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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – September 2023

13th September 2023

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy reading about all the amazing things happening around our College.

Upcoming Events

Year 9 Great Barrier Reef Camp
May 27 – May 31 all-day
Years 7-9 PAT Testing
May 27 – May 31 all-day
Year 11 Exam Assembly
May 28 @ 8:45 am
Production Rehearsal
May 28 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Last day submission of Yr 10 CATs and Course Work
May 29 all-day


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It has been a hectic term with many successes to celebrate along the way. The College started the term with a whole school professional learning day focusing on the Teaching and Learning in line with the College Strategic Plan. The teams continued to work on the guaranteed and viable curriculum, building the capacity of the staff and students in their practices. This has been revisited throughout the term with the Professional Learning Teams continue to use current data to cater for all learning needs and prepare for the 2024 academic year. 

There have been many camps go out throughout the term including Central Australia, Outdoor Ed, and Performing Arts camp. These are fabulous experiences that further develop student’s social skills, independence, relationship with their peers, enables them to challenge themselves, along with boosting their physical and emotional wellbeing.  

The College production, High School Musical was an outstanding show, with the cast and crew presenting several performances to a full house at Karralyka. This was an excellent opportunity to showcase our theatrical and musical talents to the wider community.  To further add to this experience, we invited 500 local primary school students who attended the matinee being one of the show’s highlights. The Performing Arts didn’t stop there, with the Winter Concert being held in the MPR to an enthusiastic audience for music goers. This concert saw Rolling Hills Primary Schools students and our very own Year 7 ensembles perform for the first time. Congratulations to the whole Performing Arts team for another success term. 

We celebrated the milestone for our Year 7 students with 100 days at Mooroolbark College with a mix of activities in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, STEAM, Resilience presentation and Circus skills.

The College will be sharing with our community our student’s academic excellence on the 12th October at the annual Night of Excellence, where our year 7 to 10 students have been invited to show their work to their families. The Arts faculty will also be holding the annual Art Exhibition, we look forward to seeing all the amazing    

In our 50th year we are looking forward to Officially celebrating out Anniversary on the 14th of October from 1.00pm to 4.00pm at the College where we commemorate the past 50 years of the College. You will be able to also see the 2023 Night of Excellence displays and Senior Arts Exhibition.  


Ann Stratford








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What is VCE-VM Numeracy? 

VCE Vocational Major Numeracy focuses on enabling students to develop and enhance their numeracy skills to make sense of their personal, public and vocational lives. It is based on an applied learning approach, ensuring students feel empowered to make informed choices about the next stage of their lives through experiential learning and authentic learning experiences. Applied learning is about nurturing and working with a student, taking into account their personal strengths, interests, goals and previous experiences. VCE-VM Numeracy acknowledges that part of the transition from school to further education, training and employment is the ability to participate and function in society as an adult. 


Here are some highlights from our Year 11 VCE VM Numeracy class: 

  • During some recent lessons, students participated in a Longest Kick activity. Students measured and recorded the distance of 3 kicks. Each student’s longest kick was recorded then the data was used to calculate the summary statistics. 
  • As part of their Civic Numeracy Unit, students held a class election across both VM Numeracy classes. Students chose groups and had to find information about local government and school issues that affected them and run a campaign to encourage people to “vote them into office” to make the changes they were “promising to make”. They were encouraged to use statistics to support their initiatives, had to create advertising and the designated “candidate” from each party completed a speech in front of all voters. 


Let’s hear from some current Year 11 VM Numeracy students about the subject, why they chose VCE-VM and their plans for the future. 

Why did you choose to study VCE-VM? 

“So that I could start working as a plumber 1 day a week.” – Hayley 

“Because I like how I can have some days at work and some days at school.” – Taye 

“I picked VCE-VM because I knew that I enjoyed hands on learning and also because I wanted to do a Tafe course.” – Bailey 

“Benefits my future career and gave me the opportunities I was interested in.” – Eden 

“I picked VCE-VM because it’s a more hands on approach and I get a head start on getting into the industry I want.” – Charlotte M 


What has been your favourite activity in VM Numeracy so far? 

