents in preparation for camp. Students practiced setting and packing up tents correctly and how to do this for protection against the elements.  

It was great to see students helping others with their tents and packing them away efficiently and neatly for use next term.  

As part of the camp preparation students will also be completing a practice hike in the local area, map reading and food preparation. We are all very excited to go on camp.  



Jade Hubben 



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Congratulations to our fabulous Year 7 students on consolidating their practical skills and gaining their Bunsen burner licenses! The Year 7 students have worked so hard to demonstrate correct safety procedures and skills.  

The Year 7 classes are currently learning about mixtures such as solutions, colloids, and suspensions. They will also explore methods of separation, including many that relate to daily life such as magnetic separation (picking up pins), sieving (draining pasta) centrifuges (spin cycle on a washing machine and the separation of blood components). 

The Year 8 Science students have been learning about physical and chemical change. A favourite experiment of this topic is the “Pop Test”, where students collect Hydrogen gas (from a chemical reaction) and use a match to ignite it, creating an usual “pop” noise. 

Year 9 Core have been learning about Electricity and the usefulness of different circuits, whilst Innovate Science are planning a drone rescue mission (more details in the STEAM feature). 

The Forensics students have investigated blood typing, blood spatter patterns, impressions, DNA, fingerprinting and fibre analysis. The students learnt about the Innocence Project, an organisation that aims to end wrongful convictions and free innocent incarcerated people. The students will continue to learn how collecting evidence from crime scenes is used in criminal investigations and the ethical issues involved. 

 The Senior students have made models of proteins, mitosis wheels and DNA; experimented with molar masses, the tonicity of fluids in cells, and collisions with energy, used Geiger counters to examine radioactivity.  

As a Faculty we are excited to be planning for Open Night on May 1st and looking forward to seeing many people come through the Science area.  


Melinda Lori Pui



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During the second half of the term, students at Mooroolbark College continued to be immersed in various STEAM experiences. 

Students in our Innovate Science class students designed a human body that would be able to sustain the Everest Hike. While students designed modifications to the body, they also explored conditions that occur during the hike and explored the effect on the normal functioning of the body. Below are excerpts from some of the students work.  

Students are then moving on to designing a Drone Rescue Mission which will see them designing a Mission to deliver medical supplies in areas where access is otherwise difficult like the village of Majhkot in Nepal. Leading into the mission students will be exploring concepts like Elevation gain to understand what path would need to be covered for the mission. Students will also be comparing the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), HDI (Human Development Index), and PQLI (Physical Quality of Life Index) in Nepal and Australia. Students will be explored the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will identify the ones most relevant to their designed mission. 


Tooba Awais





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It was great to catch up with some of the students from the Class of 2022 late February. This was a new initiative which allowed staff and past students to catch-up and see what they had planned for 2023. We thank all the students who attended and the staff who came along to support it.  

Year 12 students had their first dress-up day, with the theme “What I want to be when I’m older”. All students got into the spirit of the theme. We saw lots of medical scrubs, teachers and mums!  

The Year 11 students were treated to an incursion from the Pat Cronin Foundation. The speaker spoke about physical assaults and the importance of looking out for each other. This was a very powerful and thought-provoking session and I commend the students for their respect they showed throughout the presentation. 

The VCE-VM classes are working well. They are implementing a garden project at year 11, which will help to visually improve some of the spaces around the school. The Year 12 class has been out on excursions for Work Related Skills and looking at hazards in different environments.  

Year 11 and 12 VCE students will be finding that SACs are occurring frequently. This can be a stressful time for them. I continue to remind them that being consistent is key! If you find your child’s stress levels are rising, here is some advice from Beyond Blue 

  1. Tell someone you are stressed 
  1. Exercise regularly 
  1. Take control of your workload 
  1. Incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques into every day 
  1. Eat healthy foods 

Student in focus – Kylah Brewer 

Kylah represented Mooroolbark College recently at the Interschool Equestrian Horse Trials Championships and won both the EVA 95 Class and also the Best Performed Off The Track Horse. Kylah is hoping to make the Victorian Interschool Team for the third year in a row and compete at the Interschool National Equestrian Championships that takes place at Werribee Park Equestrian Centre at the end of September. Congratulations Kylah! 



