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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – October 2023

31st October 2023

Our latest Mooroolbark College Newsletter is here!
The Mooroolbark College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.
Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in the College including upcoming events and celebration of student success.
Enjoy reading about all the amazing things happening around our College.

Upcoming Events


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As we come to the end of our first year of the new Year 9 English Core Elective program, I thought it timely to get some student feedback on what they have been doing recently and what they enjoyed the most about being able to select from a wide variety of genres to study English. This is what they said: 


Celeste Eicholtz – English: Horror 

Recently in English Horror, we have been studying the film Dracula Untold a 2014 film directed by Gary Shore. We have looked at different themes and have explored how they are portrayed in the different characters. Along with, how camera angles, positioning and lighting can interpret different moods and enhance the story. This all lead to us writing an essay, breaking down the film and analysing the different themes and characters. Personally, my favourite part of the subject so far has been learning how to structure paragraphs within an essay using ‘TEECEEL’. This has massively helped my understanding in how to make my essay more informative and help my ideas come across clearer. The best part of being able to pick our core English electives this year has been the creative freedom we get to develop when studying a subject that really interests us. I specifically put horror at the top of my list as I have always been intrigued by horror novels and films and wanted to dig deeper into the elements that go into constructing a narrative like that. This year English has felt a lot less repetitive then in other years and I got the chance to learn about more complex ideas than in other years. 


Kirsten Wheeler – English: Dystopian Futures 

In Dystopian Futures, we are working on our Oral presentation where we can pick any topic relating to Dystopian Futures, for me I’m studying Tropes and iconography in the film, WALL-E. My favourite thing that I learned in English this year would be researching the tropes and iconography of The Maze Runner. The best thing about being able to pick the English electives would be the choice of what you study. It feels as though you are independent and it helps to let you learn what you want to learn. 


Jordan Roache – English: Dystopian Futures 

In English currently we have just started working on our oral presentation unit. Within the unit we get to talk about anything related to the dystopian genre, whether it’s a movie iconography or the behind the scenes. We’ve been brainstorming and creating ideas for what we want to create a speech about. My favourite task was studying and creating an essay for The Maze Runner as we got to learn lots about the film and analysis of it much more than in other years. I liked this the most as it involved lots of open-ended elements. The best part about picking our English core electives is the fact we can learn what we want. We get to go a lot more in depth about a certain element of English rather than briefly going over it as you would in core. Picking our own English allows us to be more aligned with our interests. 


Tanisha Sivaskanthan – English: Teen Stories 

Currently, in English, we are learning about different tropes in teen movies and how we can apply them in our own stories. My favourite thing that we studied in English Teen Stories so far is the film 10 Things I Hate About You. We uncovered more in-depth concepts that were very interesting to learn about and helped us further understand how teen films are made and structured. The best part of being able to pick your electives is that you choose subjects that are interesting to you might be in link with the career path you want to follow, or they are subjects that you want to learn more about. Picking your own electives makes you feel more independent and makes you feel excited coming to school knowing you are going to learn about things you actually find interesting. 


Ava Simons – English: Teen Stories 

Currently, in English, we are learning about teen tropes and all the different types of ways they can be represented in books, movies and even in real life. My favourite thing to learn this semester in Teen Stories was when we were working through lots of short writing prompts, called quick writes to get ready for the creative writing CAT. We got to watch clips from different movies to help us understand tropes better. The best bit about being able to pick the English core electives has to be that I could choose what interested me and gave me more power over what I wanted to learn about, it also made English a lot more fun. 


Micah Cove – English: Teen Stories 

In English Teen Stories I am currently learning about the different tropes in teen films and preparing for the CAT which is currently about first, second and third person writing methods. My favourite thing to study this year in English would be the film response in the film 10 Things I Hate About You because it was something that I take interest in and will benefit me further on in my life. The best part about English electives would be that I get a choice in an English subject and that makes me interested and more keen to learn. 


