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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – July 2023

25th July 2023

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy reading about all the amazing things happening around our College.

Upcoming Events

Year 9 Great Barrier Reef Camp
May 27 – May 31 all-day
Years 7-9 PAT Testing
May 27 – May 31 all-day
Year 11 Exam Assembly
May 28 @ 8:45 am
Production Rehearsal
May 28 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Last day submission of Yr 10 CATs and Course Work
May 29 all-day


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Year 12 English: 

At the end of last term, our Year 12 English students read the play ‘The Crucible’ as a class. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the Salem Witch Trials and how seemingly insignificant actions can have dire consequences. Aside from developing our understanding of the text, we also uncovered some hidden acting talents! It was impressive to see so many students embracing their roles to create an enjoyable experience for the whole class. 

Year 12 English Literature: 

This semester, Year 12 Literature students have explored the works of Joan Lindsay and Shakespeare, analysing key concepts such as conventional gender roles and societal contexts. As we move on into Semester 2, things will get more creative as we explore the fantastic genre of magical realism through the lens of Elizabeth Tan’s ‘Smart Ovens for Lonely People’. Only a few short months to the finish line! 



Year 12 English Language: 

Year 12 English Language students cover their unit on Formal Language, specifically how taboo and sensitive topics are communicated through euphemism and double speak. The task given to students was to write a letter to the Mooroolbark parents and Year 12 students about some ‘justified’ changes occurring. These included: 

  • Year 12s will no longer be able to leave early on Monday and Friday. 
  • Year 12s can no longer use the ECA for the foreseeable future. 
  • Year 12s can no longer buy food and drink from the canteen. 
  • Year 12 Formal and other events will no longer take place. 

The result of which showed some talented future ‘spin doctors’ in the class! 


Year 12 VCE VM Literacy: 

Our Year 12 VM Literacy students recently completed their cooking show oral presentations. The task required them to locate a recipe that has been handed down through generations or has become popular in their family. Their reading component was to research the history of the dish, then write an instructional script for their cooking show. Students actively engaged with the task. It was great to see so many well produced videos as well as delicious looking dishes. 


Book: Force of Nature by Jane Harper – Detective Aaron Falk (from ‘The Dry’) must solve the disappearance of a missing woman after she doesn’t return from an overnight hike in the forest. It is up to Falk to determine whether any of her four colleagues are responsible for her disappearance… – Ms Garnaut 

TV Show: Deadloch was an absolutely cracking show I finished over the holidays. Basically a comedic version of Force of Nature come to think of it. A murder in a small Tasmanian town and an unlikely pairing of a small town cop and a detective from Darwin who work to solve it. – Mr Scott 


Amy Broekmann




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Welcome back to Term 3! In Mathematics, our Year 7-10 classes will have a focus on Measurement and Geometry this term, whilst our VCE students are working hard learning their Unit 2 and 4 content. 

Celebrating Student Learning Growth in Year 7 – 9 

At the end of Semester 1, our Year 7-9 students completed their Number and Algebra On Demand Post-test. This allowed students and staff to examine the learning growth shown by students over Term 1 and 2. It was fantastic to see so much growth! 



If a student did not experience as much growth as expected, here are some ideas to help support them as they continue developing their skills: 

  • Monitoring their attendance. It is vitally important that students are present in class! If they are absent due to illness, sport or other reasons, it is important that the student reaches out to their classroom teacher to find out what was covered. As Mathematics skills progress each year, they are putting themselves at risk of falling behind if they do not catch up on missed work. 
  • Completing regular homework. This allows students time to practice the concepts covered in class. Being exposed to the questions multiple times helps to build fluency. 
  • Asking the teacher for help. It is important that if students are having trouble understanding a concept that they ask for assistance. They could also attend Club 34 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get extra assistance and complete work with their peers. 

Classes have recently completed their Pre-test on Measurement and Geometry so I look forward to celebrating more learning growth later in the year. 


Creativity in Numeracy 

One of our Year 7 students, Shayla Jordan, showed her creative flair during a recent Numeracy Lesson. Shayla produced this beautiful (and very detailed!) coordinate point drawing whilst learning about the Cartesian Plane. She then listed each point so that someone else could recreate her masterpiece. What a fantastic effort Shayla! 