“I enjoyed ‘data collection’. The work, involving researching a topic of my choice and collecting data on it felt rather streamlined and efficient.” – Tyler 

“My favourite activity so far would be the Civic Numeracy because I enjoyed learning about topics I am passionate about.” – Bailey 

“The buying a house task” – Eden 

“I enjoyed the Health Numeracy.” – Alex 

“The debate as it was fun and I heard different peoples opinions.” – Liv 


Name one thing you have learnt this year that you will be able to use in the real world. 

“I can use budgeting out in the real world.” – Solomon 

“I’d say simple interest and planning out an activity that involves people and money.” – Charlotte M 

“Communication skills and working in groups.” – Caitlin 

“Finding measurements because I will have to use measurement knowledge in my plumbing apprenticeship.” – Cooper 

“During ‘data collection’, I improved my competence in using Obsidian and Canva (for graphs).” – Tyler 


What are you hoping to do when you finish Year 12? 

“I plan on completing a 4 year apprenticeship and becoming a fully qualified electrician.” – Tyler 

“Becoming a nurse.” – Kirsten 

“Become a youth residential worker.” – Summer 

“I am hoping to get an apprenticeship in hairdressing after Year 12.” – Alexis 

“When I finish Year 12 I hope to be working as a landscape gardener apprentice.” – Bailey 


If you are interested in finding out more about VM Numeracy, please send me an email at 


Kara Salmon 



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As usual there has been a lot happening in Science, with the countdown to the Year 12’s finishing early next term. Unit 4 Chemistry students have finished up organic chemistry and chemical pathways and are now commencing to look at the implications that this has on food chemistry. The  Unit 3 Psychology students are focusing on mental health and phobias, while Unit 4 Biology students have completed their Scientific posters- measuring the minimum inhibitory concentration of ampicillin to be resistant against E. coli, and in Unit 4 Physics students are investigating the dual nature of light – that light has both wave and particle like characteristics.  

Students in Unit 2 Physics are starting to investigate how astrophysicists investigate stars and black holes, Unit 2 Chemistry students have recently been learning about acid-base (proton exchange) reactions as well as Redox (electron exchange) reactions; looking at how these impact real world situations and the implications of these reactions for the environment. In Unit 2 Psychology students are studying the brain, parts and function as well as methods for assessing function and structure, including brain scans. The Unit 2 Biology class have learnt how adaptations assist survival and attended an excursion to Melbourne Zoo to learn more about the adaptations of the Corroboree Frog and Butterflies and collected data in the Butterfly House. They also did animal studies training at Yarra Ranges Tech School in preparation for attending the ANZLAA Conference. 

Year 10 Physics students have been learning about Newtons Laws and Motion, whilst Year 10 Biology students have been learning about the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis. 

Both Year 9 and 10 Forensics classes have been learning about blood typing techniques and splatter analysis, which they are using to complete a CAT. 

Year 9 Core students are continuing to learn about chemical reactions including neutralisation reactions, endothermic and exothermic and the acidification of the ocean, whilst Year 9 Sustainability are working through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


In Year 8 Science students have been learning about the different body systems and the effect that things going wrong can have on how the body works. The Year 8 ASPIRE class participated in a practical simulation of the digestive system that provides students with a full sensory experience. 

Year 7 Science students are starting their Diversity of Organisms Poster where they will use their knowledge of Classification and taxonomy. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. 


Melinda Lori Pui



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Mooroolbark College have been working around the clock to ensure there is Literacy learning across the whole school and this is evident in the many areas and KLAs. This edition of the newsletter not only offers another instalment of ‘The Pseudonym Group’ but we also provide you with a carousel of images that represent the power and impact Literacy has, here at Mooroolbark and where it is present in the day to day for our staff and students. 



The QuickStart Team work diligently and frequently with talented students who need to shape their literacy skills in a way that helps enhance their ability to read and write. Here are some of our lovely year 7 students, Jai and Robat working with Tracey on some elevated story comprehension.  

Food Tech have been leading the charge with building literacy into their writing outcomes and showcasing brilliant methods of increasing student awareness of food description and analysis.   