Molly Fitzgerald – English: Sporting Greats 

In English we have been learning how to write an essay on the movie Remember the Titans using the structure TEEEEVL. We started off by learning how to place together an intro, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Now we are currently learning/practicing how to write three main body paragraphs, by doing this we split the paragraph into different parts – T: topic sentence, E: evidence 1, E: explanation 1, E: evidence 2, E: explanation 2, V: views and values and L: linking sentence. My favourite thing that I have been able to learn this year in English would have to be when we did our creative writing CAT. The reasons I loved doing this was because we could learn many incredible facts about our favourite sport players/teams and we wrote about it in different writing styles. The best bit about being able to pick my English core electives is that you can pick something you are passionate about. This can also help staying more focused and interested in what you are learning. I wished that we could be able to pick different English’s in different year levels as I was more absorbed into what we are learning.   


Sienna Haywood – English: Crime 

At the moment in English, we are focusing on the legal system and different crimes. My favourite thing to learn/study in English is looking at the character development from Enola Holmes and analysing the movie. It’s great being able to choose the English core electives in year 9 because although we are still learning everything we would in a normal English class, we get choice on what topics we focus on! We got to choose what would engage and interest us the most and it definitely gets me more involved and loving English more. 


Amy Broekmann




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As we approach the end of 2024, it’s time to reflect on the news and progress the EAL team has made in Semester 2.  

The most exciting news is the addition of Mary Aung, our new Burmese-speaking MEA (Multicultural Education Aide), to the EAL team. Mary brings impressive multilingual skills, extensive learning experience, strong academic records, and a significant role as a social activist for Myanmar, adding immense value to our school community. She has fully embraced her role at Mooroolbark College, working extra hours for Parent-Teacher-Interviews, volunteering for the 50th-Anniversary Day, and participating in the ES consultative 2024 alongside the other MEA, Sarah Awi. Mary is already making a positive impact, dedicating two days a week to support our students in class and facilitating communication with Burmese-speaking families. 


The success of the EAL team during Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs) at the end of Term 3 was noteworthy. Recognising the language barriers faced by many parents, along with the challenges of online booking, we proactively reached out to EAL families to book interviews on their behalf and provide interpreters, resulting in more than 40 families booking PTIs through us.  

The partnership between Mooroolbark College and MIC (Migrant Information Centre) has continued to strengthen this year, with youth workers on-site building strong connections with refugee students and offering regular wellbeing consultation appointments. The weekly volleyball club, running in Terms 1-3, gained popularity among our students, fostering teamwork, physical fitness, and social interactions in a fun and inclusive environment. In Term 4, MIC shifted its focus to a Young Women’s Group, where around 15 Year 7 & 8 girls meet every Monday, engaging in kinesthetic activities and focusing on movement, mindfulness, and mental wellbeing. 

Another significant event upcoming for the EAL team is the Year 7 EAL Parent’s Orientation and EAL Re-enrolment on December 12th. Invitations will be sent out in November, and parents will be welcomed with Morning Teas and Afternoon Teas, assisting with enrolment paperwork, CSEF and State School Relief forms, textbooks, school uniforms, device and tech use tutorials, and other preparations for 2024.   


Yi Jiang



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Congratulations to our Year 12 Mathematics students on successfully completing Units 3 and 4! This year we had 58 students complete General Mathematics and 13 students complete Mathematical Methods. We are so proud of all of these students for completing their secondary school Mathematics journey and wish them the best of luck for their upcoming examinations. 

I would like to thank the rest of the Year 12 teaching team – James Taylor, Aaron Cross and Jade Hubben for all of their efforts this year. Their dedication and hard work is appreciated by the students, their parents and the school. 

This term in Mathematics we welcomed a new Numeracy Tutor, Ryan Evans. He will be working with selected Year 9 students to help improve their skills and confidence in Maths as part of the Tutor Learning Initiative. He is passionate about teaching and enthusiastic about helping students to improve their understanding. Ryan is a fantastic addition to our team! 

On Thursday 12th October Mooroolbark College hosted the Night of Excellence. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the outstanding work being completed in our Year 7-10 Mathematics classes. Thank you to all of the families that attended and spent time looking at our student work and congratulations to the students whose work was chosen for display. 



If you are interested in finding out more about our VCE Mathematics pathways or have any questions about our Mathematics or Numeracy programs, please send me an email at 


Kara Salmon 




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As we near the conclusion of the year, Year 7 ASPIRE students continue to excel throughout the curriculum. In English, students have been exploring a variety of poetic forms, producing a folio of poetry, and reflecting deeply on the choices made in the creation of said poems. In Science, students have investigated ecosystems, researching the human impact on our environment, and producing a detailed presentation of their findings.  