Mathematics Pathways 

Did you know that there is a new VCE Study Design for Mathematics and for the VCE Vocational Major (VCE-VM Numeracy) this year?  To help better understand the many different pathways that students can take on their Mathematics journey, please see the flowchart below. 



If students have questions about their Mathematics journey they can speak to their House Pathways Leader or contact Mrs Salmon in the Maths Office or on Teams. 


Kara Salmon 





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Following on from a busy end of Term 2 learning about the different forces acting on all objects, the Year 7 Students are starting their first CAT on the Landing Time of Parachutes. Over the next few weeks there will be students investigating an array of variables which may effect the time taken to land.  

The Year 8 students have finished off cells and started looking at Body Systems and will focus on the human digestive, respiratory and the circulatory systems.                          

With the new semester we have new classes starting for our Year 9 and 10 students. This semester Year 9 Forensic Science and Core Science will continue whilst Innovate Science has been replaced by a new elective; Sustainability, in which students will learn about the United Nations Sustainability Goals.  

This semester in Year 10 we have Year 10 Physics, Forensic Science, and Biology Classes. We look forward to some amazing work this semester from both Year Levels. 

Our VCE classes have also moved into a new semester following the exam period. In Unit 2 Biology students are learning about how adaptations effect survival, in Unit 4 Biology have just finished their Avengers Immunity War, as part of their immunity topic. Unit 2 Chemistry students are learning about pH and indicators, whilst Unit 4 Chemistry are moving onto Organic Chemistry, including topics such as condensation reactions to generate to esters. In Unit 2 Physics the students have been studying Newtons 3 laws and calculating unknown forces and they are applying mathematical models during experimental investigations of motion, whilst the Unit 4 Physics class are investigating waves and in Unit 1 Psychology (they did Unit 2 last semester) students are studying Psychological Development including types of attachment. In Unit 4 Psychology students are learning about the very important role of sleep and the effect sleep deprivation. 

As the Year 12 Psychology students are learning about the effects of sleep deprivation, the Science Faculty challenge you to go to bed 1 hour earlier a night. If you can bring proof (like a diary) to show Mrs LP, you could win a prize.


Melinda Lori Pui



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Welcome back from everyone in the Humanities team! Hoping everyone’s rested and raring to get back into school for this semester. It’s an exciting time in the faculty as a lot of our subjects swap over – the juniors alternating with Geography and History units and the middle years moving from into their second set of electives. This a great opportunity for students to make sure they have everything they need to get back into the classroom for our classes (the number of pens and pencils that seem to wander away over the semester can be astonishing!).  

In the senior school we’ve already moved into units 2 and 4 for VCE courses and I hope that students were able to balance some relaxation with their coursework requirements over the holidays; these efforts are appreciated and important with all the content that’s covered in VCE units! It’s only the start of the term and yet we’re already on the final straight for year 12 classes so keep up the efforts and stay on top of things as best you can!  

The team is already looking ahead to the coming 2024 calendar with a lot of great discussions regarding the subjects being offered in Humanities. I’m extremely grateful for the efforts from the team here. 2024 VCE students are first up though with the VCE Expo to give students some guidance on what subjects are on offer and I can’t wait to share all the great programs that students can pursue in Humanities. Students should come along with an open mind and any questions about the great units that we run at Mooroolbark College.  

It’s great to be back for term 3 and we in the Humanities team are looking forward to another terrific semester.  


Alex Scott




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As we embark on an exciting journey into the second half of the year, the Technology Department is geared up for a semester of growth and discovery. We are thrilled to welcome a new batch of students ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead. 

Ensuring the safety of our students is paramount. In every technology class, we are commencing the semester with a strong emphasis on safety protocols. Our priority is to create a secure and conducive learning environment for all. 

Our students in Wood and Metal classes are not only mastering workshop safety protocols but also engaging in fascinating research and project design. These budding craftspeople are brimming with creativity, and we cannot wait to see their remarkable creations come to life. 