Textiles work on building overall awareness of the process from ‘seed to sock’ and the many stages involved in how clothes are created. Ms Scott sits proudly in front of her representation of wool production and engages students in utilising their visual literacy skills to achieve this.  

Senior School have used the space to promote and express positive affirmations and motivational lines to build emotional literacy for our very frequently stressed but motivated senior students. They also represent the array of different social communities that make up our college.  


The library techs and coordinator have invested a lot of time and effort in preparing the vibrant, new library space to be both a welcoming and great learning space for all students. Here are some inspirational words for those who choose to read that promote the magic of reading! 

Science have engaged in using scientific literacy via a creative comic strip activity and have continued to ensure displays exist in student spaces that explore the areas covered in class.   


The Pseudonym Group (TPG) 

Pseudonym (noun) – A fictitious name, especially one used by an author. 

For the fourth entry of TPG, we gain some more insight of some new writers and artists, feature their work, and continue to introduce a few more TPG members to satisfy your reading appetites! 

To spark and inspire, 

Introducing Colter… 

Colter is inspired by the dark and mysterious on the side of occult mysteries. I devolved to love for writing over my time in both primary and secondary school. I like working and improving my writing but until now I never really found a real reason to write the stories, I thought of I love writing science fiction, dystopia, and horror stories. I want to write a series of short stories that combine into one full story. 


Introducing Kenway… 

Kenway is the last name of the famous protagonist from Assassin’s Creed 4 – Black Flag. Edward Kenway, a mysterious pirate who makes people believe his charade of being an assassin yet keeping his best interest in spot number one and deceiving others. My love and passion for writing started a while ago back in primary school and I’ve always loved to write my ideas and stories. My creativity and mind never stop discovering new ways to bring my love and passion to life. Being a photographer and writer also lets me see everything in a different light. I enjoy horror, noir styles and sci-fi mainly but I love writing anything and everything. I like and hope to write big and elongated stories. 

Introducing King… 

I have chosen the Pseudonym, King, as it is part of a nick name that I have had for a very long time. My love of writing started way back in primary school, where I would create little, fictional tales that I would share with my friends. My skills have developed since then, thanks to school and avid reading of the Eldest series and Raymond E. Fiest’s works. My main writing genre is Fantasy because I feel that it has so many possibilities! 

Featured TPG members in this edition of the newsletter: 
1. A Voice Among the Crowd 
2. Wolfgirl 
3. The Scribbler 
4. Gothos 


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I bet you skimmed all of that, didn’t you? 

It’s because people don’t have the attention span anymore. To be honest, people don’t have a lot of things anymore, compassion, respect. People don’t value others. The level of human decency that people have as a whole is deflating. Depressing even.  

It truly is hard trying to be nice to people who aren’t nice back, you become a punching bag, take the blows but are expected to work the same as before, receiving punches and punches every day and people get mad when you crack or break. But somehow you are still overlooked. 

Even the nice ones don’t care. The ones that “notice” you, the ones who “understand”. They are people pleasers; you can’t trust them. The only person you can ever really trust is yourself, and no matter what path you take in life, no matter how popular you are, the only person you can ever rely on is you. 


By ‘A Voice Among the Crowd’

As I leap from house to house, I notice something. A man walking. He stumbles over a particularly uneven section of pavement. The cement was vanishing under flowers and grass. He keeps walking but he looks sad. I jump from roof to roof, watching him. He continues walking like he had nothing else to do. He was much different than all the other lazy humans. He liked being outside, he liked walking in the wind. He stops, he bends down and picks a flower. He looks at it in fascination. Bizarre… 

I jump down the side of the house and stand up. As I slowly approach the male human. I step on a stick, and he notices me. We stare at each other for a long time. His brown eyes look into my purple midnight eyes.

“Hello” he says nervously, I look him up and down. He isn’t wearing normal clothes; he’s wearing a light blue shirt and light brown pants and dark green and black runners. “What are you?” 

“I am from the past yet from the future yet never travelled” I say to him. He now looks confused. He thinks for a second. 

“You’re immortal!” He says proudly. 

“Yes and no” I reply confusing him even more.

“Wha?” He says confused. I giggle. I love messing with them! My silly humans. “What are you? At least tell me your name?” 