Our Year 8 students continue to progress towards the end of their ASPIRE journey, concluding at the end of the semester. In English, year eight students investigate a variety of significant societal issues and represent their thoughts in the form of feature articles. Simultaneously, in Science students explore the role physics has in our natural world, to understand the primordial force that underpins every movement we make in life. 

The testing day for our 2024 ASPIRE students took place recently, affording potential students the opportunity to engage in Literacy and Numeracy testing, a Design Sprint to create an enrichment toy for a zoo animal, and an assessment of musical theory. As the college continues to finalise the makeup of the class for 2024, please forward any inquiries regarding your student becoming involved in the program to the contact details below. 


Andrew Nyhuis 




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Whilst our Year 12 students have finished their classes and Year 11 classes are now revising for exams, our junior students are in full swing designing and undertaking experiments; and communicating the results of their student led investigations.  

In Year 8 Science students have finished their Energy transferring and transformations topic, including the CAT for which they were seen in the schoolyard completing the ‘Snappy bands’ part of the CAT which involved shooting rubber bands with rulers to measure the effect of increasing potential elastic energy (stretch) on the transformation into kinetic energy (distance travelled)  or burning Cheezels to measure the amount of energy released. 

They are currently in various stages of the process of completing their research and experiments as are the Year 9 Core Science students (who recently completed the topic of electricity) and the Year 7 science students will begin their investigations shortly, after completing their ecosystems unit, in which they have learnt about food webs, invasive species and human impacts. The students researched a specific ecosystem, the interactions between species, the human impacts on the ecosystem and ways to reduce those impacts and are presenting that information as a community announcement.  

Year 9 Sustainability are working through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are specifically focusing on Goal 10: reducing inequalities in society and the students will do presentations about their chosen inequality.  

Both Year 9 and Year 10 Forensics classes have been researching different aspects of toxicology and working as CSIs the students solved a poisoning case and identified mystery powders.  

Year 10 Physics students are busily working on building their Rube Goldberg machines. ‘Who is rube Goldberg?’ and ‘What is a Rube Goldberg machine?’, I hear you ask. Rube Goldberg was an artist, author, engineer and inventor. He is famous for his comic strips of Rube Goldberg machine, with the machines designed to overcomplicate a simple task, through a series complicated contraptions. The students are using the same concept to build over complicated marble runs, using their knowledge of forces and simple machines.


Melinda Lori Pui







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We are thrilled to share the latest exciting developments in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) at Mooroolbark College. Our dedicated students have been busy expanding their horizons, exploring complex concepts, and engaging in hands-on learning experiences. Some of the remarkable projects our students have undertaken are: 

Year 10 Students Dive into Submarine Science: Nuclear vs. Diesel Powered Submarines 

In the pursuit of knowledge and real-world problem-solving, our Year 10 Physics students have embarked on an educational journey to understand the intricacies of submarines. Specifically, they have been delving into the comparison between Nuclear Powered and Diesel-Powered Submarines. 

Students dived deep into this fascinating topic, considering factors such as efficiency, environmental impact, and technological advancements. The project not only enhanced their understanding of science and technology but also encouraged critical thinking and analytical skills. We are proud of the dedication and enthusiasm of students in pursuing STEM knowledge. 

Year 10 Students Design Rube Goldberg Machines: Exploring the Law of Conservation of Energy 

While submarines navigate the oceans below, our Year 10 students have also been navigating the realm of physics, focusing on the Law of Conservation of Energy and Energy Conversions. In a creative twist, they have been busy designing Rube Goldberg Machines, showcasing how energy transforms from one form to another in intricate, whimsical ways. 

This project is an ideal illustration of how we make learning engaging and tangible for our students. It encourages students to think outside the box, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future endeavors. 

Year 9 Students Tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Our Year 9 students have taken on a noble challenge: addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They’ve been working diligently on Goal 9, “Reducing Inequality,” and Goal 16, “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.” In doing so, they are not only gaining a deeper understanding of global issues but also becoming active contributors to building a better world. 

By fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy, we are empowering our students to become future leaders who can make a difference in their communities and on a global scale. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to prepare our students for a better future and instill compassion in them. 