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The Pseudonym Group (TPG) 


Pseudonym (noun) – A fictitious name, especially one used by an author.  
For this edition of the Mooroolbark College newsletter, Literacy and the students within the school have a very special treat that we are both proud and excited for.   

Brand new to the school and advertised on our social media accounts is The Pseudonym Group. This is an opt-in writer group for both students and teachers that allows writers and visual artists to display their wonderful work under the mysterious guise of a pen name. We hope this helps reduce the worry some may have of putting their name out to the public for their very personal pieces of writing and artwork.  

This edition offers an introduction to some of our members, their inspiration for their name and the type of writing they hope to display throughout the year and beyond along with some featured artists and writers. We are super excited for what is to come so stay tuned! 



This name came to me as it reminded me of my childhood show that I grew up on and always compared myself to this character. I started writing around 11 as I was given a task on it. I used to love reading books, but that passion developed into the writing stage I am at now. I want to be able to show off to more people my work and the joy of reading something that can create images in their minds. I’d write about romance or horror. 

Who really cares?

Derived from my favourite album from one of my favourite bands, TV Girl. The first time I ever really let anyone read anything I wrote was during a competition my school was included in, I wrote a silly little story which, admittedly, is very embarrassing but it got published into the book which contained all the stories and poems written by students during the competition. I really enjoy writing stories including horror or mystery elements, or fantasy/dystopian worlds, but I would really like to try others. Maybe something like women’s fiction, or even a period drama. 

The is inspired from one of my favourite shows (Anne with an e), a show that really motivates me to continue my writing. During primary school I found it quite hard to communicate with others and found reading and writing difficult as I was not sure what my interests were. Recently I have felt I have been really improving from where it was, an empty page to what I have now. I would describe my writing style as expressive, and abstract compared to others. 

Rie is kind of a name I’ve been going by online for about a year now, so I suppose it does have some emotional connection to me. If I had the opportunity to, I might change my name to Ame, it has some meaning since it’s the Japanese word ‘rain’, and my comfort weather is rain. I don’t necessarily write long stories I prefer short straight to the point stories. Honestly, I write anything, I can write almost any genre, and it’s quite fun! 


Reverie is a word meaning a state of dreamy meditation; a daydream. I chose it because all of my works have started from a daydream I’ve had at any given time, and I thought it was fitting. I have been coming up with stories and writing since before primary school, and most of it has just been shared with one close friend. I enjoy writing a mix of horror, romance and fantasy, and hope to incorporate all three into most of my pieces. While at the beginning my works will vary, I hope to write many short stories that end up starring the same group of characters.? 

I’m just a misunderstood kid like some. A huge fan of pixel games, like Undertale and one shot and enjoy throwing myself into novels that I can spend hours reading and losing myself in the world of the book. As Dexian, I intend to express myself with my peers, giving advice, motivation, and reassuring others. 



Lunisolar Jester 
I, the Lunisolar Jester have always had a passion for drawing and art. It is always something for me to work on and feel very positive afterwards. I have loved drawing ever since my dawn of time. I create art pieces about characters that can tell a million words and many stories, all in one picture. All it takes to make the story is imagination of the reader, and of course the art of the artist. 


Pippi L 
My name is based on Pippi Longstockings and a few other more personal references. I love to write poems, but struggle with keeping my stories short. They tend to become novels. I generally write fantasy novels.? I have always loved writing and hop tot be an author someday. 
Moon-lit Murder

The air was cold, but no breath steamed it. The path was gravel, but no footprints could be seen and though the night was silent he made not a noise. He slipped from shadow to shadow, a wraith. The only trace he had ever been there was the slight lingering scent of gunpowder.

From within the folds of his black cloak, his gloved hand withdrew a knife. The blade was long and curved, silver glinting harshly in the soft moonlight. He bypassed the door as though it were open.? 

For any normal man, the floorboards may have creaked beneath his weight. But the black cloaked figure was no normal man. He paused briefly at the threshold to the bedroom, but he plunged forward with little more hesitation. He reached the bed and his knife plunged down in a cold final ark.