“Some call me Buddha, some call me Jesus, some call me Allah, some call me Zeus, but yet all are wrong” I reply, “I am not a man, not a person, not an animal”, he looks completely perplexed. 

I step into the light of the streetlight to reveal my body. My dark skin, two feathered midnight wings, my beautiful yellow, golden, and white dress with my blue crown on my head. “I am the Great Goddess that made your world and the worlds around it” I pronounce.

“What! You…wha…I can’t be seeing this!” He says in shock. I lightly kiss him on the forehead. 

“Be you, care for our planet, never be someone else” I say “goodbye Jacob Kingsley” I spread my wings, “remember the song that united the world” I say to him as I fly into the sky.

“The song that united the world?” He says confused but then remembers. 

As I float through the clouds with the wind blowing through my hair. I glide above the city towers of light and towns of people. I fly up through the clouds. The moon shines brightly on my skin. He is the future of the human race if he does what must be done. If he is different… 

Two centuries ago, in 2023, people fought and poisoned the world. But someone stopped that.  

A young girl. She sang a song that changed the world. She sang about our past and our present. She sang and others followed. People rose and fought. They fought for their planet, their home, their lives. She sang like there was no tomorrow. She united the world. Her song lives in everyone’s heart. Humanity polluted the world; you kill your home. But there is a way to protect your home. Remember…united we stand, united we survive… 

By Wolfgirl

All I could do was smile up at her, both of us drenched in the pouring rain. 

Her gorgeous, freckled face sitting in the tree, lighting up the cloudy skies.
Although it was pouring with rain, and I was cold to the bone, she made it a little warmer.
She told me to climb the tree with her, and then we could sit up at the top and look over the mountains and hills made of the tops of old oaks, and young sprouts all at once. 
So, I’d climbed up. Limb by limb, her pestering me to hurry up every step of the way.
There was a sturdy branch where she was sitting, and I too could sit there comfortably.
Moments felt like years, with her head on my shoulder – just looking out into the abyss of nature. We were silent, and to anyone else we would have looked awkward.
But we knew. Finally at peace, we were free. Free together, no less.

After a few moments, I spoke. 
I asked her when she would leave, as she did every morning.
She simply told me the same thing every time.
“I’ll be back tomorrow, silly. Don’t worry about anything else”. 
But she never came back. I waited on that branch for years. Never aged.
All in silence, hoping that one evening, she would reappear.
I suppose that’s the cost of being in someone’s dream.
There’s something I was told, once. It’s a character’s job to convey emotion. To support the story and give it depth. To comfort the readers when they were in trouble. To be a sense of relief.

I do believe that I’m not needed anymore. 
Either that or she’s moved on. Without me, of course.
That would explain why I’m still here, I guess.
Not non-existent, but unable to move on, because her mind created this version of me.
One day, still hoping, she may come back. But I think she’s forgetting who I am. Like a neglected toy, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.
Well, sometime – whenever it may be, she might think of someone, or see something that reminds her of me. 
The ups, the downs, the times when I made her laugh.
When…If that happens, I’ll greet her and ask why she took so long.

But, until then, I’ll stay on our branch, looking out into the abyss of nature, with a small drizzle of rain misting over my hands. 


By The Scribbler

It was a dark day, even by the standards of Korhal. Dust and ash swirled through the air, reducing vision to mere meters, while rivers of molten rock oozed out of great rents in the ground, and volcanoes in the background added more smoke and debris into the barely breathable air. 

As the hovercar glided over the rough ground, its occupants looked fearfully out of the cars shielded viewports at the nightmare landscape. The hovercar flew on, and reached the outpost in no time, sliding through one of the steel doors that protected the citizens from the wrath of Korhal’s weather. The car slowed in front of the largest building in the Area, and its passengers leapt out, running for cover as the vehicle accelerated away. 

Citizen Arthur Steiner half-watched the car pull away, before turning to face his servants. As a fully-fledged citizen, he was not allowed to travel anywhere without a full retinue, and while that certainly had its privileges, it also had drawbacks. At the moment however, he had to admit that he was happy to have them there. 

“All right then, lets go inside and find out what made these pansies call for help, and why the hell they ain’t answering now.” Arthur shouted. 

