College House Systems

The College student body is divided into 4 separate Houses who work with their separate Cordinators. A regular morning Home Group pastoral care system operates as a vertical streaming module so Junior students mix with Seniors and all have an appreciation for others needs and activities. The students will have the same teachers for all six years so develop close bonds which allows the individual staff to know them and their interests well.

There are 2 Senior and 2 Junior students who act as House Captains, a most prestigious appointment. These individuals help and work with the House Leaders running House Assemblies and speaking at special events.

Swimming Carnival

There are 3 major sporting House events each year, the Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival and Cross Country. Students are allowed to come in free dress to support and help promote the Carnival atmosphere. Many fun activities to encourage participation and build links with teachers and the community occur on the day as well as the traditional events for each event.

Points gathered at each Carnival go towards the awarding of the Champion House Shield each year.

Interschool Sports

The Whole Day Carnivals involving all students for the Swimming and Athletics are counted as Interschool events and students who do well are invited to compete at the next level against other local schools. For the Cross Country all Year 7&8 students participate in an afternoon plus interested runners from  years 9-12. Again a high placing result will enable the student to compete at District level.

A full range of Summer and Winter Sports are entered with some special events included as well.

The Maroondah District based around Ringwood offers Cricket, tennis and volleyball Term 1 for both Boys and Girls, with Boys baseball and Girls softball additional activities.
Term 2 is our football time with soccer and AFL football on offer for both Boys and Girls. Netball is offered on separate days for both Boys and Girls with badminton added as well. Basketball, Table Tennis and Hockey make up the years official pursuits of the Maroondah schools Division.

Special events can be offered depending upon interest and in recent years we have also had teams in various Equestrian events, multiple Cycling events, Lawn Bowls, Orienteering, Triathlons, Indoor Hockey, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Snooker and Darts, Lacrosse, Team Handball, Squash and Beach Volleyball. New initiatives are taken on their merits each year.

The College follows the School Sport Victoria guidelines of both policy and pathways. This means Elite performers have the chance to compete at District, Zone and State. We have two National athletes currently and Australian representation is possible for dedicated and talented students.

Lunchtime Competitions & Activities
While not strictly “Interschool” competitions, training for representative teams usually takes place at lunchtimes so students have knowledge and learn to work together before leaving the College for competition. Sometimes these trainings occur before and after school.

Many other sporting and lunchtime activities are offered and provide an interest and develop social skills as well as fitness. Examples would be the Weight Training Club that runs in the ECA Stadium or the Walking and Running Groups that operate within the school.