Looking Ahead to 2024: Promoting Geospatial Space Careers to Female Youth 

We are excited to share our ambitious plan for 2024: “Promoting Geospatial Space Careers to Female Youth.” We aim to engage 30 female students in a launchpad for women interested in Geospatial Space Careers. In collaboration with leading experts, we will provide a unique opportunity for our students to explore the frontiers of space science and technology. 

As part of this program, we will encourage our students to actively participate and become the ambassadors of our school’s commitment to gender equality in STEM fields. We firmly believe that diversity is the key to innovation and progress, and this initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of a more inclusive endeavours. Expressions of Interest are now open for 2024. 


Tooba Awais



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2023 is nearly at an end and, while the Languages Department is already busy finalising assessments and organising reports, that does not mean we don’t have marvelous classroom events to reflect upon! 

Most recently, for the Mooroolbark College Night of Excellence, Languages were able to welcome a large group of parents and other visitors to the library and show them the department’s best German poster submissions; colourful Chinese lanterns; student timetable translations; and, of course, the display that turned most heads: The Education Perfect World Championships Certificates. This display included three Elite awards from earlier in the year, something we have never had before, despite 2023 being a year where a public holiday affected our overall results. Meanwhile, in the Discovery Centre, our Year 7 students proudly displayed their ‘Ich’ and ‘Gesucht’ Posters along with all their Chinese work. For the students who could make it on the night, it rightly filled them with much pride to see their best work on display. Congratulations one and all!  

Also to be commended are our Year 7 students who recently submitted their ‘Gesucht’ posters. These posters were part of an Oral assessment and students thoroughly enjoyed showing off their pets and pretending they had gone missing. It is incredible to think that students who knew no German at the start of 2023 are now able to maintain an exchange, answering a series of at least ten randomly structured questions and confidently answer these in complete, accurate and, moreover, clearly understandable responses. When something is unclear, students may ask to have questions repeated, but all this is done in the target language, evidencing their ability to adapt and improve.  

As it is almost the end of the year, we should use this opportunity to remind everyone that we do have a duty to see students submit work for assessment. Please check Compass regularly to see that the records there are correct. While we endeavor to keep these records up to date, sometimes, especially when work is submitted after the due date, details may need to be updated. If a record appears not to have been updated, please contact us, so that the correct information is entered. As a note to our parents of Year 7 students who have their first child at the college, the CAT comments are those that appear on the reports. 

We hope that the coming weeks will not be too stressful, but we do wish to remind parents and students that, if they do have any questions or concerns, help is always available. Feel free to contact us via Teams or email.


Jonas Bahlo



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Recently we held our hugely successful annual Night of Excellence. This is always a highlight for The Arts as we are able to showcase the amazing work created throughout the year in both Visual and Performing Arts. 

The highlight of the evening was the VCE Arts Exhibition that showcased amazing work created by students in Art: Creative Practice, Art: Making & Exhibiting, Media and VCD. The sheer amount of work, the quality and the variety was phenomenal. The night also saw voting once again in our highly coveted People’s Choice Award, which was taken out by a Year 12 student and will be announced at Valedictory. In our junior Visual Arts section showcasing work from Year 7 to Year 10, the quality of work was also phenomenal and included many different mediums including sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, mixed media and digital.  

The Performing Arts Showcase was also a massive success on the night. The night was filled with celebration as our College ensembles and soloists performed. The event also included a very special performance form our High School Musical production students.  


Matthew Neil-Holland



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We are thrilled to share the exciting developments from our technology department this term. The highlight of our recent activities was the Night of Excellence, where our students showcased their outstanding works across a diverse range of projects. This event was a true celebration of creativity and innovation and the students should be so proud of the work that was shown. It was an excellent evening.  

Our Year 10 Systems students have been diligently working on their amplifier projects, designing speaker housings to complement simple amplifiers. The students are at varying stages of this project, where they are soldering components onto circuit boards and creating auxiliary and power connections for their speakers. It’s a testament to their technical skills and creativity. 

In Year 9, our Game Development students have completed a comprehensive game design plan, laying out various aspects of video game production. They are now delving into different areas of digital creation aligned with video game development, exploring everything from 3D modeling to coding and sound design. 