Despite his words, Arthur had to admit that he was more than a little worried. Too many things were wrong, the open main door, the lack of a welcoming party, and besides, something about this just felt bad. 

Moving forward slowly, the group approached the door. Moving to the side, Arthur watched as one of his men (he didn’t know which one, because they had masks on) kicked the doors open and slid inside. Seconds later the remainder of the retinue moved in. Looking in, anticipating a horrible scene, Arthur felt more than a little surprised when everything appeared normal, with the exception that there were no people around. Moving over to the radio room, Arthur’s feeling of doom increased when the gear was found to be in perfect working order. Arthur looked around and made a decision. 

“Ok,” he whispered, “you and-you, go scout around the building, report back on the radio as you go. Myself and the rest of us shall wait here.” 

Moving in compliance with his order, two of the men grabbed radios and made their way over to the door, closing it after they left. 

Citizen Steiner sat waiting, listening in as his men searched level after level of the complex. After an hour of negative reports, he began to feel safer. Maybe, he thought, everyone was in a meeting or something. Yes, that was probably it. Nothing wrong. He would find the people, check it was all ok, and then go home to enjoy his birthday tomorrow. 

The radio crackled, and a blast of static filled the room. A voice broke through, one of the searchers reporting. Arthur’s blood froze as he listened to the man. “It’s not human!” The voice shouted through the static, “Too big, red eyes, shaped all wrong!” 

The radio fell silent. 

A banging started nearby, and a crack appeared in the middle of the rear wall. White faced, Arthur flung open the door, and sprinted for the lift, closely followed by his servants. The doors closed. Arthur hit the button for the ground floor, then sank down moaning as the lift began to slowly rise upwards. The numbers clicked upwards, showing no signs of stopping. At last the lift stopped, at the top floor, the very place where the monster had first been seen. The doors slid open. Arthur inched out, followed closely by 

his retinue. No monster. Spotting a door on the other side of the hallway, the group moved towards it. A shadow moves! Red eyes glisten in the darkness! 

Abandoning all sense of order, Arthur ran across the hall, flinging open the door and throwing himself forward into the darkness. The door slammed shut, leaving Arthur stranded in the pitch-black room, alone. 

Lights blazed on, temporarily blinding him. As Arthur’s eyes adjusted to the light, he tried to make sense of the jumble in his mind. A large banner was strung across the room, with “Surprise” printed in large type. All his friends were there looking at him. 

Ah, he thought, it was obviously just a final hallucination. The door behind him opened, and in walked his cousin, holding beside him a large mask with glowing red eyes. 

Awareness blossomed in his mind mere seconds before the assembled crowd yelled a deafening “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”. 


By Gothos

Tyrone Ingham 



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Term 3 has provided the Health and PE students with some much-needed respite, although it has been cold, students have been able to get outside for all their practical lessons which is pleasing to see. 

The Year 7 students have been loving the winter sunshine whilst completing their Hockey unit. Students first learn to master dribbling the ball in and around their teammates legs before moving into defensive and offensive work, highlighting this through smaller games. Students are commended for their resilience and patience during the hockey unit, as it is one of the more difficult and technical sports to master. 

In health, year 7’s have begun to explore a range of mini topics with the first being body image. Students explored the diverse types of bodies before working in groups to find evidence of these within media and magazines. Posters were created and we cannot wait to display them around our health room! Students will soon move onto learning about the importance of Nutrition and Physical activity before completing their second assessment where they will track their own physical activity levels for 2 weeks.  

It doesn’t stop with the year 8’s either. Students have been busy in their looking after you unit. Topics that students cover include, alcohol, smoking and vaping, risk taking and safe partying strategies. Below you can see students participating in a maze race wearing vision impaired goggles. These ranged from low to high level alcohol consumption. Students first completed the maze without the goggles and timed themselves, before attempting it a second time using the goggles. We discussed the impact of alcohol and drugs on our 5 senses and how this would impact on our ability to function and complete daily tasks.  

The Duke Ed class took on Ninja Parc on Tuesday, it was great to see everyone attempt obstacles and challenges they haven’t experienced before. A student even completed the 4m wall single handed, something Ninja Parc hasn’t ever seen before. 

