Mooroolbark College is continuing on an exciting and engaging eLearning journey with the continued implementation of a 1-1 iPad initiative. This program will provide anytime, anywhere access to information and learning, equipping students with the skills they will need in the 21st century and their integration into this 24/7 global community. This exciting opportunity is accompanied with clear expectations about the responsible use and care of the iPad.

Why does Mooroolbark College want to have iPads in the classroom?

Students are already using web2.0 technology to find and engage with information relevant to them. We want to further capture this enthusiasm and continue to make classroom learning relevant to the real world, as well as making their world relevant in the classroom. The iPad initiative will run over a period of two years for 2017 Year 7 and 2018 Year 8.

The benefits;

  • Real life learning
  • Real time learning
  • Engages the learning
  • Promotes exploration
  • Aids ideas & concept clarification
  • Interactive apps
  • Supports concept learning through active involvement
  • Formulates collaboration between students
  • Encourages personalisation of information
  • Light weight digital tool
  • Storage & portability
  • Quick start up time