Year 8 Digital Technologies students are taking their coding skills to Minecraft Education, an engaging platform that allows them to enhance their coding abilities by modifying their in-game experiences. This hands-on approach is making learning not only educational but also enjoyable. 

In Year 9, students in both Storage Solutions, wooden toy making and Metalwork are hard at work. The former group has begun crafting their storage units, while the latter is fabricating elegant candelabras. These projects showcase their craftsmanship and creativity in the world of technology. 

Our Barker’s Bakery and BBQ classes are serving up culinary delights. Barker’s Bakery has recently completed a cake design brief, and Barker’s BBQ students are conducting sensory taste tests on various recipes, about to create their unique recipe designs. 

Lastly, our Year 9 Food Studies students have been perfecting their pie-making skills, preparing to create their delicious pies. Food For Life students have delighted us with their healthy stir-fry dishes, demonstrating culinary excellence. 

We’re proud of the accomplishments of our students and the dedication of our educators. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our technology department at as we continue to nurture creativity, innovation, and technical expertise. 


Perie Edmonds



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Welcome back to all staff and students for the final term of the year. I hope everyone had a restful break and is looking forward to finishing off their final term for the year. As it is Term 4 it is a friendly reminder to all students that hats are required to be worn during all practical classes. Sunscreen is provided and is highly encouraged but not compulsory.  

The Year 7 Health students are off to a flying start, beginning their final unit of work for the semester, Respectful Relationships. In this unit students explore a range of topics including; Understanding Emotions, Personal Strengths, Positive Coping, Stress Management and Help Seeking Behaviour.  

Below is an example of 7A students working together to understand their group members body language using a range of emotions from a list. Each of the students took turns in guessing what emotion their partner was displaying. The teams worked great together and showed excellent understanding of the ways in which people display their emotions through their body language. 

The Year 9’s have also been busy in Human Development. Their first class back involved a speed dating activity, where students were asked to discuss a range of questions with new people, they might not have interacted a lot with. The questions were linked to our first topic, which is all about our childhood and the experiences we have learnt and shared in our first few years. The students are congratulated on their resilience in embracing new challenges within the classroom. 

Hope this finds you well. We are promoting a new Summer Hub for this term at Kiloran Park, Mooroolbark. We are hoping to get some assistance in promoting our program through your school’s channels, to gain interest in the upcoming Summer Hub. Attached you will find digital flyers with links directing those to the registration page through PlayHQ if you could share those flyers, it would be appreciated. Detailed below is a brief description of what the program looks like including, dates and times. 

As the Year 10 students move closer to exams, students enjoyed their final excursion to Oz Ten Pin Bowling in Chirnside Park. Students have been exploring diverse ways to be active in the community, specifically, recreational physical activity. With a canteen voucher up for grabs, students dug their heels into the game, and it was great to see all students have a go, some even bowling for the very first time.  

An exciting opportunity has presented our community in the field of AFL! We are promoting a new Summer Hub for this term at Kiloran Park, Mooroolbark. Attached you will find digital flyers with links directing those to the registration page through PlayHQ. Detailed below is a brief description of what the program looks like including dates and times. 

Night of Excellence was a hit! It was a great night showcasing student work in Health and PE. Congratulations to all students who had their work nominated on the night or displayed.  

AFL Nines Youth – Participants aged 13-17 will play in a 6-week competition called AFL Nine’s – Youth. There will be U14, U16 and U18 Mixed and Girls age groups and divisions. To register a team for the u14s, you can follow the link below and find all the info you need at this stage. The competition will run for 6 weeks (inclusive of 1 week of finals) from Wednesday November 1st. Games will consist of 2 x 20-minute halves and take place between (roughly) 5:00-7:00pm. The cost is $600 per team. Once your team is registered and financial, a team specific link will be generated which you can distribute to your players, to register directly into your team.  

AFL Nines Open – Participants aged 18 and older will play in a 6-week competition called AFL Nine’s – Open. There will be Mixed and Women’s divisions. To register a team, you can follow the link below and find all the info you need at this stage. The competition will run for 6 weeks (inclusive of 1 week of finals) from Wednesday November 1st. Games will consist of 2 x 20-minute halves and take place between (roughly) 6:00-8:00pm. The cost is $900 per team. Once your team is registered and financial, a team specific link will be generated which you can distribute to your players, to register directly into your team.  