For our Year 8 Juniors in the textiles domain, safety is a primary concern. They are adeptly learning about equipment safety, including the parts of a sewing machine and proper handling and threading techniques. Meanwhile, the textiles room is abuzz with marvelous finger knitting and crochet projects, showcasing their growing skills. 

In the Foods area, students are discovering the art of safe kitchen practices and essential hygiene during food preparation. Our Juniors have already delved into the culinary world, making scrumptious pita pockets. As for the special occasion foods class, they are indulging in delightful cake taste tests while exploring various cooking techniques. 

Year 10 students have already exhibited their culinary prowess by preparing a mouthwatering chicken Caesar salad, followed by delectable gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. The high-quality work they’ve displayed promises an extraordinary semester ahead. 

Our Junior students in Digitech are settling in by mastering safe internet usage. They are skillfully employing online research techniques to create captivating posters on various technology topics of their choice. 

In Year 9 Robotics, our students are delving into the world of future employment and local industries, particularly focusing on the burgeoning robotics sector. Their exploration is sure to yield exciting insights and possibilities. 

Stay tuned for more updates as the semester unfolds. 


Perie Edmonds



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Term 3 has only been short, but it has been jam packed with adventures and activities that have sparked creativity, skill and resilience.  

The Year 8 students have been busy in both health and physical education this term. As part of the Risk-Taking unit in Health, students investigated what a standard drink of alcohol looked like. Students worked in groups to pour water into different sized cups. Answers were then cross checked and students discussed what surprised them about the ratios. The goal was to recognise that all alcoholic drinks can be represented differently and under different circumstances as well.  

In PE, all students have been working on their AFL skills including handballing, kicking and marking. In week 9 we will have an exciting incursion from the multicultural division of the Hawthorn Football Club. 26 students with whom are from Multicultural, Indigenous, Torres Strait Islander backgrounds or who have parents/guardians that were born overseas will get the opportunity to participate in a special AFL clinic. Students have been handed a consent form but if they don’t have one yet, don’t worry – Homegroup teachers were also given copies, or you can come and get one from Miss Todd’s office (opposite the canteen). 

The forms need to be returned to Miss Todd’s office or to their PE teacher by Thursday 8th June, as it is first in best dressed. We will continue to run these clinics in Term 3 so if you miss out, don’t worry! You may be included in the next term. 

Our Year 9 Elective PE students have been thriving this term! Although the weather has been getting colder, the Outdoor Education students were lucky enough to get blue sky’s on their adventure rafting. The students went down the Yarra River observing water, air and soil quality while also looking at native and introduced species. 

Tuesday 30th May the Duke of Edinburgh class challenged themselves with a high ropes course in Belgrave. Students explored the Treetops at Trees Adventure with a variety or challenging High Ropes courses.  

Megan who is afraid of heights, conquered her fears and completed the blue course and Ashlee fought through tears to complete the red course. Students who wanted to complete the black course had a 15m drop they had to leap from! (Harnessed of course) 

Students were surprised of the physical demands of this course but put forward their best effort with a positive attitude as always. It was a great day to see student challenging themselves and choosing to leave their comfort zones. To conclude the day, the students had some time to explore and have lunch in Monbulk. It was a fantastic day out with great students. 

Year 12 Health and Human Development students have been learning about the work of Nutrition Australia. They spent a lesson in the kitchen and made healthy pizza scrolls from the Nutrition Australia website.  

Bring on Term 3. I hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of Term 2 and restful winter break. 


Stephanie Todd 



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The end of Term 2 is always an exciting time in The Arts. Our students have just completed their midyear final artworks and they look fantastic! Our senior Art; Creative Practice, Art: Making and Exhibiting, Media and VCD students have really excelled. They have completed some amazing works of art including photography pieces, sculptures, short films, film posters, advertising campaigns, designs, paintings, and some amazing mixed media artworks. Our junior students have also completed some phenomenal artworks. We can’t wait to showcase this amazing work at the Night of Excellence early in Term 4.  

Media Film Festival – Entries Are Now Open! 

Entries for Mooroolbark College’s 11th Annual Film Festival are now open and close on 18th  September. Entries must tell a narrative, be appropriate for all audiences and contain no copyrighted material (including visuals or music/sounds). They can be completed by an individual or a team/group. Entries are open to Media and non-Media students. 
The film festival will be held on 7th September. 