Year 9 students were treated to another fantastic incursion by Gibber. ‘Smashed’ is an Alcohol educational production which teaches students about the risks and harms associated with underage drinking. Well done to all students who interacted with the presenters! It was a fantastic afternoon. 

In year 10 PE students tackled group challenges as we explored other types of physical activity. Students worked in teams to complete the ‘Human Operation’ version of the old fashioned board game. Students had to take a hoop from one end to the other without making contact with the rope or other students. The second activity involved bouncing a ball carefully through a hoop with one hand whilst your partner attempted to catch it and bounce it back through the hoop. Lots of coordination and teamwork involved.  

Year 10 Sport and Recreation students have been busy this term also. They visited Belgrave high ropes to complete a recreational activity experience adrenaline and nature! Well done to all students who conquered their fear of heights! 


Stephanie Todd 




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It is a busy time in our VCE Arts classes as students are putting the finishing touches on their SAT productions, artworks and designs. We can’t wait to showcase this amazing work at the Night of Excellence early in Term 4. 

Year 10 Photography

In recent weeks our Year 10 Photography students have been experimenting with various functions on our DSLR cameras. They have experimented using slow and fast shutter speeds with incredible results.

Year 7 Art

Year 7 Art students are completing their first CAT, a written assignment, while continuing to work on their stained glass trees artwork. Students are eager to start their next CAT, which involves working with clay. 

Year 7 Performing Arts

Year 7 Performing Arts students are working on their first CAT for Drama—original performances inspired by fairy tales. Some stand out ideas so far are the big bad wolf awards ceremony, the gingerbread woman who is seeking revenge for her brother, and princess group therapy. Year 8 Performing Arts students have completed their theatre research projects, and are continuing to develop their improvisation skills in order to successfully participate in their Theatresports CAT. 

Instrumental Music Winter Concert 

Our annual Winter Concert was held on Monday 21st August in the multipurpose room to a full house. What a fantastic night it was. A huge congratulations to all of our our talented Instrumental Music students that performed some truly incredible pieces. It was also great to see the SRC selling snacks and drinks with the profits going toward their next project.

High School Musical Production 

This year’s College production of ‘High School Musical’ was a massive success! The performances were amazing. All of the students and staff involved should be very proud of their work. A special thanks goes out to Peter Marz, Michael Jones, Bradley Blair, Clare Thomas and Jaymie Cathie for all of the tireless hours they put in to make the show a huge success.


Matthew Neil-Holland




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In the STEM space, our students have been working through a lot of experiences. Our Year 8 cohort attended a HIGH-TECH Hospital Program at the Yarra Ranges Tech School where students were challenged to think about the future hospital and how technology can improve efficiency in hospital operations and boost patient morale. Students learnt about the systems behind such technologies and how they operate using programming techniques. Students were also introduced to robotics, coding, and electronics where they applied their learned knowledge to develop solutions.  

In addition, our Year 11 Biology students recently visited the TECH School and took part in a program delivered by Animal Research Education and Awareness (AREA) and were immersed in an animal study program. is an enlightening and entertaining program designed to introduce science students to laboratory animal science and the vast array of career opportunities in this growing field. That is not all, Students also took part in understanding the requirements of the many in-demand careers surrounding animal medical sciences and technology.  

On 25th of July our Year 7 students completed 100 days of their secondary schooling and to mark the day students took part in various experiences through the day and one of the experiences involved students flying and coding Drones. Students were given a challenge to design or code the number 100 and have their drone fly the path. Students had great time overcoming the challenge. 

In the most recent news, our Tournament of Minds Team finally presented to a panel of judges at the Deakin University on the 20th August. Students were required to design a bird in the Island of Tomadise, the bird was required to complete two unassisted flights with two different maneuvers. Our student team had worked very hard for the past many weeks to come up to a solution to the challenge. That is not all they also took part in a Spontaneous Challenge during the day where they were given a challenge on the spot and had to solve it in six minutes. We are very proud of our inaugural TOMs team and are waiting to hear the results once they come out the week after. 