Find Attached the registration link for both of our AFL Nine’s Youth and Open Competition:

Summer Hub – Mooroolbark (AFL Nines) Registrations | PlayHQ 

Bring on the rest of Term 4! I can’t wait to see what our school community achieves. 


Stephanie Todd 



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Earlier this term, we had a number of students compete at the EMR athletics competition. Everyone represented Mooroolbark College extremely well and demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship on the day. Special mention to Reuben in Year 11 who placed 1st in the 1500m race. This qualified him for the state championships, where he ran a personal best time and finished in 5th position. Congratulations Reuben!  

Term 4 Sports: 

This term, we’ve also had some of our interschool sport teams compete at the EMR championships. Congratulations to the following groups for making it that far. 

  • Year 8 Mixed Tennis 
  • Year 8 Girls Volleyball 
  • Intermediate Girls Hockey 

We look forward to seeing your results! 


Ryan Exon



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Term 4 is an extremely busy time for the Pathways team.  Our Year 12 students are now starting their final exams and we hope that all their hard work over the year allows them to achieve their end of year goals. Students can make changes to their VTAC preferences anytime up until 4pm on 13th December. 

Over the next month 2024 subject allocations will be distributed to students currently in Years 8 – 11.  Students will be given a TryBooking link where they can make an appointment if they wish to make changes to their elective subjects for 2024 (depending on availability).   

Pathways advisors will be catching up with their current Year 11 students for a review of their Career Action Plan prior to the end of the year. Once students begin their Year 12 (2024) orientation program we hope that they have selected the most suitable subjects both for their career pathway and their individual skills and abilities. 

A number of students in Years 9 – 11 have applied for a VET program for 2024.  The demand this year has definitely exceeded the available positions across the region. It is important that students monitor their emails so that they do not miss any enrolment information that is being sent out by the various providers. 

Year 10 students will be taking part in Mock Interviews on the 2nd November.  Participating in these are a requirement for their final CAT in Work Related Skills.   


Jenny Roache 




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Well done to our graduating class who have managed themselves throughout the year. The wellbeing team had the pleasure of working with them on managing stress leading into the exams and beyond. A reminder that the resources ‘EXAMA STRESSA SLAMMA’ is available in the study centre and on teams. We wish the Year 12 class of 2023 all the best!

The Year 7 students have participated in Task Master – a session designed to build resilience and enhance their team building skills. It was fantastic to see the students interact so beautifully with one another. We hope they can bring the lessons from this session with them into their schooling and continue to be resilient when they encounter obstacles in their lives. Congratulations to the Mooroolbark College Task Master winners of each house.


We welcome Gill Van Der Ende back to the school after her leave. You’ve been missed and we can’t wait to hear about your travels.

Any student needing support is encouraged to talk to their house so they can link in with the wellbeing team.


Sarah Coghlan




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Last week the Duke of Edinburgh class of 2023 completed their Adventurous journey at Wilsons Promontory National Park, allowing them to qualify for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

The first day included a hike to Mount Oberon Summit which included spectacular 360-degree views of the national park and surrounds. Students were self-sufficient as they cooked their own meals, set up their own tents, carried their own equipment and navigated their way on all hikes.

On the second day students split into groups as we departed Telegraph Saddle towards the Junction where we hiked to Little Waterloo Bay and Oberon Bay. Carrying everything we needed over the next few days on our backs.

The final day saw students planning and navigating their own way back to tidal river to ensure a 12pm departure from the Prom. For some, this meant 17km of hiking with a pack all before 12pm.

Students who have completed this camp have now completed their qualifying Journey, a major component of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. This is an internationally recognized award that praises young people for their well-earned, commitment, resilience, leadership, teamwork, and all the qualities that were demonstrated by our Mooroolbark College students at the Prom last week.

What an unforgettable experience!


Jade Hubben






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Student in focus – Kylah Brewer 

Kylah represented Mooroolbark College at the Interschool Equestrian National Championships held earlier this month. Kylah put in a wonderful performance to lead the Dressage and Cross Country phases, and placed 3rd individually after the Show Jumping in the EvA95 class.