For more details, please see Mr Neil-Holland.  


Lunchtime Musical Concert series 

Late last term, our final Live Music Lunchtime concert for Term 2 was a huge success. The MPR was packed with a supportive audience enjoying performances by our talented Instrumental Music students. Congratulations to all of the students who have performed during the series this term, you have done us all proud! We look forward to continuing the Live Music Lunchtime series this term.  


College Production – Tickets Now On Sale 

Tickets for this year’s College production of High School Musical: On Stage are now on sale! The students and staff are busy putting on the finishing touches to what promises to be an amazing show. Get in early to secure the best seats in the house.   


Matthew Neil-Holland




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How the year has raced ahead! We already have Year 7s who are marking their first 100 days at high school; Semester 1 reports have gone out; the winter chills are here; and we can report on so much more, including our highly successful Year 8 excursion to the city on the last day of Term 2!

Year 8 Language & Culture Excursion to the City

The end of Term excursion on the 23rd of June to the city as part of the Year 8 investigations into German and Chinese food and culture was a great success for all involved. Students really enjoyed the opportunity to see the cultures of the language they study live and breathe!

After we met at school and completed the usual formalities, we tried to get the earlier train to have a bit more time in the city, but it couldn’t be done. Instead, students enjoyed their own company and eagerly awaited the rest of the day. 

In the city we visited the Immigration Museum and the Hofbräuhaus in our German group and the Chinese students visited the Chinese Museum as well as the Shanghai Village Restaurant in Chinatown. As a picture speaks a thousand words, we’ll let you look over the attached pictures to get your own impression of the day. 

The Chinese Group reported: 

Chinese group students first in the Chinese Museum explored the session ‘Finding Gold’, to learn about life on the goldfields in the 1850s. In the ‘Dragon Gallery’, students learned about Chinese mythology and symbolism. ‘Han Dynasty’ presents interesting inventions from Ancient China (206BCE – 220CE). ‘One Million Stories’ provides a unique insight into Chinese-Australian history spanning 200 years through to the present day. Students also enjoyed a traditional shared Chinese meal in a restaurant after. 

The German Group reported: 

While the Chinese students discovered Chinese culture, the German learners split off at Flinders Street Station and we headed off to the Immigration Museum. The museum shows how the different waves of migrants coming to Australia adapted to their new life here. It let the students explore their own heritage and many of our students found exciting aspects relating to their families’ pasts they were unfamiliar with. It is always a great experience for students and staff, when we see students eagerly going from one display to another exploring the way things were. At the Hofbrauhaus, students enjoyed not just the Bavarian and Austrian atmosphere, but a truly classy lunch: Brezel for entree, Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites und Salat for mains and Apfelstrudel mit Eis for dessert! That was just wunderbar!  

On reflection, we had over 100 students and six staff travelling happily and safely enjoying a fantastic day out on the town and we all made it back on time for the end of term dismissal. What a great day out! A special thanks must go to Ms Jiang for her many hours she committed to helping organising the day as well as Mrs Tan, Mr Bell and Mr Contebardo for accompanying the group. 

Assessment & Reports: 

We hope that the end of Semester 1 was a positive experience and that the reports gave constructive feedback on how to improve during Semester 2. Of course, all upcoming CATs will have their outlines and resources published on Compass, and so, to finish off this newsletter, what better way to do so than by sharing some excellent work from the end of last term. We must again congratulate Ella McKenzie and Marllon Musilman of Year 7 for their outstanding submissions on display here. There were so many excellent designs and posters, so this is just a very small sample.  


Jonas Bahlo




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State Cross Country: 

On Thursday 13th July, we had some students compete at the State Cross Country event held at Yarra Glen Racecourse. Congratulations to Reuben, Daniel, David and Liam who placed 3rd in the Under 20 state cross country team event today. Well done to Kenzie, who also ran extremely well in the Under 14 event. Such an incredible effort!  


Term 3 Sports:  

This term, you can compete in basketball, table tennis or hockey for interschool sport. Please check for the form on Compass if you are interested in competing.  


