The College has policies covering all aspects of college operations. These policies meet Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) guidelines. These policies can be viewed on our Student Management System (Compass) or by clicking on the policy below.

 Administration of Medication Policy 
 Admission, Enrolment and Exiting Policy 
 Anaphylaxis Policy 
 Assessment and Reporting 
 Asthma Policy 
 Attendance Policy 
 Awards Policy 
 Bullying Prevention Policy 
 Camps and Tours Policy 
 CCTV Policy 
 Child Safe Code of Conduct 
 Child Safe incident report 
 Child Safety Policy 
 Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures Policy 
 Complaints Policy 
 Digital Learning Policy 
 Duty of Care Policy 
 Fainting and Head Contacts Policy 
 First Aid Policy 
 ICT Acceptable Use Agreement 
 Inclusion and Diversity Policy 
 Mobile Phones Policy 
 Parent Payment Policy and Implementation 
 Privacy Policy 
 Respect for school staff policy 
 Smoking & Vaping Policy 
 Statement of Values and School Philosophy 
 Student wellbeing and engagment policy 
 Visitors to the College 
 Volunteer Policy 
 Workplace Bullying Policy 
 Yard Duty Policy 
Parent PaymentsParent Payments Arrangements – Year 7 2024 
 Parent Payments Arrangements – Year 8 2024 
 Parent Payments Arrangements – Year 9 2024 
 Parent Payments Arrangements – Year 10 2024 
 Parent Payments Arrangements – VCE-VM 2024 
 Parent Payments Arrangements – VCE 2024 
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