We mentor, lead, and guide our students to explore a suitable path toward their future

We provide students with a lively, dynamic, and supportive learning community, taking great pride in prioritizing the comprehensive development of each individual. This philosophy is built upon robust leadership and is implemented through the dedication and talent that characterize our teachers, influencing their daily efforts.

Why Choose Mooroolbark College?

There are many Pastoral, Academic and Community Programs which combine to differentiate schools, making some good and others great. In keeping with our ethos of focusing on the ‘whole student’, at Mooroolbark College we have evolved and refined our programs to ensure the needs of our students are met, comprehensively.

Our students’ success starts early through participation in a range of academic extension programs - such as the Aspire program - which are tailored to the individual. Within the Yarra Valley state school sector, Mooroolbark College consistently achieves the highest mean study score and continually enjoys excellent VCE results across a wide range of subjects.

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Numerous Pastoral, Academic, and Community Programs play a crucial role in distinguishing schools, setting some apart as good and others as truly great. Aligned with our commitment to focusing on the 'whole student,' Mooroolbark College has continuously adapted and perfected its programs to ensure comprehensive fulfillment of our students' diverse needs.The journey to our students' success begins early, marked by active participation in various academic extension initiatives, such as the personalized Aspire program. Within the Yarra Valley state school sector, Mooroolbark College consistently attains the highest mean study scores and consistently achieves outstanding results in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) across a diverse range of subjects. This sustained commitment to academic excellence reflects the quality education and support that students consistently receive at Mooroolbark College.