Ryan Exon



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Academics have been first and foremost on all senior students the past few weeks. There have been a large number of SACs undertaken in the final two weeks due to the completion of Units 1 and 3. Students have been busy studying in their breaks and after school at Club 3/4.   

The Year 12 students had their Formal on Thursday 8th June at Chateau Wyuna in Mount Evelyn. The students had a fantastic time and it was great to see this cohort able to dress up and spend time together after a touch Semester 1. Thanks to Andy U’ren and the social committee for putting on a great event.  

The Year 12 students had their second dress-up day for the year. They tried a new theme – “Iconic Aussies” and some students really showed off their creative side. We had a caramello koala, Keith and Dan from The Block, AC/DC, Kath and Kim characters and Steve Irwin.   

The GAT was held on Thursday 15th June for all students completing a Unit 3/4 VCE or VET subject. The students should be commended on their application and effort they displayed throughout the day. Senior School supplied a BBQ lunch between the two sections of the GAT which was very well received.  

Have a guess which country has achieved zero deaths on their roads.  Go on!  I’ll give you a hint… it’s a highly developed country, plenty of cars and pedestrians everywhere… 

Give up?   

If you guessed Sweden, you’d be correct!  Yep!  The country with twisty icy roads, poor visibility and stray elk wandering on their roads.  How they could possibly achieve such a thing has been the topic of discussion in VM classrooms last term. 

On one of the nicest days Melbourne had to offer for May, students went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum where they participated in the Road to Solo workshop and exhibit.  Students put their theory lessons in class to the test when they prepared an advertising campaign that focused on positive messaging as opposed to the traditional negative marketing we’re familiar with.  These were lots of fun to view when we got back to school. 

We then spent time in the interactive exhibit, learning more about the dramatic difference between speeds and their impacts, and how safer cars, roads, people and speed can truly bring our road toll down to zero.  So much has already changed around the infrastructure of our shared spaces and regional roads that we often don’t even realise.  

By 2050 – the TAC is optimistic that with further investment in education, engineering and smart design, will bring Australia into league with Sweden, and achieve zero road deaths.  Something that can’t come soon enough. 


Michelle Colette






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Mooroolbark College have been working around the clock to ensure there is Literacy learning across the whole school and this is evident in the many areas and KLAs. This edition of the newsletter offers another instalment of ‘The Pseudonym Group.’  Please enjoy the read:


The Pseudonym Group (TPG)  

Pseudonym (noun) – A fictitious name, especially one used by an author. 

For the third entry of TPG, we gain some more insight of some new writers and artists, feature their work, and continue some of the previous stories that have already been provided. Pippi L’s episodic story will continue with the third chapter introducing a strained partnership surrounding a gruesome crime. Scarah sways into our minds with a beautiful story of a book lover, Reverie depicts a nostalgic scene between friends and Dexian offers a riveting opening to a sci-fi, intriguing readers for more!  

To spark and inspire, 


Episode 3 – Ace 
Det. Parker was a tall figure with storm grey eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. He had tanned, withered skin the colour of olives and a slightly crooked nose, as though it had been badly broken before. His strides were quick and large, his long shadow flung lazily over the hot concrete of the parking lot.

He had almost reached the car before the junior detective caught up. 

“Hang on” he panted, clutching his chest. “Wait for me”.  

Annoyed, Parker clicked the unlock button and threw open the car door with unnecessary force. 

“Yes, Detective Ace?” he asked, voice laden with loathing. Ace Moringpor. The newest detective aboard and a royal pain in Parkers ass.  

“You almost left without me Sir.” He gasped, his Labrador smile showing perfectly straight white teeth. His eyes sparkled hazel and his limbs were long and lanky. His mop of frizzy brown hair brought his full height to around 6’4. He is constantly smiling that stupid, crooked smile and his positive outlook on life was just so damn genuine. It was infuriating and sickening at the same time.

Parker never wasted his breath educating this kid on how the world worked. He would find out soon enough that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Especially not in this job.

“Yes, I am driving myself to the crime scene. I wasn’t aware I had… company.” His top lip curled in disgust as he said it, his grey eyes flicking over the slightly dishevelled figure before him. 