Her death came for her before she could wake.


Nita Handwriting 

My pseudonym I have a love for puns and the fact that my handwriting is not very neat. I grew to love writing in primary school and couldn’t stop wanting to create stories after that. Poems were one of my favourite things to write but I always wanted to write adventure or fantasy novels. I hope you enjoy the stories I write! 

An empty road of war, no signs of any hope. 
Couldn’t stop rage before, without it we can’t cope. 
Had an idea of peace, but only was it an illusion. 
Wish I could steal a piece, of a humane and harmonious fusion. 
Take away the dreams, us young suffer. 
Pulled apart at the seams, as our freedoms start to buffer. 
Before they emerge from the shadows and set our world aflame. 
Before we dig the trenches and start the worldwide game. 
Can we sit in silence, just one more time? 
Make a happy memory before we cross the line? 
Hold onto hope and love, grip it forever tight. 
Watch the stars shining down on us, smiling in the night. 
Before the suffering and sorrow, before our rage is unhinged. 
Can we be one again? Before the war begins. 


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This term we have launched several activities and events: 

  • Bookmark Competition 
  • Premier Reading Challenge has begun – there are approximately 170 days to go. This will end on 8th September 
  • Author’s Visits 
  • Book Week 


I would like to introduce Victoria Niang Suan Hoih, our Library Captain for 2023:

I am Victoria from year 11 and the successful applicant for Library Captain in 2023. As the Library Captain, I aim to be a good leader and work with Ms Godfrey and the Library team to make sure the library is a great leaning environment with is easy to use and that the space is organized for all students to use. I encourage everyone to participate in library events and activities that we run this year and read more for enjoyment which will help each of our reading and speaking skills. Everyone is welcome inside to play games such as Chess Board, Monopoly and many more. 

A quick update for the Library for Term 1 – Currently the Library is in A5 and A6 for Term 1, due to the new renovation. The entrance will be through the corridor that leads to A4, near the Math’s staffroom. We are hoping that our new refurbished Library will be reopen by the start of Term 2.  

Thank you everyone and have a great learning the rest of the year and hope to see you in the library. 


Amy Godfrey



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As we near the end of Term 1 we already have so much to celebrate in our proud little faculty: a successful start to the year; the welcoming of our Year 7s; the Education Perfect World Championships, and an addition to the Mooroolbark College Languages staff family. 

2023 has started off in leaps and bounds in Languages, as we adjust to the new daily 5-period structure. All students, but especially the incoming Year 7s, have noticed how the lessons just fly: You get in there, do some fun engage task, get few instructions, work on a central task before showing off the daily learning at the end in a review task. It’s all go, go, go in Languages. Having our ‘Smiley Charts’ in class really keeps everyone motivated, as we strive to be our best, or fastest, or most accurate: whatever the Engage task may be. Five Smileys equal a prize or even a Merit Certificate, you know! 

As much as love our annual Education Perfect World Championships, 2023 was both a highlight and a fizzer. While we had less than half the certificates we normally get due to the Calendar conspiring against us (Both Labour Day and Parent Teacher Interviews meant we lost precious competition time) , we also had our highest total ever: Bailey Paget of Year 10 aimed for 15,000 points and fell just short, but what an effort from someone who is not even enrolled in Languages this year! And this is also true of our second and third place getters: his brother Alex and Ash Missen respectively, both of Year 9. All our winners will receive the rewards due, once the certificates are published and printed. Congratulations are extended to all the competitors. And if you are not in the honours list below and wish to be there in 2024, talk to us: we’ll show you a few strategies to get you there for sure!