Tooba Awais



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Year 7 students are deep into the world of food studies. They’ve mastered safety and hygiene protocols and have moved on to refining cooking and baking techniques. From Chicken Schnitzel Burgers to sensory analysis sessions with chocolate chip cookies, they’re gaining hands-on culinary experience. 

Year 9 food studies enthusiasts are honing their kitchen skills, exploring techniques like dicing, frying, and baking. They’re also venturing into the realm of yeast, experimenting with its role in pizza dough. Ethical considerations in food consumption are on their radar, further enhancing their awareness. 

Year 9 SOF is delving into the fascinating aspects of Food Culture. They’re investigating how different cultures influence eating habits and identity. Alongside this cultural exploration, they’re mastering techniques such as aeration, creaming, and more in preparation for their upcoming projects. 

Year 9 Food For Life is diving into the world of nutrition. After covering healthy breakfasts, they’re now focusing on crafting nutritious and convenient lunches. Understanding the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and deciphering food labels are on their agenda. 
Year 10 Barker’s Bakery students are kneading their way into the world of bread making. With yeast as their ally, they’re mastering the art of crafting perfect cinnamon twists and unraveling the mysteries of bread’s transformative journey. 
Year 10 Barker’s BBQ enthusiasts are journeying through the history of culinary techniques. From the spice trade to the impact of colonization on food culture, they’re delving into the evolution of cooking practices. As they perfect their BBQ skills, they’re also mastering the art of safe grilling and the intricacies of working with gas. 

Year 7 woodwork enthusiasts have successfully navigated safety protocols and are now engaged in researching different woodworking equipment. They’re practically applying their knowledge by crafting tangrams while safely using various materials and tools. 

Year 9 Storage Solutions is gearing up for design challenges. After acing safety procedures, they’re working on crafting effective doorstops that meet specific design criteria. 

Year 10 Metalwork is a hive of creativity. From crafting coat hooks to developing garden art, students are in the process of transforming their imaginative designs into tangible creations. 

Year 10 Jewellery Designers are channelling their creativity into crafting unique pieces. They’re navigating the journey from design briefs to practical samples, ensuring that safety and precision are embedded in every step. 

Year 8 Textiles students are immersing themselves in the world of textiles. They’re exploring safety protocols and beginning to investigate the fascinating world of fiber and fabric production through hands-on crochet projects. 

Year 8 Digital Technologies is on a digital voyage. Students are honing fundamental computer skills, mastering file organization, and delving into credible sources of information. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into our bustling classrooms. There’s a world of exploration and learning taking place, fostering skills that will serve our students well into the future. 


Perie Edmonds




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As we approach the end of Term 3 – already! Goodness, how the year has raced ahead! It has been a pleasure to see our language learners make such progress this year, which students notice themselves. Nowhere is this more obvious than with our Oral assessments, when students realise they can maintain an exchange wholly in a foreign language for 1-2 minutes in Year 7 and 2-3 minutes in Year 8. These aren’t memorized scripts, but dynamic, interactive exchanges where the student has to react and respond to a variety of questions on the topics of Pets (Year 7) and School (Year 8). Congratulations indeed! 

Upcoming: Night of Excellence: 

On the 12th of October the College is hosting the Night of Excellence, where student work will be on display for students to show achievements and progress in line with the College values of Endeavour, Respect, Resilience and Compassion. There will be a large and colourful display of all the Chinese and German projects students have been working on during 2023. If you are in Year 7 and have work such as CATs for which you received a Merit at home, bring them back to school, if you would like a chance to have these up on display. A small sample of the sort of work to be admired has been included in this newsletter. We are looking forward to a big turnout with many happy students showing off their achievements and even more impressed parents and visitors admiring the learning achieved at Mooroolbark College.   

The featured work this month is the Year 8 CAT entitled ‘I admire’. The posters on Liz Ellis by Cayley Ward; Mac DeMarco by Lindu Hu; and Madelyn Cline exemplify the College values of Endeavour and Resilience. Congratulations! (And if you let me know who did the poster on Madelyn Cline, I’ll mention it next newsletter. (Please remember always to label your work!)) 