“Yeah, sorry about that, sir, see I don’t exactly have a car, so I have to hitch a ride. Captain Rogers wants me on the scene too!”.

Parker didn’t know, nor did he want to, if the lack of car was a choice but he certainly hoped so. The department would loan him one soon enough, if he had a licence that was.

“Fine,” He relented grumpily.

Ace bounded to the side of the car and threw himself onto Parkers leather passenger seat.

And by all the Saints, Det. Ace never shut up. He talked at a rapid speed the whole way to the crime scene.

“Yea, like I was saying, Captain says he NEEDS me at the scene today, pretty exciting right? It’s my first murder case. I brought this notebook so I can take notes on the awesome stuff you do and what you want me to do and things like that.”  

He was indeed holding up a cheap black notebook and one of those 4 colour pens. He continued chatting away, seemingly un-aware of his partner’s annoyance. Parker’s fists clenched around the steering wheel and his nails dug crescent moon shapes into the covering.  

After what felt like hours but was somehow only a collection of minutes, Parker’s silver Nissan pulled up the driveway and rolled to a stop. The house was swarming with police, roping off areas, moving on those who were stopping to have a look and, apparently, telling Det. Ace he wasn’t allowed through because there was a crime scene underway. Rolling his eyes, Parker walked over, calling in a loud, authoritative voice, “He’s with me”. The incompetence of some people, honestly. 

“Oh, of course, Detective Parker, sorry.” She squeaked, hurrying out the way. Ace flashed Parker a quick, dazzling smile. Turning angrily on his heel, Parker strode off into the house, Ace bouncing cheerfully in his wake. 


To be continued…


Pippi L

The leaves rustled as the trees shook, its thin branches creaked and clashed against the cooling wind. I let out a heavy breath and sighed, gazing down at the old, leathered book that sat in my lap. 

“Hm, I think I’ll have a steak hamburger for dinner.” I muttered to myself as I brushed the fallen autumn leaves that began to drop onto my skirt. I was starving after eating nothing for two whole days and having tons of school and part time jobs. To be frank, I didn’t quite understand how I was still alive!  

It was getting late, and I hated the cold breeze that came along with the evening. I quickly shook my hair to remove any fallen leaves and walked my way home, my shoe softly crunching the wet sticks underneath. I looked back at the bench I sat on and waved at it, a blurry image of a blonde boy waving back then disappearing again. Like it was never there. “Oh, how I wish you knew I existed.”  

I whined quietly letting out a small sigh. Clutching the book tighter, I fastened my pace, returning home. 



In the nature trail a block away from Bessie Mills’ house there’s a hidden pathway leading to a hollowed-out tree containing a ladder to a treehouse. The treehouse is more just a plank of wood and nails with a metal sheet splayed over the higher branches, courtesy of Mr Mills. Pillows, blankets, and poufs splayed across the plank, along with a small table in the middle, reserved for games. 

When Evette Cellier went to Bessie’s, they usually walked out along the nature trail and climbed their way up to the treehouse, where they talked about everything and nothing at once. Sometimes, Ian Haruyama and Nicky Whelan would join them, but not usually. 

The last time they were up there, they were idly playing with cards before Bessie had looked over to Evette, “Why do you wanna be a producer?” She asked, “Why not a musician?” 

Evette thought about it for a moment, “It’s more my style, besides, I could still make music. My job tag would just be a little different.” She paused for a moment, and Bessie nodded at the answer. 

“What type of movies do you wanna act in?” Evette then questioned, before holding a hand up and shaking her head, “Wait, no, let me guess… Horror.” 

Bessie grimaced, “Are you serious? No.” She stared at her card, a queen of hearts, before shrugging, “I guess I’d like a rom-com.” Evette gave a small smirk at that. 

“You’re so sappy.” 

“I am not!” 

“Yeah, you are,” She laughed “You’d only want to act in something with a happy ending. The type of thing to give you the warm and fuzzies the whole way through.” Bessie eyed the other but didn’t deny her words because she couldn’t. Not when they were the exact truth. 

“Real life doesn’t get happy endings,” She explained after a moment of Evette snickering, “I don’t see why we can’t pretend it does in movies.” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” 

Evette sits in the same place she did a year ago and wishes real life got happy endings, too. 