The Eventing Teams scores then combined to take out the win and being named National Interschool Eventing Champions for 2023, Team VIC overall as a whole winning the Australian National Championship.

It was a week of actioned packed excitement and we are so proud of Kylah for the way she helped lead the Victorian Team as Captain, supporting her team mates and contributing to such great results.


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The SRC has been working hard over the last month planning and preparing for the SRC carnival day on the 13th of October, which hasn’t run since 2019, this posed a challenge as majority of our executive team had never experienced carnival day before and didn’t know what the limitations were, but we made it work and it was an amazing event. We had many stalls running on the day in the north and south quadrangles including popcorn, fairy floss, lolly bags, games, inflatables, dunk tanks, food carts, and more, and we will be using the profits from this event to hopefully fund our next project for the SRC. The event ran well, despite the challenges we faced due to the miserable weather causing everything to be soaked, but the volunteers and students had a lot of fun and it was a really fun day. 

The SRC also handed out our next round of SRC awards, with recipients being Laura Harrison, Bailey Paget, and Sienna Haywood, we would like to thank these students for their contribution to the SRC, proving that they are great role models and reliable leaders. 

On Wednesday the 1st of November, the SRC has a free dress day planned, the theme of the day will be Halloween and we have plans to run costume competitions as well as some activities and games throughout the day, it will cost a gold coin donation which should be collected by homegroup teachers. 

The profits that the SRC has made throughout the year and in the coming events will be used to give back to the school, the 2023 executive team will be working hard for the rest of the year in initiating our plans and making sure that our yearly goal has been met, as well as finalizing our plans on giving back to the school. 

Aliyah Orwin 



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Welcome back to Term 4!

This Term we say goodbye and thank you to one of our amazing student helpers, Leonardo Gideon (Year 12). Leo has been helping in the canteen since early 2022 and we wish him the very best of luck for his upcoming exams. We will miss seeing your smiling and happy face in the canteen, Leo! We would also like to wish all of our Year 12 cohort the very best as they prepare to sit their exams. You’ve got this Year 12….and if you need coffee, or chocolate…the canteen has that! 

The first two weeks of Term 4 have been extremely busy as we have celebrated the amazing work of our Mooroolbark College students at “The Night of Excellence”, followed by Carnival Day and our 50th Anniversary Celebration Day. The canteen provided catering on each of these days and I would like to thank Campbell Robertson (Year 10) for his assistance on the day of the “50th Anniversary”. Campbell volunteered his time to assist Lynette and I in the canteen on this very busy day and further enhanced his barista skills. Thank you again Cam! 

We would also like to officially welcome Maddi Meyer and Mataya Schmelzle (both Year 8) to the canteen. Maddi works with us during lunchtime and Mataya during recess. Both students provide us with assistance during service times and they are doing a fabulous job! 

I encourage you to place a lunch order via Flexi Schools if you know what you would like from the canteen. This ensures that you will receive the food you would like and avoid waiting in line. Alternatively, you can place a lunch order directly with canteen staff prior to 9am. Please see attached our new Spring/Summer canteen menu.  

Thank you for your continued support of the canteen and we look forward to connecting our school community through delicious food.    


The Canteen Team –

Donna, Lynette, Melissa and Miranda 





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The Mooroolbark College Parents’ Association sincerely thank the following businesses for their generous donations to our recent raffle as part of the College’s 50-year anniversary.  The raffle, along with the BBQ, was incredibly successful and raised a fantastic sum!  

We hope our 9 lucky prize winners, each receiving a prize valued at over $400, enjoy their winnings! 

The funds are going towards the school library with lots of new books for each and every one of our students to enjoy.    




A big shout out to the MCPA team for their dedication – Sally Jackson, Steve Reid, Jodi Jordan, Sam Wahrenberger and Dianne Bouwhuis.  

Mooroolbark College is one of very few secondary schools to still have a Parents Association.  We are a small group of dedicated volunteers, raising money to support your children. We always appreciate more support.  You don’t need to attend meetings if that’s not your vibe, but if you’re ready and willing to help on occasion with BBQs and the like, we would love to hear from you.

Please reach out to 


Gemma Heemskerk 













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Mooroolbark College Newsletter – October 2023