Assessment, Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews: 

Staff are currently writing Interim Reports. These will be available to parents prior to Parent Teacher Interviews held later this Term. Please continue to monitor your CAT status and feel free to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns. 


Jonas Bahlo



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In early April, what started out as an Easter related Numeracy activity in class, exploded into a game of estimation across the whole school. The task was simple; calculate how many eggs will fit on the pin board. Students even got a hint, the board was already started, so some measurements could be taken to make approximations early. With so many students involved and invested in this competition students were excited for the final results to be announced.

Finally with the continuously enthusiastic work from the students we can announce the winners…

3 students were able to make the correct calculations of 556 eggs. Congratulations to Suan Za Thang Year 9, Lili Smirnow Year 9 and Cassandra McComb also Year 9.  

Well done for the Numeracy work completed by our students, we can’t wait for the next challenge!


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The Duke of Edinburgh students are currently undergoing their communication unit in class. This has included all aspects of good and bad communication and how to approach people. As part of their upcoming assessments students need to approach a stranger at Mooroolbark college and begin a conversation with them. This challenge will push students out of their comfort zone but also allow them to practice communication skills learned and discussed in class.  

 The Duke of Ed students have completed their Level 2 First Aid training as part of their Bronze award completion. This has provided students with life skills that will prove valuable when applying for jobs or contributing to the community or future work place. Thank you to Alex form Imperial First Aid for running an engaging and education program. 




Jade Hubben



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At the SRC we have been working hard on planning our next events within the semester, some that we’ve got on the calendar are our winter concert stall on the 21st of August, a free dress day in September, and if all goes well a Halloween event on October 31st. 

For the winter concert for instrumental students, we will be serving hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, we will also be selling snacks that are still to be confirmed, and we will be using the profits from the event to hopefully fund our next project for the SRC. 

The events in the following months are ones that the SRC is looking forward to running. In September we have plans for an R U OK day where we will be raising awareness for mental health, we have many activities planned that will be along the lines of what was ran last year, including odd socks day, homegroup quizzes and prizes, lunchtime activities, and more.  

Also running in September will be our free dress day so make sure that if you want to participate that you are bringing a gold coin donation!  

On Tuesday the 31st of October, the SRC has a free dress day planned, we don’t have many details confirmed this far out but there are hopes to get costume competitions, trick-or-treating activities, and the music department involved in this event. 

The profits that the SRC has made throughout the year and in the coming events will be used to give back to the school, right now we are keen on new seating spaces for the grass areas near the oval, but that could change if some different ideas came through the Google form, so please any students reading this (or parents and teachers) check out the google form attached below and let us know what you think the profits should go towards. 



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It’s time for the school library to be the focus of the Mooroolbark College Parents’ Association’s 2023 fundraising efforts. Funds raised will be used to buy books and give the College library bookshelves a facelift.

To celebrate Mooroolbark College’s 50 year anniversary, the MCPA will be organising a RAFFLE. We’d love to gather prizes to celebrate 50 years of the College at the reunion to be held in October.

Every donation = more ticket sales = more books.

You’d love to help you said? Here’s how

  • Donate goods or services from your business
  • Donate a voucher from your business
  • Purchase goods or a voucher from a local business
  • Purchase raffle tickets [when available!]

All businesses will be acknowledged in the school newsletter and through social media.


The MCPA has been working hard to reach out to as many local businesses in Mooroolbark and surrounding suburbs over the last few weeks.?We have already secured donations from Zoos Victoria, Yarrawood Estate Winery, Maroondah Golf Park, Chirnside Park Shopping Centre, The Professionals Mooroolbark, Fernwood, Blooms on Brice just to name a few. Even our very own Mooroolbark College Canteen has donated a Breville sandwich press and Kambrook toaster!!! 

We are still looking for more so if you can help, please contact Gemma Heemskerk, President MCPA on 0439 801 346.



We meet twice per term on Monday evenings, alternating between in-person and online meetings. Our next meeting will be in-person in September so come along and see for yourself what we get up to! 

Many hands make light work, and more heads make more ideas, so join us and see the difference you can make. 

For information on how to become a member, reach out to Sally Jackson, MCPA Secretary at 


Mooroolbark College Newsletter – September 2023