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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Welcome to the first edition of the new online newsletter aptly retitled as the “Mooroolbark Messenger”.  This name came about as a result of a competition within the student body.  Congratulations to Dung Nguyen who submitted the winning entry, I would also like to thank all students who participated.  It is interesting to note, that the first newsletter produced by Mooroolbark College was also named the "Mooroolbark Messenger".  The College has changed significantly since then, including the canteen prices, which have definitely changed. With a meat pie no longer costing 75c, Big Ms are not on the shelf for 59c and you cannot buy a hard boiled egg for 25c.  However, some things haven’t changed,  Outdoor Education and our camps and tours still play and important part in College life.  While there is still a ‘Tassie Camp’, students then didn’t have the chance to travel to China like our students do today.  Don’t forget if you are interested in the 2017 September China Tour see Ms Delgas at the College for more information.  The library is still a hub for learning in the school, but there are far less non-fiction books stocking the shelves than there used to be, as we research and gather information digitally.  A collection of original “Mooroolbark Messengers” are available in the library which certainly make for interesting reading.

With our lives being so busy the new newsletter will now be delivered each fortnight directly to the email you provided for Compass. Through this online version you will be able to readily access all the important information it contains. A link to the newsletter will also be posted through Compass, as well as a copy available on our website. If you do not receive an email newsletter and you would like to you can sign up via our website. Click here to sign up

As normal there are lots of things happening at Mooroolbark College.  Firstly, I would like to emphasis Mooroolbark College’s commitment to protecting children and young people from abuse.  As a Mooroolbark College community it is the responsibility of all adults:  staff, parents and visitors to ‘watch out’ for our children and young people.  The College has both a Child Safe Policy and a Child Safe Code of Conduct which is available for our community to view on the College Website

The Child Safe Standards form part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry (the 2013 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations).

Mooroolbark College has also adopted the Victorian Curriculum replacing The Australian Curriculum which has been the basis for teaching and learning for the last 8 years.  From Term 1 2017, Victorian government schools are using the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Staff spent 2016 preparing for the new curriculum framework and have incorporated it into the teaching program in a seamless manner.  For more information on the curriculum:
see: The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

This week Mooroolbark College’s Year 8 Science staff began their professional learning to facilitate a program where every Year 8 student experiences learning at the Yarra Ranges Technical School situated in Lilydale.  Unlike the Technical Schools of the past, the Yarra Ranges Technical School is a “high tech” environment where students further  develop their coding skills and using humanoid robots to problem solve in a real life situation.  Mooroolbark College students will be attending for three days in terms two and three as part of their science studies.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students.  For more information visit http://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/Pages/Schools/Yarra-Ranges-Tech-School.aspx.

Finally, it has been an exciting week for our Year 7 students, attending their first Mooroolbark College camp.  The Year 7 camp is an important part of our transition program for our Year 7s but it also allows students to interact with their teachers in a less formal environment and challenge themselves.  I want to acknowledge the great behaviour of our Year 7 students, who certainly represented the College with pride.  I also want to thank Mr Lorkin and his team for their tremendous enthusiasm and commitment throughout the camp.

I hope everyone enjoys the next two weeks

Ann Stratford, Principal

College Captains

College Captains

James Petrella (College Captain)

What do you hope to achieve this year in your role?
Going into 2017 as the College Captain was a big step up personally. I have come into this year with many ideas and values. This year I have combined a list of different things that I can do to make a difference and be known as the school College Captain who made a difference. So far I have some major ambitions, one of these is to increase student morale at assemblies by creating more student involvement and an upbeat vibe. Another major ambition is that I am in the process of attempting to compose a College anthem.

Who is a leader that you admire and why do you admire them?
Personally when I think of a great leader I do not look up to those who have been smothered in accomplishment, I look to those smaller individuals within a community who devote their heart and soul to a cause. For example, I look up to Steve who runs the local Salvation Army op shop who I worked with for over a year. His dedication and commitment to helping others and leading a group of volunteers is what true leadership is about to me.

What are some of your goals for the future?
My goals and ambitions for my futures is to successfully pass VCE of course, and then I wish to go university to study a double degree in Accounting and Business Management at either La Trobe or Swinburne. Also I do wish to continue the connections I make this year with my teachers, friends and fellow leaders.

Final message.
A personal message to those who are reading this is, no matter what happens in life do not let it hold you down. Follow your dreams and ambitions, because I remember when I was in year seven to now. I never thought I could achieve what I have today, all it takes is that self motivation and persistence. 

The PTCA Annual General Meeting

The PTCA Annual General Meeting

The PTCA is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 7th March at 7pm in “B” Block Staffroom.
New Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend, as it is a great opportunity to socialise with new and current parents. It also gives you the option to represent your family, as part of the College community.
The PTCA does a superb job supporting the College through the organisation of events and providing timely and valued advice and feedback about the College as well as some fundraising.
We encourage you to think about attending a meeting.

Year 7 & 8 Reading Program

Year 7 & 8 Reading Program

Over the last few weeks, our Year 7 and 8 students have been participating in a wide reading program and making the most of the new books we’ve purchased. So far, it seems that the novels written by famous sportspeople and comedians are among the most popular. They’ve also been writing a short reflection each day, which is helping to build their higher-order thinking skills. Take a few minutes over the weekend to ask your child what they’ve been reading :  even a five minute conversation can help to reaffirm that literacy is valued not only at the College, but also at home.

Sarah Garnaut
Literacy Co-ordinator


Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival

On February 13th the students and staff attended the annual Swimming Sports Carnival at Croydon Swimming Pools. Despite the weather not being friendly, it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the students throughout the day. It was terrific to see students and staff representing their house colours from outfits to body paint.