Entry Log 1: Identified – The Beginning 

This is… a simple ‘Interview’… is that correct? 
Okay. So, it had begun many, many years ago… 

My name…My name is Evelyn. I’m what some call ‘The Creator’ and I have been for longer than I can remember. I’ve barely met any other of my compatriots, and there doesn’t seem like any hope that I’ll have a chance to ever again. There’s only around… maybe… five of us now? 

We’re the remaining few out of hundreds, but even then…It’s not the same as before.  
I’m unsure of specifics regarding the others, but I do know myself…at least I used to, I think. It is all so hard to piece together. 

I’ll start at the beginning. My own origin of how I came to exist is a blur to me. The earliest memories I have is waking up from a deep sleep, surrounded by others in the same scenario as me. A bodiless voice was heard, informing me about a “power” to create worlds and life with the only limit being our imagination and creativity. 




Tyrone Ingham 





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Welcome back to Term 3 where we are going to be super busy this term.  

The brand-new news is that we have begun the new elective called Sustainability where students will be exploring the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Even though the elective is based in the Science faculty there is a lot that students will be working with STEM dispositions. The very first experience is where students will be presenting an argument based on the advantages and disadvantages of Sustainable Food in the world. Watch this space for more news coming. 

Even more exciting news is that we have our very first Mooroolbark College STEM team for the Tournament of Minds (TOMs) working away with the STEM challenge which was released by the TOMs committee earlier this month. The team is made up of one Year 7, a Year 8, three Year 9, and one Year 10 student. The team meets up twice a week. We are always looking for students to join the TOMs Club. 

We are looking for parents to join the TOMs committee as a judge. Please get in touch with if you are interested in joining as a judge. Please note training will be provided. 

Earlier in term 2 students in Innovate Science planned a rescue mission in the village of Pyuthan in Nepal.  

A special shout out to Shaan Monis who presented an excellent Rescue Mission delivering medical supplies. Shaan created a simulation showing the medical supplies being picked with the help of a Drone and then successfully delivered to the village. Enjoy the snips from the mission video below. 

Here are few additional snips from the rescue mission designed by students utlising Drone Technology. 


Tooba Awais



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Work Experience 2023 

During the final week of Term 2 our Year 10 students went and experienced the workforce in a variety of different industries and organisations for their Work Experience placements. A total of 153 placement took place.  

From hospitality to Universities, warehouses to kindergartens, working with a variety of people our Year 10s were able to secure some really fantastic opportunities for themselves this year. The most popular placements happened across educational settings, within the construction industry, childcare and retail. 

The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive about this opportunity and likewise, the feedback from employers has been glowing about our Year 10 cohort. We thank all employers who allowed this experience to occur for our students as we are very grateful that they were able to give our Year 10s a taste test of the world of work. 


Jenny Roache




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On Tuesday 30th May, the Duke of Edinburgh class challenged themselves with a high ropes course in Belgrave. Students explored the Treetops at Trees Adventure with a variety or challenging High Ropes courses.  

Megan, who is afraid of heights, conquered her fears and completed the blue course and Ashlee fought through tears to complete the red course. Students who wanted to complete the black course had a 15m drop they had to leap from! (Harnessed of course) 

Students were surprised of the physical demands of this course but put forward their best effort with a positive attitude as always. It was a great day to see student challenging themselves and choosing to leave their comfort zones.  

To conclude our day, we had some time to explore and have lunch in Monbulk. 


Jade Hubben






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On the 24th of May the SRC ran a stall at the school’s athletics day. We sold a variety of snacks and drinks and also had some games running like a cup toss and a spinning wheel, something that the SRC is planning for in the future is to include more games in our stalls as they are big hits and have some fun prizes! We made over $100 in profits from this event and also sold some of our leftover stock from the Mother’s Day stall. We had an amazing group of volunteers helping out throughout the day so a big thank you to them as without them we can’t do the work that we do.  