Bailey Paget 14,889 Elite 
Alex Paget 11,800 Elite 
Ash Missen 10,281 Elite 
Dean Muys 3,016 Gold 
Amina Shah 2,591 Silver 
Mali Monis 2,151 Silver 
Charlotte van Praag 1,636 Bronze 
Marllon Musliman 1,225 Bronze 
Sarah Nimbs 1,030 Bronze 
Shayla Jordan 942 Credit 
Messi Lal Ram Lian 583 Credit 
Vincent Kim 500 Credit 

We recently had to say goodbye to Herr Jordan van Keulen for a while. He is on paternity leave and has welcomed an addition to his family. We, of course, would like to extend our congratulations to both parents and wish them all the joy a new life brings. While we look forward to Herr van Keulen’s return, it is also with familiar joy that we welcome back Frau Nickel, who has taken over his Languages allotment. Frau Nickel knows Mooroolbark College, having been part of the faculty for many, many years in the past. She has a fantastic touch with young learners and they could not have a better stand-in!

Until next time, all the best, stay safe and enjoy the term break.


Jonas Bahlo



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Since the last newsletter update, we have had some excellent results in interschool sport. Our Year 8 mixed tennis team won their division round robin and will progress to the EMR competition in Term 4. We also continued our great success in volleyball, with the intermediate girls, intermediate boys and senior girls all placing second in the EMR championships. We’re extremely proud of you all! 

Next term, we move onto football, netball, soccer and badminton for our sport round robins. Please fill in the Microsoft Form that can be found on Compass and Teams if you’re interested in being involved. We also look forward to our athletics and cross-country carnivals. 


Ryan Exon



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It’s been a great term to start off the year in Humanities. Our units are well underway with assessments in all year levels showing the great work being undertaken in the faculty. The Year 7 room in the Discovery Centre is coming along nicely with some great History themed displays for each of the units. The team is really looking forward to showcasing off some student work in there to keep building on this. 

Another exciting development in the junior school is the ongoing trial of Edrolo in year 7 geography. A key resource we use in senior school, Edrolo have come to us to help implement a brand new product. They’re rolling this into year 7 Geography first and the college will have free access to the resource to see how it fits into our curriculum. Ms Garnaut’s class have already given this new product a go and I’m excited to see how we can use this interesting new resource in more than just our senior school classes. 

I would also like to highlight the variety of materials and activities that have been taking place in Humanities classrooms this term; from Mr Keogh’s intriguing castle building exercises in Year 8 History to the fantastic local business guest speaker in Mr Coghlan’s Be Your Own Boss class. I’m proud to see this diversity and passion in the faculty and I trust that the students are taking these opportunities to explore the Humanities. I encourage all students to make the most of these classes and to engage with our amazing content as much as possible. 

Wishing everyone a terrific last couple of weeks of the term. 


Alex Scott







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Year 9 students have been busy taking on a new program called SHIELD. The aim of the program is to build students confidence and skills in a range of activities and real-life opportunities including running sports tournaments, getting involved in the local community and navigating the city.  

During Term 1 and 4 students get to participate in a sport of their choice and earn house points in an interhouse competition known as SEPEP. Students are split into teams and work on a range of skills before playing their tournament for points.  

Below you can see students participating in Volleyball and Netball, two extremely popular sports. Soccer and other sports including recreational activities like chess are also running. The recent wet weather has not dampened spirits with games beginning last week. It is fantastic to see students from a range of classes working together against a common goal.  

Year 9 Mind, Body, Soul students have also been busy experiencing some other recreational activities. This week we had the lovely Em from ‘The Jungle Body’ come out and run a 45-minute dance workout. The aim of Jungle Body is for students to move their body in ways that they feel comfortable with. You do not need to be a dancer to get involved. It was a hard workout, but students are commended for getting outside their comfort zone and trying something new. We cannot wait to have Em back for our 2nd session later in the semester. 

In a recent dress up day, Year 12 Physical Education students were exploring ‘Summation of Momentum’ in class. Their teacher Andy U’ren loves maintaining a prominent level of practical tasks that assist students in applying their theoretical knowledge. Below students were playing a game of Basketball but had to remain seated. They could pick up their chairs and move around however when defending they could not pick up their chair or use their legs. Students then discussed why each of our body parts play such a vital role in daily movements, not only sport. Students also explored how much force and momentum was gained by using only their arms, and or their entire body.  

Volleycoach – Volleyball Academy Wants YOU!  