The novelty events are always a hit at the carnival and once again this didn’t disappoint. The walking lane played a significant role in the results of the house carnival with hundreds of students achieving points for their house. The atmosphere was electric at the ‘dance pool’ with Mr Nichol and Mr Ryan playing music all sorts of water games for students to participate in.

Congratulations to all swimmers who participated and were awarded vital points for their house. We witnessed outstanding results with plenty of students taking away multiple blue ribbons and booking their spot in the 2017 Mooroolbark College swimming team.

Once again the highlight of the day was the staff vs students’ relay race. The staff were at full strength with a team including Mr Unland, Mr Parr, Mr McCormick and Miss Grey. To the disbelief of the staff, the students came away with the victory and breaking a 6 year streak of staff wins.

In the race for the House Carnival Championship, it was looking tight between Yellow and Blue House throughout the individual races. Yellow House were a force to be reckoned with after cruising to victory in the relay races. Well done to Mr Bell and Yellow House for winning the Swimming Carnival.

Many students also took the opportunity to relax, or play games, meet new people and work on their tan without getting sunburnt.

Hundreds of students used the opportunity to dress up in colours and outfits supporting their House.  Many took the trouble to co-ordinate fashions and some spectacular war paint and hired outfits were on show.

Well done to our age group champions:
Girls 12-13 Years   Amelia KAVANAGH
Boys 12-13 Years   Huntah CALLAGHAN
Girls 14 Years  Elouise MCINTOSH
Boys 14 Years Kyle WAHRENBERGER
Girls 15 Years Georgia GRAY
Boys 15 Years Jason KENNEDY
Girls 16 Years Makayla WILSON
Boys 16 Years Arnold TAN
Girls 17 Years Alannah FISCHER
Boys 17 Years Ben PALMER
Girls 18-20 Years   Skye GODFREY
Boys 18-20 Years   Sean ACKROYD

A special thanks is due to the teachers who displayed such wholehearted involvement supporting the day, joining in with all that was offered. They did get wet!

Photos from the day will be up on our College website soon to show the dedication and innovations that were a highlight and greatly added to the carnival atmosphere of the day.

Congratulations to all students and staff for participating and making another successful Swimming Carnival. Our Athletics carnival will be held in Term 2 at the Knox Athletics Track on Monday 2nd May. We look forward to seeing everybody there and getting into their house colours!

Lachlan Mann & Zac Parr
Interschool Sports Coordinators

Click here for photos



Year 7 Forest Edge Camp

Year 7 Forest Edge Camp

Wow! What a wonderful bunch of staff and students we have at Mooroolbark College. A contingent of 140 students and 17 staff ventured out to Neerim for our Year 7 camp to Forest Edge. As usual there was lots of excitement as we boarded the buses and headed for 3 days of action-packed fun in beautiful sunny weather.

River sledding, raft building, mountain boarding, high ropes, initiative games, bushwalking, flying fox and trampolining were just a few of the daytime activities. It was great to see so many of our students pushing themselves, working together, encouraging one another and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Our night activities were also quite eventful, with our girls victorious in the tug of war contest. Much to our students' delight, our staff team was no match for the strength of our student teams.

We were also extremely fortunate to have our Senior School College Captains join the camp on Monday afternoon/evening. In such a busy year of their lives, to come and interact with our Year 7s was a really admirable thing to do. This sent a really strong message to our students that they are part of a caring community.

Also an enormous thank-you to the following staff members for the caring, hardworking and positive attitude they displayed throughout the camp. Our College should be very proud to have teachers of this calibre in the school. A huge thanks to: Mr Donald, Mr Nichol, Mr Carroll, Mr Van Keulen, Mr Parr, Mr Mann, Ms Lackman, Ms Grey-Smith, Ms Rosendale, Ms Cannington, Ms Meyer and Ms Bell. Also pre-service teachers Mr Hanssen, Mr Petrou, Ms Kinder and Ms Beattie.

Adam Lorkin
Assistant Principal/Year 7 Coordinator

Click here for photos


Student Medical Expenses

Student Medical Expenses

Mooroolbark College takes the welfare of students very seriously.  When a student is injured, medical assistance will be actioned.  It is important to note, the cost of any medical attention or ambulance for a student will be borne by the parent/guardian.

Parents are liable for all medical expenses incurred as a result of student injury, including transport costs such as ambulance or air ambulance costs. 

Staff will use their judgment as to what action to take in cases of a student’s accident or sudden illness. In an emergency a staff may:

• call an ambulance or call for any necessary medical attention on behalf of the student’s parents. 

Mooroolbark College strongly encourage parents to have up-to-date ambulance cover.  This notice is to inform parents that they are responsible for any medical expenses such as ambulance costs incurred if their child is injured or requires an ambulance at school, or whilst participating in a school activity.

Entertainment Book 2017-2018

Entertainment Book 2017-2018

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Calendar TERM 1 2017

Calendar TERM 1 2017





Tuesday 7th March
Education Meeting 6.00pm
P.T.C.A. AGM 7.00pm

Monday 13th March

Tuesday 14th March
Resources Meeting 7.00pm

Thursday 16th March
Central Australia Parent Information Night 7.00pm T Block

Tuesday 21st March
College Council AGM 7.00pm

Thursday 23rd March
Year 7 Immunization

Tuesday 28th March
Community Relations Meeting

Wednesday 29th March
Parent/Teacher Interviews
Students not required at the College only to accompany parent/guardians to interviews.

Friday 31st March
Last day Term 1 – 2.30pm finish

Term 2
Wednesday 26th April

FRIDAY 8.15AM—3.30PM


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