Volunteering within the SRC has been exceptionally good so far this year with lots of effort put in to the events and stalls that we run, the SRC wanted to congratulate and acknowledge the people who are putting in the most effort and working productively with a new award that was created; the SRC award. The SRC award is given to the student or students that continuously show enthusiasm and put effort into their volunteering whether that is helping us run events, or plan behind the scenes. Our first two award recipients, Teresa Hramkam, and Makayla Knight, were awarded the certificate at a general SRC meeting leading up to Athletics day, and they both showed great leadership once again by volunteering at the stall. The SRC cannot function without the ongoing efforts of students like these two, thank you both!  
The SRC has officially (almost) finished a semesters worth of planned and executed events, all running successfully! For next term we are hoping to get the ball rolling early as we have already planned two free dress days, one being in term 3 and the other in term 4. As well as that we are planning to do something to promote NAIDOC week but there is still some planning that needs to be done.  
Just another reminder that the Google form that Ms Godfrey has posted on teams is still valid and we encourage students and staff to submit their opinions on where the SRC’s profits should go! 

Aliyah Orwin 



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It’s time for the school library to be the focus of the Mooroolbark College Parents’ Association’s 2023 fundraising efforts. Funds raised will be used to buy books and give the College library bookshelves a facelift.



To celebrate Mooroolbark College’s 50 year anniversary, the MCPA will be organising a RAFFLE. We’d love to gather prizes to celebrate 50 years of the College at the reunion to be held in October.

Every donation = more ticket sales = more books.


You’d love to help you said? Here’s how:

  • Donate goods or services from your business
  • Donate a voucher from your business
  • Purchase goods or a voucher from a local business
  • Purchase raffle tickets [when available!]

All businesses will be acknowledged in the school newsletter and through social media.

The MCPA will also be working hard to reach out to as many local businesses in Mooroolbark and surrounding suburbs over the coming few weeks.

Please contact Gemma Heemskerk, President MCPA on 0439 801 346 with your generous donation.



We meet twice per term on Monday evenings, alternating between in-person and online meetings. Our next meeting will be online in August so come and join us from the comfort of your home! 

Many hands make light work, and more heads make more ideas, so join us and see the difference you can make. 

For information on how to become a member, reach out to Sally Jackson, MCPA Secretary at 



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Welcome back to our Mooroolbark College Community! Term 3 is going to be a busy one for the canteen. Please see attached the Menu for Term 3 and I strongly encourage you to download the Flexi Schools App so you can order your recess and lunch orders through here. This ensures you always get what you want and no waiting in the busy canteen lines. Alternatively, you can place your order with the canteen staff prior to 9.00am. No lunch orders will be accepted after this time. 

Last term we said goodbye to Ethan Moss, one of our wonderful student helpers. We wish Ethan the best of luck as he enters full time work and will miss his lovely, kind, and caring nature. We still have the amazing help of Leo (Year 12), Campbell (Year10) and Will (Year 8). Without the help of these wonderful students the canteen would not run as smoothly as it does. Leo helps with lunchtime service, Campbell helps with the morning coffee/hot chocolate rush and serves at recess and Will helps to restock the fridges, morning service and some food preparation. These students are gaining such valuable hospitality experience in a thriving school canteen and it’s lovely to see the interaction between staff and students that visit the canteen.  

Campbell Robertson completed his work experience with us in the canteen in the last week of Term Two. He did an amazing job and is such an asset to the canteen. His skill as a Barista has grown so much in the time he has spent with us! Special mention to Chantelle George for purchasing Hot Chocolates for her Year 12 Class, this enabled Cam to further refine his barista skills! 

We celebrated IDAHOBIT DAY on May 17 in the Canteen. It is a day to show your acceptance and support for our LGBTQIA+ community not only here at Mooroolbark College, but in the wider community. It is a day to go rainbow and build a world free from discrimination. We celebrated our diverse community in the canteen with Rainbow themed goodies to buy! 

Last term we were busy baking special treats for some of the amazing lunchtime and afterschool clubs in the Mooroolbark College community. We provided muffins for The Production cast and for the end of term celebrations for the Sustainability Club. Year 12’s were treated to muffins and slices after their BBQ on the day of the GAT. 

This coming term we look forward to connecting our school community through delicious food and celebrations in the canteen!  



Mooroolbark College Newsletter – July 2023