Are you interested in learning a new sport? Or brushing up on some skills. Learn how to spike, set, dig, serve, and block with Australis most experienced junior coaches. In 2023 the Volleycoach Academy, located at Dorset Primary School, Croydon are open to taking on more junior athletes in March and April.  

To register players should be 7 – 18 years of age, be keen to learn and ready to have fun. Training runs on Monday evenings from 5.30 pm onwards depending on which group you are selected in. No previous experience required, just come along for some fun. To register contact 


Stephanie Todd  




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The multifaceted area of technology has been having a fantastic Term 1 so far!  
There are lots of projects popping up across the area. Students are using their problem-solving skills and making their own creative choices to meet the requirements of design challenges. 
Students are loving the opportunities to create things from their own imaginations.  
In our year 9 Storage Solutions class, students are working on designing and creating doorstops.  
The Year 9 Sustainable design class are producing passive amplifiers to enhance the volume of speakers from tablets and phones. All the students are really looking forward to making a lot of noise with these (hopefully at home!).  
In Year 10 Wooden Toy they have just started creating design drawings and trialling prototypes for making their own wooden toy trucks.  

Our year 10 Software Design classes are beginning to learn the basics of HTML and CSS as they head towards developing their own interactive web-based app.  
The year 9 Game Design are continuing to learn the basics of python and PyGame Zero.  

Year 9 Robotics are working on their stomper robots and are fast approaching the wiring and soldering stage of their projects. 
In the year 8 Digital Technologies students are exploring what makes up a computer, looking at things from software to hardware and all things in between.  
In food studies at Year 7, students have been learning the fundamentals of using kitchen equipment, by creating meals such as chicken schnitzel burgers, scrambled eggs and scones.  

The year 9 Special Occasion Foods class have just finished learning and experimenting with different types of icing and are creating sweets from different cultures such as moon cakes, Italian egg wreaths, cup cakes and sugar cookies.  
Our year 9 Food Studies students have been investigating the ethical reasons behind choices consumers and food industry makes.   
And last but not least, over in year 8 Textiles our students have been building their skills in measuring, using the iron and practicing the fundamentals of using a sewing machine. 

We are all finding that the Term has zoomed passed and the students have mastered such a varied array of skills. Keep watching this space next term to see some of the projects the students have been making come to fruition! 


Perie Edmonds



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The SRC has officially commenced its next event, the Easter raffle. Featuring hampers with prizes like huge Easter eggs, vouchers, and smaller prizes like medium-sized eggs and handfuls of little eggs. Tickets will be sold from Wednesday the 29th of march to Wednesday the 5th of April for $1 each. We encourage all students to partake in this raffle as profits go back toward the school. You should expect tickets to be sold in the canteen at lunchtime or during homegroup. The names are being drawn at lunchtime in the south quad from Tuesday the 4th of April to Thursday the 6th with four names being called each day, one name will be for the hamper and the other for the smaller prizes. 


Something very important to us is student voice, we as SRC are representatives for the school, so our goal is to be implementing what students want into our decisions. Something that is currently in the works is a way for students and families of Mooroolbark college to express their interest in which charity we are planning on donating our yearly profits to, this will likely be a google form or something of similar nature. We do very much look forward to having our college community involved in the decisions within the SRC and this is something we will continue to do throughout the year. 

Our next event will be in May next term, we are going to be running a Women’s day stall for Mother’s day, and although it is not decided exactly what we will be selling you can expect many gifts suitable for the occasion and some DIY stations to make something personalised for your parent. Profits from this event will go to a charity that supports breast cancer. 

Aliyah Orwin 


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Term 1 has been a very busy period in The Arts, with students completing some amazing work in both the visual arts and performing arts.   

  • Year 12 Media students have just completed their first SAC for the semester; an analytical piece on our media narratives, Aliens and Black Widow. Next they begin their extensive pre-production documents that they will use to complete their Media Production in semester 2. 
  • Year 7 Art students are completing their first CAT, a written assignment, while continuing to work on their stained glass trees artwork. Students are eager to start their next CAT, which involves working with clay. 
  • Year 7 Performing Arts students are working on their first CAT for Drama—original performances inspired by fairy tales. Some stand out ideas so far are the big bad wolf awards ceremony, the gingerbread woman who is seeking revenge for her brother, and princess group therapy. Year 8 Performing Arts students have completed their theatre research projects, and are continuing to develop their improvisation skills in order to successfully participate in their Theatresports CAT. 
  • Year 10 Photography students are exploring multiple photographic techniques to create portraits that communicate personality and identity. Students will transfer these techniques into film photography and begin learning how to develop film and print their own photographs in our fully equipped darkroom. 
  • The Instrumental Music department have hit the ground running in Term 1 with a record number of students opting to take lessons and an enthusiastic team of dedicated and expert teachers. We have been busy assisting with the upcoming school production, planning our two main concerts for 2023, running our individual ensembles and staging a number of lunchtime concerts throughout the year. The first of these will be on the 3rd April (the last Monday of Term 1.) Instrumental Students can come and sign up to perform in A Block.   


A huge congratulations to two of our 2022 VCE Studio Arts students, Shaylah Haywood and Ally Whitford that selected to exhibit their artworks in the Yarra Ranges Creative Showcase at Burrinja Gallery in Upwey recently. The opening night, which was Friday 3rd March, saw an impressive crowd of people who were all there to celebrate the amazing achievements of the students exhibiting.  

We are so proud of Shaylah and Ally, and wish them every success in their future artistic pursuits. 



Art Club with Ms D’Unienville is back up and running on Thursdays at lunchtime in D6. It’s a great place for students to come along and explore their creativity. 



This month’s Instagram Collage showcases the amazing work produced by our Year 9s as part of their ‘Opposites’ CAT. They’ve produced some amazing work. Well done, everyone! You can check out more of our students amazing work at? 


Matt Neil-Holland




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Year 7 Camp was a great success! Wellbeing staff were delighted to be a part of the fun. This group of students were particularly admirable; we noticed those who got out of their comfort zones, or showed kindness to another student, or encouraged someone who was afraid. Its these moments that make us proud to be a part of this community. We know that the connections and memories formed on camp will stay with our Year 7 Cohort as the progress through their academic journey. 

At Mooroolbark College we take our Harmony Day celebrations very seriously. Harmony Day is a celebration that recognises diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. ?We sought to foster inclusion through understanding in our whole school assembly. We are blessed to have a community with so many different stories and journeys; this day enlightens and inspires all of us to act with the kindness and respect that all people deserve. 

The Wellbeing Centre has been thriving, bustling with activity. It’s great to see so many students using the space to enhance their experience at Mooroolbark College. We encourage all students to have a good look at all the resources that are available to them in the centre – we have plenty of organisational tools that will help you to get the most out of your time at school.  

Welcome back, Mr Nichol! I am sure I speak for everyone when I say your presence in wellbeing has been greatly missed. We hope that you feel refreshed and cannot wait to hear all your new jokes. 

For those seeking support, please make contact with us through teams or your cluster coordinator. 

Sarah Coghlan  



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It’s time for the school library to be the focus of the Mooroolbark College Parents’ Association’s 2023 fundraising efforts. Funds raised will be used to buy books and give the College library bookshelves a facelift. 


There are TWO ways you can help – 

  1. Share an hour of your time for the BUNNINGS SAUSAGE SIZZLE, SATURDAY 22 APRIL at Bunnings Croydon. Please contact Sally Jackson at the College on 9727 8100 or at if you are able to help out. 


    2. Make a donation to our GIANT RAFFLE. We’d love to gather 50 prizes to celebrate 50 years of the College at the reunion to be held in June. 

Every donation = more ticket sales = more books. 

You’d love to help you said?  Here’s how –  

  • Donate goods or services from your business 
  • Donate a voucher from your business
  • Purchase goods or a voucher from a local business 
  • Purchase raffle tickets [when available!] 

All businesses will be acknowledged in the school newsletter and through social media.  

The MCPA will also be working hard to reach out to as many local businesses in Mooroolbark and surrounding suburbs over the coming few weeks.  

Please reach out to Gemma Heemskerk, President MCPA on 0439 801 346 with your generous donation.



Mooroolbark College Newsletter – April 2023